BioLite CampStove Bundle


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Build your off-grid oasis with this packable, powerful system.

Turn fire into electricity with the #1 award-winning BioLite CampStove

Burn the wood around you and generate usable power in real time

Enjoy the smokeless flames of a portable campfire

Cook epic backcountry meals with the easy-to-use BioLite KettlePot and Portable Grill

Brew your morning coffee or sear your day’s catch

Lightweight and ultra compact designs to save space

Keep your site going after dark with the 4-in-1 BioLite NanoGrid lighting combo

Flashlight + lantern + string lights in the palm of your hand

Bonus: internal 4400 mAh powerbank to charge your gear

Grill, boil, cook, and charge with this fully integrated system

CampStove: Wood-burning stove that generates electricity

Fueled by renewable biomass – twigs, pinecones, etc

Boils 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes

Produces 2W of power – 20 min. charging = 60 min. talk time

Weighs just 2 lbs and nests for easy transport


BioLite’s patented core technology captures waste heat from the fire through a heat probe attached to the orange powerpack.



Heat is converted into usable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. This powers a fan and sends surplus electricity to a USB charging port.



The internal fan forces air back into the burn chamber dramatically improving combustion and creating a cleaner, more efficient burn.

Portable Grill: Turn your CampStove into a wood-fired grill

Refuels easily by flipping open the fuel intake lid

Included travel cover doubles as a plate

KettlePot: Make coffee or sauté a meal

Easy to clean, featherlite, and foodsafe

CampStove nests inside to create an instant carry case