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Water gushes through the cracks, high winds crash against your windows, and sparks fly as the electrics blow. Outside, two men fight savagely over tinned beans, water rising up to their bellies as the foundations of another house give way. Catastrophe has struck, will you survive?

In the UK, most of us are lucky enough to have never experienced a natural disaster. So most of us probably don’t ever worry about this type of scenario, let alone prepare for one.

But there are a growing number of people determined to lay the groundwork for a rainy day, and secure survival in any situation. Whether a manmade disaster or freak accident hits – they are prepared.

Tom Linden is a survival instructor from North Yorkshire, specialising in the effects of nuclear weapons. He is what is commonly known as a “prepper,” or “survivalist” – someone who prepares for any give disaster, emergency or dangerous scenario.
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