Tex Energy Products Review

Back in the 80’s the slogan was Buy British and we did. Then for some reason we started buying foreign products, saying that they were better made.

Well the trend is being stopped by British companies who understand how to design and manufacture quality British products that not only solve problems but are designed to simply work, and are made of top quality components.

One such Company is Tech Energy Products

The Infinite Air Review


The Infinite Air harnesses the wind to generate instant power direct to a device or battery and is perfect for charging smartphones, cameras, medical equipment and more.

The Infinite Air is a ground breaking 
and completely portable wind-powered turbine.

It has been 4 years in development using the highest industry expertise and addresses the need for off-grid, portable power generation when traditional solar charging is 
not possible.

The Infinite Air has precision designed blades that maximise torque and power, making it very efficient for its size.

It is light, completely portable and packs away for easy storage.

Designed for use by individuals, expedition teams and anyone who relies upon off-grid power, the Infinite Air will also be invaluable in a disaster or emergency situation for use by medics and aid workers.

It is supplied with a collapsing tripod and there is an Infinite Air Clamp available in our range that can be used as an alternative mount

Here in the UK we sometimes struggle to fine enough sun to make a solar charger work at it’s best.

But one thing we do have is wind, and with the Infinite Air from Tech Energy Products you can charge your USB devices when the wind blows.

It all packs down and into a pack that can even be carried on your belt, in your pack or BOV. It’s super light, super  well made and super at what it does.

I love these products that I shall be reviewing them many times, in fact after every time I use them.

Please check them out as they are the best such emergency charging products out there.

The Infinite Orbit Review


Our Infinite Orbit hand crank generates instant power direct to a device or battery.

It is the ultimate survival tool for emergency situations and is perfect for charging smartphones, iPhones, GPS, satphones, headlamps and more.

Designed to give users instant power wherever they are; the Infinite Orbit is the most reliable instant back-up power system available today.

The Infinite Orbit is the ultimate survival tool, enabling you to produce enough power in a couple of minutes to make that essential call from your mobile phone, sterilise water with your Steripen or charge a headlamp to provide essential light in critical situations.

Ergonomically designed for ease of use the Infinite Orbit gearing system offers fantastic power for minimal effort. It is constructed from aluminium, making it lightweight, robust and able to function at extreme temperatures.

Whether you’re a member of a mountain rescue team, alone and in distress on the open sea or stuck in the snow or desert, the Infinite Orbit is an essential item for any kit bag, vehicle, boat or weekend away. So whatever situation you find yourself in, the Infinite Orbit will give you power every time.

Once again Tex Energy does it with the top quality Infinite Orbit. This fantastic product does everything the Infinite Air does but “without” wind.

So in your tent, survival shelter, cave, bothy vehicle, protected from the harsh elements you can re charge your USB equipment simply by turning a handle.

Isn’t that a brilliant idea, simply but really effective and it simply works too. Get yours here

The Tex-Flex 3 Review


3000 mAh

Our Tex-Flex 3 is flexible, wearable, portable power and is perfect for charging smartphones, iPhones, GPS, satphones, headlamps and more.

The Tex-Flex 3 comes with a tough braided 680mm cable attached that allows your battery to be stored in a pack or pocket and can also be threaded down your sleeve so that the controller is to hand.

The battery is IP67 rated and can be submerged in water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. The controller is IP65 rated and protected against dust and splashes when the rubber cap is in place.

The Tex Flex 3 is another innovative re charging product from the Tex Energy stable. So you straight away know it will be very well made, very well designed and that it will work very well indeed.

I do actually carry it where ever I go as it’s light appears unbreakable so I keep it in my pocket folded up but as it’s waterproof it is just as at home in the outdoors whether I am fishing, camping or simply shopping in bad weather. It is certainly worth a check out guys.

The 1TAC Paracord Survival Bracelet Review

The 1Tac Paracord Survival Bracelet is the all-around must-have survival tool on the market today.

Fashioned from military-grade parachute cord, the 1Tac Survival Bracelet packs a multitude of lifesaving features.

It’s expedition ready, super stylish and features 9’ of super strong, 550 test military spec paracord.

In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for your use.

Make a tourniquet, tie down a piece of equipment or use however the situation requires.

This bracelet is equipped with a stainless steel fire striker and flint, 8 function multi-toll, survival whistle, thermometer and compass.

It has everything you need to help you out of a emergency situation.


  • (1) Paracord Survival Bracelet (Black)

  • 9″ x 1″

Product Description

  • All-Weather Paracord Survival Bracelet (Black)

  • 9FT of 7-Strand Waterproof & Mildew Resistant Mil-Spec Parachute Cord

  • Maximum Tension Resistance : 550lbs

  • Stainless Steel Striker/Cutter to strike Flint Fire Rod to Create Spark & Start a Fire

  • Metal Striker can be used to cut Paracord and Inner Strands

  • Hidden 8-Function Multi-Tool: Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Scraper Tools

  • Survival Whistle

  • Durable Plastic Clasp

  • Thermometer

  • Compass

Firstly it looks great, very neat and functional.

Both the thermometer and the compass work well when tested against ones I know work,the magnesium rod and strike produce decent sparks and with the addition of an emergency whistle and a hidden 8-Function Multi-Tool: Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Scraper Tools it means that all in all it’s great value and as with anything paracord it has many more uses that as just a bracelet.

The 1TAC Paracord Survival Keychain Review

The 1Tac weatherproof Paracord Keychain is both functional and discreet. Fashioned from military-grade parachute cord, the 1Tac Survival Keychain has 7’ of super strong, 550 test military spec paracord.

In an emergency, unravel the keychain to deploy the paracord for your use.

