Original Real Brazilian Tarp Hats & Accessories


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Original Real Brazilian Tarp Hats & Accessories

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Amazonas Tarphats and Bags and Accessories are hand made in Brazil on the edge of the Amazonian rainforest,they are made using recycled Brazilian Truck Tarpaulins from open cargo trucks that run from Amazonas in the North west to the south of Brazil along thousands of miles of unmade red dust laden tracks with rain, sun & dust ageing the material in a way that no factory could ever replicate.

The material is then washed and prepared ready to be made into “probably” the best original Hats and accessories around.

So all of the hats have seen more weather than most of us might see in a lifetime and do not need any looking after and are ready for their next job of keeping the elements off of you whilst looking rather cool at the same time.

keeping the elements off of you whilst looking rather cool at the same time.

Wide Brim Tarp Hats

Original Real Brazilian Tarp Hats & Tarp Baseball Caps Amazonas Tarp hats and accessories are hand made in Brazil on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. These wide brim sun hats are worn day in day out, they are made from recycled truck tarpaulins from open cargo trucks that run from Amazonas in…


Floppy Canvas Hats

Floppy bucket style canvas hats made from recycled truck tarpaulins from Brazil,each one has been handmade and all come with a unique printed story inside the crown giving the history of its manufacture.you have 3 choices with these hats, the Original, Extreme Patches,and the Very Rare Portuguese…


Wide Brim Side Vented Tarp Hats

Looking for something a bit cooler … not possible I hear you all say.. An Amazonas Tarp Hat is the tops…Well now we have a little twist on our Canvas Tarp Hat, all the style and ruggedness of our original hat but now with vented sides….. all made from recycled burlap sacking/jute which when…


Military Castro Tarp Eco Cap

It is the Fidel cap, but made our way. each tarp cap is still made by hand from recycled truck tarpaulins from Brasil, each one has its own story inside the brim. All distressed some with patches …Viva the revolution. Each hat has been re proofed for water protection so is fine for the…


Amazonas Eco Tarp Wallets

If you are fed up with the same old mass produced wallets have a look at these, they are made from recycled Truck Tarps from Brazil that have been handcrafted into a unique product that will have all your friends talking about, each one is unique and being recycled they have a look and feel that…


Tarp Bags

Wow… Handmade bags from Brazilian recycled truck tarpaulins each one unique…… a great range all in the unique Tarp Hat way, patched faded canvas, some with a few rust stains thrown in from the old truck loop supports that held the canvas off the cargo. some even come with the branding from…


Eco Canvas Baseball Caps

Tarp Baseball caps are different !, all of the Amazonas Baseball tarp caps are one off’s, they have been manufactured from recycled truck tarpaulins that have seen more weather on the roads of Brazil than we might see in our lifetime. Tarp Baseball caps are cool , some have Portuguese writing…


Hat Accessories

The Amazonas Tarphat accessories are all hand made, they make ideal partners for our hats adding extra features and the ability to personalise your hat even further.Hat Windstraps / Hat Lanyards keep our hat secure to your head when the wind or the speed you are travelling is an issue….


Childrens Tarp Hats

The Childrens range of Funky & Stylish Tarp Hats Now reduced to £21.99 ! Amazonas Wide Brim Tarp Hats provide fantastic protection from the elements for children . Made in Brazil from recycled canvas tarpaulins they have miles more street cred than anything else on the…


Eco Tarp Accessories

Tarp Clothing, great items that sit right alongside our legendary Tarphat & Bag range, if you are looking for something different that is definitely not available on the high street come on in and treat yourself to a one off unique piece that’s sure to be a talking point . Also for every…


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