Show Contents 31st August 2015

“Surviving to Fight means Fighting to Survive”

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Show Notes
I start this weeks show with my survival knife the Titan, then the Wilderness Gathering 2015 Report, Blizzard Survival 2% Discount offer, How To Purify Water – Water Purification Process, The Get Home Bag? The Ribzwear 30% Discount offer, What is Emergency food? My Thoughts on EMP, the Wilderness 121's 10% Discount offer, The Bug Out Week North East 2015 is Coming, Homemade Cheese, Survival Cooking Risks, the Midimax 10% Discount offer, What Goes Into You BOB? Little Boy, the Field Leisure 10% Discount offer, Has Anyone Tried This? The BUGGRUB 10% Discount offer, The Deadly Enemies to Your Survival, the Hunters-Knives 10% Discount offer.

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