Make a tourniquet, tie down a piece of equipment or use however the situation requires. This keychain is equipped with a stainless steel fire striker and flint, emergency whistle, stainless steel keyring and stainless steel carabiner clip.

Be sure you’re always prepared by carrying the 1Tac Keychain with you at all times.


  • (1) Paracord Survival Keychain (Black)

  • 10” x 1”

Product Description

  • All-WeatherParacord Survival Keychain (Black)

  • 7FT of 7-Strand Waterproof & Mildew Resistant Mil-Spec Parachute Cord

  • Maximum Tension Resistance : 550lbs

  • Stainless Steel Striker/Cutter to strike Flint Fire Rod to Create Spark & Start a Fire

  • Metal Striker can be used to cut Paracord and Inner Strands

  • Survival Whistle

  • Stainless Steel Carabiner Clip

  • Stainless Steel Key Ring

  • Durable Plastic Clasp

  • Stainless Steel Striker/Cutter

  • Rustproof Flint Fire Rod

  • Emergency Whistle

  • Stainless Steel Carabiner Clip

This paracord survival keychain

is made from 7ft of 550lbds and comes with a magnesium rod and a striker/cutter and even has an emergency whistle built into the clasp, I like it and have it with me daily on my belt loop.

The 1TAC Tactical Pen Review

Over view

  1. Lightweight and Durable Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, Multi-Function Weatherproof Tactical Pen

  2. Matte Black Anodized Finish Featuring Diamond-Cut Non-Slip Grip

  3. Includes Tungsten Steel Glass Break Tip, Removable Steel Blade, Easy-Writing Med. Tip Ball Point Pen, Integrated 80 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight

  4. Includes (1) Pen Refill and (2) Sets of Batteries

  5. Equipped with Pocket Clip for use as Cap Light

  6. Used by Police, Military and First Responders


  1. (1) Aircraft Grade Aluminum Tactical Pen (Matte Black)

  2. (1) Integrated Tungsten Steel Glass Break Tip

  3. (1) Removable Razor Sharp Steel Blade (1.25”in length)

  4. (1) Ballpoint Pen

  5. (1) Replacement Ballpoint Pen

  6. (1) 80 Lumen LED Light

  7. (1) Integrated Steel Pocket Clip for use as Cap-Light

  8. (2) Sets LR936 Replacement Batteries

  9. Weight: 1.23 oz

  10. Dimensions: 5.90”in length

  11. User Manual with Discount Code for Future Purchases

I own tactical pens and thought that I had seen them all. But I have to say that this pen is miles above the others, and here is why I say that.

Firstly it is lightweight and Durable made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, and is Multi-Functional and Weatherproof.

It’s Matte Black and has an Anodized Finish and features a diamond-Cut Non-Slip Grip with an

The pen includes a Tungsten Steel Glass Breaker Tip,a Removable Steel Blade,

It really is an Easy-Writing Med. Tip Ball Point Pen,

And finally it even has an integrated 80 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight

Includes (1) Pen Refill and (2) Sets of Batteries

Equipped with Pocket Clip for use as Cap Light

Used by Police, Military and First Responders

To say I love it is an understatement.

The HL1200 Tactical Headlight – with Real CREE XM-L2 LED Review

The 1TAC HL1200, is the newest tactical, 10 Watt, high power headlight from the most innovative brand in tactical lighting technology.

The HL1200 Tactical Headlight features a solid-state, US made Cree XM-L2 LED technology that generates 20 percent more maximum output than the standard XML T6. With up to 1200 lumens of blinding white light focused by a parabolic reflector into a versatile beam with significant reach and ample surround light for maintaining good situational awareness, it is crucial in any situation.

CREE LED flashlights are trusted by military, firemen, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and police officers all over the world as it’s one of the Brightest Tactical Headlights for Sale that’s on the market!

The HL1200 Tactical Headlight is an incredible all-around LED light for use outdoors, work or around the household.

The HL1200 comes with all of the features you’d expect to find on a durable, military-grade headlamp. Aircraft grade Anodized aluminum construction and O-ring seals mean this light is tough and reliable.

The lamp itself features a 90 degree tilt. The battery box, which also serves as the battery charger, displays a red indicator for whichever mode you’re currently using (High, Medium or Strobe).

The beam can be focused at x1, x250, x500, x1000 and x2000 according to the zoom you want. An IP65 waterproofing standard protects this light against water, while its durable materials protect against drops, impacts, scratches, and corrosion.

The weatherproof headband is easily adjustable to comfortably fit any head size.

By combining rugged durability and cutting edge design, HL1200 Headlamp is truly top notch, well-rounded light. At 1.41 inches long by 2.99 inches wide, 1TAC has made this the perfect size for a compact yet super powerful headlamp.


  • (1) 1200 Lumen CREE XM-L2 LED, Rechargeable / Zoomable Headlamp

  • Accepts (2)18650 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries (batteries included)

Included 18650 Rechargeable Dual Battery Wall Adapter

  • Dimensions: 1.41” x 2.99”

  • 6.35 oz

  • CREE XM-L2 (Made in the US)

  • 3 Powerful Modes (High, Med, Strobe) with 2000 meter Zoom Capability

  • 100,000 Hour Lamplife

  • Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum

  • (1) User Manual with Discount Code for Future Purchases

1TAC – HL1200 Tactical Headlamp Product Description

  • Compact and Ultra lightweight

  • Cree XM-L2 HI LED up to 1200 Lumens with a LAMP lifespan of 100,000 hours

  • Simple operation – On/Off switch for selecting the 3 brightness levels

  • 3 brightness levels including High, Medium and Strobe

  • Up to 500 meter zoom capability telescoping head

  • Rechargeable batter pack for use with included (2) 18650 Li-Ion Batteries

  • Weatherproof / Adjustable headband

  • Waterproof to IP65 Standard

  • Digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness

  • Over heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface

  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy

  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

  • Strictly in line with ANSI Standard

This tactical headlamp has to be the bees knees of headtorches.

