Me at the 4 Day Nijmegen March 1984

I was an N.C.O. instructor with the Royal Observer Corps for 12 years specialising in the Effects of Nuclear Weapons.

Royal Observer Corps

I was given exemption from the entry exam due to my level of experience and became a member of the Institute of Civil defence giving me the appellation M.I.C.D. I remained a member between 1987 and 1992.

I was for 4 years a North Yorkshire County Council Community Defence Adviser and helped to provide the countries first ever emergency survey of a town to provide an action plan for that community, that town was Harrogate.

I also ran my own survival school in North Yorkshire in the 80’s as well as a survival club for local kids.

I also tested kit for the UK’s first major survival related magazine SURVIVAL WEAPONRY AND TECHNIQUES or S.W.A.T. as it became known, way back in 1987.

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I suspect that there are many of you who would wish to be able to protect their families should our enemies decide to explode a ‘dirty bomb’ on British soil for example.

We would I believe be extremely foolish to discount the potential for another Chernobyl or a Fuchishima type incident to occur affecting us here in the UK, Or to suffer our very own British nuclear accident as our nuclear plants grow ever older.

This is not forgetting the dangers posed by the now developed long range nuclear weapons held by Iran and Syria, N. Korea, Israel, not forgetting of course the USA and Russia and China. All of which I consider to be rogue states.

Experiencing a nuclear event is almost impossible for us to contemplate for obvious reasons, as it would be the end of the world. But would it?

We as a world have had hundreds of nuclear test explosions and we are still here, the world has not ended, life goes on does it not? The question is if you survived the initial effects of a nuclear explosion would you have the knowledge and the skills to survive the residual effects?

That is where my Complete Nuclear Survival Guide comes in, (Soon to be published).By keeping it with you in your bug-out-bag, you will not only know where to find it but if you have to bug-out, it means that this invaluable survival information will be available for you will read later, I actually recommend bugging-in.

And that is the most important question for any prepper to answer, then plan for. Bugging-in or bugging-out?

I would go as far to suggest that everyone is a prepper to some extent already. I mean, do you have an umbrella, first-aid-kit, spare tyre, fire alarm, wet weather clothes, warm weather clothes, spare batteries, bulbs and fuses? Of course you do and what is wrong with that?

However a “prepper” just takes it a little further that is all, and what is wrong with that?

Preppers plan for the man-made disasters like: job loss, industrial accidents, power-cuts, terrorism, civil unrest, economic collapse, yes and even war.

Preppers plan for natural disasters too like: extreme weather, flooding, earth quakes, volcanoes, Yes and even meteors and asteroids on an earth trajectory.

So prepping is an individual choice, as is what you prep for, so there is a place for you.

On this site I will cover every aspect of prepping, survival and much more and I hope you enjoy your visits.