Our Basic Survival Course


Simply the Basics

Are you interested in bushcraft but unsure you want to commit to a multi-day course?

Not sure which skills you should learn first?

It can be difficult to know where to start with bushcraft and survival skills, particularly with so many courses on offer.

Full Day of Instruction:

This course isn’t a half-day course, straddling lunchtime, masquerading as a full day. We teach from the moment you arrive at our base camp until the course finishes at 18:30 and it is a very full day of learning useful skills. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Skills You Can Easily Learn:

The skills and knowledge we pass on during this course do not require preexisting talent or great physical strength. Once you’ve had a go (during this course), you’ll remember them.

This course is designed to cover a range of techniques and knowledge that will help you to provide your basic needs and to stay safe while in the outdoors.

These are:

Fire, Shelter, Water, Food, Outdoor Safety and Equipment.

Fire – Learn the basics of Firelighting:

Many people find it very difficult to light a fire in the outdoors. With a lack of confidence a poor technique it often leads to failure, particularly in damp conditions, “UK weather”

We’ll teach you the basics of fire-lighting which mean that you will be able to identify, select and prepare natural materials then consistently light them with confidence.

You will be able to light a fire whenever you want or need one.

Shelter – The basic Principles of shelter building:

Imagine if you were lost or stranded, would you be able to make some sort of shelter out of nearby materials. And if so would it be any good? Would you get any sleep? Would it stop you becoming hypothermic?

We’ll show you how to build a thermally efficient shelter from natural materials. Even if you had a tent or tarp with you, there are some key – and often overlooked – considerations you need to take into account before setting up.

We’ll show you a range of lightweight shelters you can carry with you that have proved to save lives.

Water – Find, Collect and filter and Purify Water:

We’ll show you how to find water even where it isn’t obvious. We’ll show you how to collect water from unlikely sources. Then, you’ll learn (and apply) techniques to make water safe to drink.

Food – Prepare Food in the Outdoors and Cook With Fire:

In our experience, many people struggle with cooking in the outdoors unless they have a stove. We’ll show you ways of preparing your food and cooking with fire – with and without cooking pots – that will allow you to enjoy tasty, hearty meals that are cooked properly.

“Crispy, is NOT cooked”

Outdoor Safety – Basic Princilpals and Emergency Essentials:

Throughout the course we introduce key safety considerations and principles for the activities we

are undertaking as well as being outdoors in general.

We discuss how we can plan ahead to help avoid dangers and reduce risks. That said, nature is dynamic and people make mistakes.

Accidents can happen and unforeseen circumstances can arise. We cover essential concepts of how to deal with emergencies in the outdoors and prioritise in survival situations.

Equipment – Real-World Tips and Advice: Our instructors are experienced and well-travelled. We will cover what we consider essential outdoor equipment – both for safety and comfort/enjoyment.

You will find this advice very valuable, whether you return to us for more instruction on multi-day courses or head off on your own adventures…

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