It not only looks and feels like a professional head torch, it is a professional head torch.

It is solid but not heavy it works on 2AA batteries or 2AA rechargeable ones, as it comes with a charger and rechargeable batteries.

It is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy weighing in at 6.35oz and is waterproof.

There are three brightness settings including strobe and has up to a 500 meter zoom capability telescoping head .

Although it comes with a charger it is an American two-pin one so you will need a travel adapter but that is not a reason not to buy this headlamp.

Portable Alarm System With Motion Sensor Review

Portable Motion Alarm System With Expandable Terminal
This compact motion sensor will detect anyone who attempts to enter the protected area. If motion is detected a powerful 90 db alarm siren will sound off to scare the intruder away and alert others to pay attention to the motion detected event. 

This alarm in portable size is suitable for home, office, patio, hotel room, retail store or travel use. It can be fixated on the wall horizontally or vertically or simply put it on the desk or hand carry it.

This motion alarm unit is 9V-battery operated and no wiring needed. It can be easily installed or moved to a new location. Also featured with a low battery LED indicator and an adjustable mounting bracket.  With this motion alarm, your family will be instantly alerted to potential dangers. Intruder will know that they have been detected.

In addition to the security purpose, this motion alarm can also be used in retail store, show room or reception area for notifying the personnel for greeting visitors in the needed area. Or users may set it up at camp site as the watchdog for all purposes.

Portable Personal Alarm
The typical alarm system was big, bulky motion detectors. All that has been changed with this motion alarm in compact size. It is great to be used at home for nursing care such as alerting parents if young children wander off into an area that might be hazardous such as a hot BBQ table, pool area or other potentially dangerous location.

Users may also aim this motion alarm to driveway, front/back door, windows and patio doors for extra home security. All other suitable applications including:

  • Home alarm

  • Restricted area

  • Monitoring surrounding areas

  • Travel protection

  • Visitors greeting

  • Camping

Alarm/Chime Mode
This motion alarm unit has a mode switch for selecting between different operation mode as needed:

  • Alarm Mode: When intruder is detected and alarm is trigger with 30 seconds siren sound. After setting this unit at alarm mode, there will be 15 seconds allowed for users to leave the detection area. And the similar entry delay will allow users to switch off the alarm after getting into the detection area.

  • Chime Mode: ding-dong sound will be activated by any motion detected.

  • Off Mode: When at “OFF” mode, this this motion alarm is dis-armed and not active.

Expandable Security System
This motion sensor alarm system is expandable with two external hard-wired magnetic or IR detectors to become a small area security alarm system.

Wide Detection Range
This mini motion detector alarm uses PIR passive infrared technology to protect a room from intruders. It creates an unseen barrier that’s impossible to be penetrated within 30 feet away. 

This motion alarm produces an infrared coverage range of 100 degree angle with 30ft max distance. Any motion event can be detected reliably within the effective range.

I really do like this alarm, I have used it when camping and had it set off by wild animals of some sort moving around at night.

I have set it up covering a track and had ample warning of a group of lads walking towards my camp area, who when the alarm went off turned around and went the other way.

I even had wood pigeons setting it off as they landed in by back garden.

It’s a great small and cheap addition to your kit that will give you that extra level of security when camping in the great outdoors.

You can get your at

The Jääkäri puukko Review

OK guys no BS., the Jääkäri is a proper no-nonsense puukko knife for real use, not for sitting on a shelf for decoration.

Fine quality carbon steel, traditional Finnish puukko blade profile with a slight drop point and a practical grind guarantee a razor sharp knife straight out of the box, and it’s easy to maintain too.

The Jääkäri (the name derives from the backbone infantry of the Finnish military) is nothing fancier than a very simple, very practical puukko knife. The Jääkäri is a buddy you can trust to get the job done and you don´t need to be too careful either, these are built for use.

General features

  • Medium size general purpose utility knife, a solid choice for most situations.

  • Traditional puukko-style blade profile with drop point.

  • Scandi-style grind with secondary microbevel.

  • Spine ground and beveled to strike sparks from ferro rods.

  • Full/stick hybrid tang with textured overmolded rubber grip.

  • Protruding bare tang head with lanyard hole.

Technical specs

  • Weight: 175/190 g (wo/ sheath)

  • Total length: 240/270 mm

  • Blade length: 110/140 mm

  • Blade thickness: 4,20 mm

  • Edge angle: 23°

  • Steel: 80CrV2 carbon steel, 59 HRC

Available with leather sheath or a simple plastic liner.

The plastic liner is not a stand-alone sheath and offers no actual retention, it is used as an insert in the construction of leather sheaths.

Short or long? The choice is easy, if you have at least some idea about what you´re going to use it for. The 110 (shorter) is an excellent all-round knife for just about any tasks, it’s best paired up with something bigger such as the 140 (longer) might be a bit “clumsier” but on the other hand the long blade make it a bit better at chopping through saplings and firewood.

But it all boils down to personal preference, the one that feels best is the one for you!


Traditional and proven functional Finnish puukko profile with a drop point. The thickness of 4,2 mm makes this a bit more robust than most old timey traditional Finnish puukkos.

The grind is a scandi grind with a tiny secondary bevel, currently the most commonly used Finnish puukko grind.

The strong blade can take a beating, you can use the Jääkäri for batoning without problem, just don´t hit your fingers or the rubber handle, those are not strong like steel.

The heat treatment leaves the surface of the steel soft, which makes the blade very strong but also means that a simple polished spine will not strike sparks from a ferro rod.

They have added small bevels to the spine, these bring out the harder core of the blade to strike sparks from ferro rods. Since this isn´t your common 90° spine it works a bit differently, but once you find the right style it will strike sparks just like any other blade.

Carbon steel requires care: if your knife gets wet in the bush, dry it the best you can. Never store the knife without drying and oiling the blade.


The rubber grip is somewhat ergonomically shaped, but not one of those crazy finger groove things. A small finger guard on the front, a little belly in the middle and a knob at the back to keep your hand from slipping and also make it possible to use a Leuku style chopping grip.

The tang runs all the way through the grip and comes out the back, forming a little knob with a hole in it for lanyards and such. The knob can also be used to hit things, naturally.

Leather sheath

The sturdy dangler leather sheath is built with a roomy plastic liner, traditional Finnish sheath construction style.

The liner is roomy enough for water and crud to run through it and out the hole at the end. Around the mouth of the sheath the leather is folded double forming a strong and stiff wide band, this band is closed tightly around the grip using a press stud.

When you pull out the knife the edge runs nicely between the two leather sides, not cutting it up as is a common downside of the traditional “sock” style puukko sheaths.

Even without closing the press stud the sheath retains enough tension to keep the puukko in place, so around camp you don´t need to be opening and closing the sheath all the time, just remember to snap it shut when you’re on the move!

Do not force the knife out of the sheath without opening the press stud! Although this can be done it is not good for the press stud in the long run and may damage it. Just open the snap before pulling out the knife.

It’s best to oil the snap fastener once in a while to prevent it from becoming stiff and nasty.

Varusteleka Terävä

Terävä, which means sharp in Finnish, is our own brand of knives. All Terävä knives are high quality Finnish made pieces, designed and made in Finland.

A few words from the designer

The basic idea for the Jääkäri was very simple: to make a functional knife with all the pros and none of the cons of a traditional Finnish puukko.

A traditional puukko is fine, but the rat tail tang, wooden grips and floppy sheaths are not exactly the most practical designs any more.

So we made the blade strong, 4 mm thick, and with a full tang that goes all the way through the grip. The handle is shaped for a good grip and made from rubber.

The basic leather sheath is nothing like it’s wildly swinging ancestors, this one is made with a sturdy turning belt loop and a press stud to secure the knife in place.

This is not rocket science really, but just a simple good puukko for real use. Nothing fancy, works like a charm!

The Dual-Action Firestarter Review

A compact dual-rod fire starter with folding design that offers a complete fire starting solution, especially when natural tinder is limited.

Featuring a magnesium rod for tinder and a ferrocerium rod for the spark and an integrated striker.

The ferrocerium spark rod produces extremely high temperature sparks at 2,980ºC making it easy for to ignite dry tinder in any weather or altitude.

The magnesium rod can be used to create highly flammable tinder shavings which will light with ease.

Ideal for use on dry fibrous tinder, gas stoves and more.

The real questions are, does it work and is it worth having?

The quick answer is yes. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say.

To put the Dual Action Firestarter to the test I decided to use damp tinder so I first used damp cotton wool and having scraped some magnesium from the rod onto the cotton wool I scraped down on the fero rod and sparks flew into the magnesium and that was it, the cotton wool caught fire.

Next I tried damp but dead grass, this took longer and I used a lot of magnesium but again got the result I wanted, fire.

I made a feather stick and piled up some feathers and showered them with sparks and again fire.

The addition of the magnesium rod takes this ferrocerium rod to the next level allowing you to make fire even with damp tinder.

I do like it very much and I know with confidence that it I needed to make a fire I could with the Dual Action Firestarter and you can get yours at.

The EcoZoom Review

When the brown stuff Has Hit the Fan (SHTF), you could up with no drinkable water. In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster.

This means that there will large groups of people who will need pure drinking water. In many such cases, boiling may be the only practical way to kill the nasties that can cause water-borne illnesses.

And what about all that stored food you have on hand – how much of it needs to be cooked, and how long will your propane, charcoal or firewood reserves last?

The ECOZOOM Stove is in my opinion the ULTIMATE CAMPING WOOD STOVE:

It is extremely durable, long-lasting and energy efficient. The Ecozoom uses wood, charcoal or solid biomass as fuel. Great for outdoor camping, hiking and even emergency preparedness

It is an excellent emergency preparedness tool, if and when disaster strikes. No gas, propane or electricity needed.

Just a handful of sticks to have a fully cooked meal during an emergency situation

It provides energy efficient cooking as the combustion chamber is fully insulated, meaning you need less fuel to cook, which results in no smoke in your face!

It is made from quality materials and is a very durable design, it’s extremely powerful and well-built design means the stove stays in place exactly where you want it. All of the stove’s exterior and interior parts are super-easy to clean and maintain

The ECOZOOM is the eco-friendly stove it doesn’t require a lot of wood and charcoal to cook an entire meal, which makes it a very eco-friendly outdoor cooking option!

I first lite mine to see how long it would take to get a pot of water to boiling point. It was impressive and it got the water boiling without very much fuel too.

If fact it got very hot indeed and my next task was to see if I could turn down the heat (so to speak), so once it was burning well as rocket stoves do, I dropped into the top a hand full of Bar-B-Q coals which simply got hot, like charcoal and this kept the heat constant and allowed me to cook a stew of rabbit and veg which I left for two hours to simmer/cook.

If for any reason the coals lost their heat, it is so simple to drop some more in to the Ecozoom.

EcoZoom stoves burn wood, charcoal and biomass. The rocket effect traps and burns the smoke in a cleaner fire – 60% more efficient than open fires & 70% less smoke emission.

In the UK people are cooking on a Zoom Versa when camping or out on the patio for gourmet and fun reasons. These cookstoves supply ample heat for your cooking tasks – fuel is abundant and at your feet.

A lifetime purchase, the robust EcoZoom stoves are built to last. Forget buying gas and enjoy some real-fire food!


The EMBER Biltong Review

It appears that this company was started by two brothers who a Iron Man competitors were looking for a tasty snack that was not only good for them but nutritious at the same time.

To do this they went back to their country roots and created Ember, as they say to fill a gap quite literally.

Firstly to commend this product is its credentials, their beef is sourced from British and Irish Grass fed beef that in itself says it all.

Their farmers are all members of Red Tractor or Origin Ireland high grade farm assurance schemes. This beef is produced as Pasture Centred, Antibiotic Free, Animal Health Plan, Enriched Environment, Cattle Handling Standards

The company says our savoury strips of biltong are made from 100% British and Irish beef, sourced from traditional farms. Naturally high in protein and not a grain of sugar, Ember is your answer to an afternoon slump or post-workout protein hit.

I say this, they sent me their Chilli Biltong and their Original Biltong.

The chilli was fantastic not too much but enough to let you know that is was chilli. It warmed me up and I really enjoyed its tangy taste.

As for the Original, well it’s the best Biltong I have ever tried by far, in taste and texture.

I mixed the chilli and the beef into a zip seal bag and put it into my pocket and went shopping,and simply enjoyed being dragged along by she who must be obeyed dipping into the bag from time to time.

I cannot recommend Ember Biltong enough I love it.

The Fuel Your Preperation Review

I was sent the 3 Day Emergency Preparedness Kit for One to review, in the box were the following meals:

Morning Oats with Raspberry x 1

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese x 2

Chicken Fajita with Rice x 1

Vegetable Tika with Rice x 1

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice x 1

Chilli Con Carne with Rice x 1

Salmon and Broccoli Pasta x 1

Chicken Fried Rice x 1

Custard Apple Crunch x 1

Rice Pudding with Strawberry x 1

Chocolate Mousse with Cherry and Granola x 1

Firstly being freeze dried meals they were very light indeed and would certainly not be a carry issue at all.

They provided a daily intake total of 1627 calories.

They are a very simple to prepare in less than 10 minutes, simply add water to the line on the inside of the pouch as indicated on the instructions on the back of the pouch usually a wait time of 8 minutes and job done, with no washing up to do.

As with all freeze dried meals they fill you up, they offer you high calories there and then with little or no effort at all, but usually that’s it.

I mean there is no flavour, in fact it is often said that they all taste the same, bland card boardy in fact.

Well I was pleasantly surprised indeed these Fuel Your Preparation freeze dried meals have an edge on most of the others out there.

Although none of them made my taste buds stand on end, everyone of them actually tasted like it should and like I would expect that meal to taste.

The sweet and sour I feel could do with a stronger sweet flavour, but conversely the Salmon and Broccoli Past is perfect and I would ask please do not change the recipe.

You see everyone is different, we all enjoy different meals, flavours and tastes. When you try these meals and I would suggest that you do, you too, will find your favourites and not so tasty meals in your mind.

However whichever meal you choose you will have a high calorie intake, a tasty meal it’s self and one that is palatable at the very least.

What I mean is that non of these meals will put you off finishing the pouch, it seems to me that they have been designed with just the right amount of flavour to please the majority of people.

Now if you have a hankering for hot spices I suggest you put some Tabasco sauce or other mouth burner into the pouch and mix it in just like you would spice up any other meal.

I have to say I love these meals because they are not only light to carry they are easy to make and very tasty eat.

I really do recommend that you buy some and try them you will not be disappointed.

You can order your here:

The Drinkmaster Pods Review

Like the rest of you I really enjoy a hot cuppa round the fire, it’s what camping is all about and just makes you feel good and that the world is OK.

Some carry ready made hot drinks, some even bring their own coffee perculator and favourite coffee beans with them, horses for courses I say.

I have been sent some Drinkmaster Pods to try and I love them. They are very simply to carry, being light and sealed, and just as simple to use, just peel the lid back and add the contents to your cup and pour on hot water simply eh!.

Drinkpacs are machine-free pod drinks offering the widest range of hot drinks, including Nescafé, Douwe Egberts, PG tips Tea, Cadbury Hot Chocolate and Batchelors Cup a Soup, as well as their own carefully selected varieties.

They also have an extensive range of Fairtrade and UTZ approved coffee, tea and chocolates in the range.

Drinkpac containers are made of recycled aluminium and are 100% recyclable. A perfectly packaged pod drink.

And yes why not recycle as they say, but I have found another use for the empty pods and that is as home made Tee lights.

Simply melt some wax into them add a wick and there you have it, now by using a citronella flavour you keep the mossies etc. away too.

They taste great as well, far better that a lot of ready made hot drinks

They have 38 different drinks available from decaffinated to Vegetarian (36), Vegan (14), Sugar Free (13), Gluten Free (34) but my favourite has to be Bovril.

These drinks are around 15p each and great taste and value, why not try some.

The Tom Linden Bug-Out Belt by Alpenlore

My BUG-OUT BELT was personally constructed be Scott Douglas Palmer

Who is Director of Cultural Development at Lion Corporation and Founder & President at Slatsmandu Corporation – Alpenlore, is my version of his awesome range of incredible Hybrid Survival / Tactical EDC Belt Systems

The colours I have chosen are designed to allow my belt to blend into the background in the outdoors environment and at the same time not stand out in a rural environment either.

My belt is the most compact adventure survival belt on the market.

The AlpenLITE Belt System is a type of “Hyper Belt” which is an exceptional ON THE FLY adventure Belt that can be worn as an everyday belt, very soft and flexible but solid. and incredibly useful.

High tension outdoor Pro-cord, a type of advanced para-cord (paracord ), can be used for a multitude of Bushcraft, Survival, EDC & First-aid situations in multiple environments.

The applications for its use are endless… Wherever you go, the AlpenLITE Belt goes with you and can be immediately deployed.

The inner-core has up to 12 feet of layered hidden webbing. Together with the PROcord shell makes this belt system stand apart from all the others. Strong, lite & compact, just unravel and GO!

“We promise you have never seen a product like this that offers such a vast array of features. Johnny Spillane (World Class Olympian) and 3 Silver medalist and world champion in Nordic Ski proudly wears our product and finds it to be a great aid that you carry with you but never notice its there” says Scott.

It fits like a normal belt only slightly thicker but unnoticeable while wearing. It is hands free and always there when you need it, from morning till night, the AlpenGuide Belt System is there waiting to assist you.

Specs Each AlpenLITE Belt SYSTEM is created from 100% Premium Hardware with fine attention to detail and proudly Handcrafted by Americans who have extensive experience with the Outdoors.

And the AlpenLITE BELT is the most compact rescue adventure belt in the world!


ProWEB Core / S 2.7m (8.8ft) – M 3.2m (10.5ft) – L 3.7m (12ft)

ProCORD outer-Shell / S 10.5m (34ft) – M 12.5m (41ft) – L 15.5m (50ft)


AlpineBuckle / Military Grade – High Impact Resistant

COBRA BUCKLE / 800lb working capacity 7075 Aluminum Alloy w/ Stainless steel components

TriangleRING / 4.7mm / 4.4 kN ( 1000 lbf / 453 kgf ) -316 Stainless

ProCORD / 1.43kN (320lbf / 146kgf ) Breaking Power

ProWEB / 25mm 5.74kN ( 1290lbf / 585kgf ) Breaking Power

DIMENSIONS * Belt Width 1.25 inch / 4cm – Belt Thickness .03in / 7mm

SURVIVAL KIT includes (3 matches, Surgical Blade, 2 fish hooks and Knots Guide).

Pocket GUIDE-BOOK in German/English fits in your wallet and has loads of survival tips.



You can order my belt from April 1st at

Paracord Bracelets and Fire Starters from the Friendly Swede Reviews

The Friendly Swede Paracord Survival Bracelet with Stainless Steel D Shackle – Adjustable Size Fits 7″-8″ (18-20 cm) Wrists

Available on Amazon

9″ (23 cm) Premium branded extra-beefy paracord survival bracelet with stainless steel D shackle. One spare screw in small sealed plastic bag included

Adjustable size ideal for those with 7″-8″ (18-20 cm) wrists

Disassembled length approximately 10 ft (3 m), multiple colors/patterns available to help you survive in style

This product is covered by The Friendly Swede’s Lifetime Warranty

The Fire Starter with Whistle (2-pack)

Whether you’re going on a camping trip, a leisurely hike, or preparing for the end of humanity, a fire starter is an essential piece of survival gear in case calamity strikes.

Fire starters have the advantage over matches because they are waterproof, are difficult to break and last over a thousand strikes while taking up relatively the same amount of space as a box of matches.

You’ll receive two fire starters in this package, one black and one orange, stored in a plastic case. Each fire starter measures 3″ x 3/4″ x 3/8″ and weighs 1.25 oz and includes a lanyard with cord cinch so you can tie, wear, or carry it.

Starting a fire is straightforward. Scrape off the protective black coating on the flint rod to reveal the shiny metal underneath.

Then hold the striker at a 45 degree angle to the rod and strike downward quickly to create some sparks. Be sure to have a small bowl of dry tinder ready to catch the sparks as they fall.

Once the tinder is lit and starts to smoke, blow gently to add oxygen and watch the tinder erupt into smoke and flames. Add your dry kindling and you’ve got yourself a fire ready to keep warm, provide light and cook up some game.

The Fire Starter with Paracord

The Friendly Swede Magnesium Fire Starter block is top ranked by thousands of customers.

The Firestarter is an essential piece of any prepper/survival/outdoor kit – It is waterproof, durable and easy to use.

Never leave home without one!

The applications for Paracord are endless. They can be used for securing nets, tents, shelters and cargo, lashing poles together, repairing straps or belts and much, much more.

Assembled, the Paracord is 9.5 inches long. Unraveled, it is a generous 2 x 51 inches long.

Easy to hold when using the scrape tool.

This product includes a sharp knife and is therefore not suitable for children. This product is covered by The Friendly Swede’s Lifetime Warranty which you can register for on the website.

These paradord and Magnesium Fire Starters are top quality but you know they are not top price at all check them out and you will be pleasantly surprised that’s for sure.

EOG “Weatherproof” 3-Piece Fire Starting Kit Review

Epiphany Outdoor Gear sent me the most incredible fire starting kit I have ever seen, in fact I would say it is one of the best survival fire lighting products I have seen this year.

Product Purpose: While many of our competitors offer effective dry condition fire starting kits, our Pocket Bellows “Weatherproof” Fire Starting Kit provides users with the tools necessary to start a fire in soaking wet conditions and at higher elevations.

Since fire starting requires 3 things: an ignition source, fuel, and oxygen; we developed the Pocket Bellows “Weatherproof” Fire Starting Kit around these requirements. These tools will give users peace of mind in wet weather conditions and makes fire starting in dry conditions nearly idiot-proof.

Product Description:

The Pocket Bellows “Weatherproof” Wet/Dry Weather 3-Piece Fire Starting Kit weighs just 2 ounces and includes a 1” x 5” heavy-walled tube, water resistant carrying case. The 3-pieces include:

EZ Ignite: Our ferrocerium rod w/ magnesium-core flint striking tool is a fail proof ignition source that produces a shower of fiery hot embers in all weather conditions

Baddest Bee Fire Fuses (8-pack): Our 100% organically waterproofed, easily ignitable, long burning cotton tinder torches. When ignited with a flint striker, match, or lighter, Fire Fuses produce a 3”-5” fire starting flame for up to 5 full minutes.

V3-Pocket Bellows: (extends to 20” & collapses to 3.5”): Equally effective as the V2-Pocket Bellows but with half the collapsed length as the V2, this bellowing tool compresses and focuses extra oxygen directly into the heart of a fire.

The by-product of this extra oxygen is a significant amount of extra heat which is the key to overcoming wet firewood.

The Pocket bellows has the ability to create a 4 foot flame in seconds.
To avoid injury, always keep a reasonable distance between you and the fire.

Never position yourself downwind or above a fire while using our bellows.
Remember that Fire is Dangerous and should be treated as such!

These bellows are not toys and should not be used by unsupervised children or by individuals who have not been trained in fire safety!

Don’t inhale fire through the bellows, the tip of the bellows closest the fire may be hot (go figure) – let it cool before collapsing/touching,

Use the driest tinder and kindling available. The wetter the fuels used to start a fire, the longer the fire takes to reach optimal burn temperatures.

Look for dead & dry pine needles/cones that may be stuck hanging in trees or hiding under tree canopies and if necessary shake and pat dry materials found on the ground.

Like most worthy survival techniques, the “Base of Coals” Wet-Weather
Fire Starting Technique requires practice to get a feel for how a fire reacts to additional oxygen.

Be sure to watch their detailed instructional video a few times and practice bellowing a fire when you have the opportunity to start a fire.

After mastering dry fuel fire ignition, practice wet fuels by intentionally dampening fuels and bellowing these damper fuels.

When starting a fire with a Pocket Bellows, use very light exhaled breaths until you see the “Glowing Heart” begin to grow with each exhale.

Then slowly increase the strength and length of your exhales. When the “Glowing Heart” is the size of your fist, you should begin strong exhales.
It is like riding a bike, once you’ve done it, you will never forget the
“Glowing Heart”.

Take care to not mistreat your bellows. The bellows is designed as a precision collapsible tool and will break if mistreated.

Take care to clean dust/dirt from the bellows before collapsing to keep the bellows collapsing slides in good working order.

The bellows is not a fire poker and should be kept at least 6 inches from a fire’s flames. If you use it as a poker, you will warp the bellows internal slide mechanism.

EOG Benefits

Unlike other fire starting kits that leave you high and dry in wet conditions, our award winning, market unique fire starting gear provides you with the tools to overcome the most difficult of fire starting environments.

V3-Pocket Bellows
(Collapses from 21″ to 3.5″ / Weight 0.75 Ounces)

Oxygen is nature’s gasoline and is the key to wet weather fire starting. Our lightweight, collapsible fire bellowing tool, the Pocket Bellows, compresses and focuses oxygen directly into the heart of a fire.

The by-product of this extra oxygen is extra heat which is the key to starting a fire with soaking wet fuels in wet conditions.

Baddest Bee Fire Fuses

(Hexamine & Petroleum Free)
Our 100% organically weatherproofed, highly ignitable, long burning cotton tinder torches. When ignited with a match, lighter, or the smallest of sparks from a striking tool, Baddest Bee Fire Fuses produce a strong, breezeproof fire starting flame in the most difficult of fire starting environments.
EZ Ignite
(Magnesium embedded Ferrocerium Striking Tool)

Our magnesium imbedded ferrocerium striking tool is a fail proof ignition source that produces a shower of fiery hot sparks in all weather conditions.

Coupled with our Baddest Bee Fire Fuses, EZ Ignite will produce a flame with “one strike” every time (also works great on dry forest floor tinders).

Well my friends that is the technical stuff but do they work in the real world.

Well there was only one way to find out.

Firstly you MUST watch their video on how this fire lighting system works as it is the only real way to understand how they work together.

This system is totally amazing in how it produces fire and not just a flame either but a roaring fire. The video shows it lighting a fire with wet fuel so could I do that too.

I went out one rainy day and collected my tinder and fire wood and back in my garden I immersed it in a bucket of water, just to make sure it was wet.

Now I found this very difficult to get my head around, I mean lighting a fire with wet material that was built into a tee-pee shape already.

It took me three attempts to understand how to use the bellows and produce an aggressive fire.

Imagine being on the wind swept hills, a wet valley or even on a wind and rain lashed beach and knowing that you could start a fire without dry material, this is a completely new survival fire lighting method that will not only make your life easier but it will save lives too.

It is amazing, I was amazed and still am when I use it to start a fire and you will be too. Go to and order a set you will not regret it.

The Snugpak Sleeper Extreme Review

If you are honest you will admit to being cold, very cold and bloody freezing at some time during your outdoor experiences and this whilst you were in your sleeping bag too.

In fact some people I know have come to accept a level of discomfort during a night out due mainly to the cold.

I know I have felt this way many times however a sleeping bag I recently reviewed has changed all that for me.

The Sleeper Extreme is a step up from the Sleeper Lite, providing you with extra warmth on those colder nights. Robust and durable with a soft touch finish, this is an ideal introduction to Snugpak’s performance range and comes in a manageable pack size.
Great for enjoying general camping and when using a car to carry your kit around.
Compression stuff sack included for compact carrying.
Left handed zip style.
Measures 30cm x 26cm when fully compressed.
Temperature rating: Comfort : -7°c, Extreme: -12°c
Highly siliconised synthetic fibres give a soft touch finish and prolonged lifespan compared to traditional hollowfibre filled products.
Mummy shape for retention of body heat.

Colours Available are Olive,Onyx and Black.

It Weights 2100g

Its measurements are length 220cm Width (Chest) 75cm Width (Knee) 65cm Width (Foot) 38cm Pack Size 30cm(L) x 26 cm(W)

The Temperature Comfort: Range is -7°c Extreme: -12°c Barcode Sleeper

I have had the pleasure of using this sleeping bag many times this year. It is very well built, I think it looks great and you know when in it, it works extremely well, in real terms it does what it says on the tin.

To be honest it is quite bulky when in its stuff sack, but to me that was and is not a concern as it will be in my BOV.

I have used it in car camping and it is so easy to get into and out of, the zip works like a dream and it does not feel claustrophobic at all, unlike some sleeping bags that seem to confine movement and are not nice to use.

I have slept in it in a hammock and was warm as toast and again with its generous size it did not restrict movement at all.

I have slept in it at home with the heating turned off and it was too warm and I had to unzip it during the night. Possibly due I think to there being no wind chill factor in the house.

The soft touch finish is quite a luxury and simply adds to the feeling of total comfort, when in it I feel lucky. A strange thing to say I know, but it exudes confidence in the user and provides a great nights sleep.

The Snugpak Sleeper Extreme is for the price £44.95 extremely good value and I know it will not let you down when it matters.

Where ever you use the Snugpak Sleeper Extreme, inside, outside, in a shelter, under a tarp, in a tent, a hammock, or in your BOV you have the confidence that it will keep you warm and in comfort and for me that is all I ask of any sleeping bag.

You can order yours at


SurvivalWATCHTM is the ONLY paracord survival accessory to offer an emergency whistle, a fire-starter with flint rod and scraper, 12+ ft of 550-lb paracord, a time-piece/watch, plus a compass!

High Quality Survival Watch for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Being prepared for the outdoors is now as simple as fastening a survival cord bracelet or watch to your wrist.

No outdoor accessory offers the same flexibility and quality as our SurvivalWATCHES and paracord bracelets for sale. Lightweight and durable, a SurvivalWATCH or paracord bracelet is a clever, cost-effective tool that has it all.

Life-Saving Features

SurvivalWATCH is a multi-functional survival accessory that differs from all other similar products on the market.

These paracord survival watches and paracord survival bracelets are hand-made, innovative accessories no outdoor enthusiast should be without.

Each of these SurvivalWATCHES includes the following features:

12 + ft. of 550-lb nylon paracord material

Magnesium flint-rod & scraper

150 dB whistle

Recreational compass

Copper & stainless steel time-piece

Choose Your Color

Whether you’re looking for a camo survival watch, camo paracord bracelet or black paracord bracelet,

our range of subtle, earth-tone products won’t disappoint. Our paracord bracelet accessories are available in the follow colors:



Olive Drab

Flat Dark Earth

Endless Outdoor Uses

In a survival situation, a paracord watch band or paracord wristband serves limitless purposes. SurvivalWATCHES can start fires, alert nearby rescuers, map out directions, and more.

The nylon paracord material used to fabricate our watches and parachute cord bracelets is both heavy-duty and versatile. With 12 + ft. of material to work with, the uses for our survival bands include but aren’t limited to the following:

Replacing broken boot laces

Setting traps

Weaving fishing nets

Making fishing lines

Making shelter

Making weapons

Etc. As I know you will be able to find loads more uses than these.

So what do I think of it, well the truth is I like it very much, because it means that I only need the Survival Watch and not a separate paracord bracelet.

Even if you do like to wear your favorite time piece, what is wrong with a spare, a back-up just in case you need one.

It is very easily kept in or clipped on to your back pack/EDC/BOB.

The compass does work and when tested against my own watches electronic compass and a prismatic one it faired very well indeed and would at the very least provide a basic direction of travel.

The watch works very well and with its large face it is easy to read even in low light conditions.

For me though the most impressive feature of the survival Watch is the flint and the Magnesium flint-rod, and this is because it is so easy to use and it works so very well.

Having a fire starter on my wrist could make the difference between life and death. I recommend the survival Watch.

Order yours Survival Watch here

The HyperGear Dry Bag Review

I was sent the 5ltr. and the 10ltr. HyperGear Dry Bags to review. Now thinking back to the old days when I used a black rubbish bag to keep my gear dry it occurred to me, what is wrong with that.

A black rubbish bag does the job, and yes to an extent I have to say that it does. However it has a limited life as it is prone to rips and holes and at that point it becomes a wet bag.

What you need is the ability to keep electronics, clothes and other kit dry no matter what weather you experience and even if your back pack falls into a stream, river or lake.

Firstly I must state that dry bags are not designed to be submerged, they are designed to stay above water and yes even on water but will still keep your kit dry.

Packing your back pack using a dry bag is simple place the dry bag into your pack and simply pack as normal then seal the dry bag and your pack, job done.

The HyperGear Dry Bags are very durable and strong. To ‘lock’ the bag, it has to be folded tightly and firmly three times and secured with the clip to create an airtight seal.

The material HyperGear uses is rubber-like and it’s very soft and comfortable to carry. The joints of the bags are constructed by melting the material and joining together.

This creates a seal that keeps out water.

The HyperGear dry Bags are very easy to clean with a damp cloth. The HyperGear site states that the material used does not melt, fade or warp even after exposure to direct sunlight, resistant to moulds, tear proof and pliable.

Well do they really work, I set out to find out and as the new seeded lawn needed watering I placed the HyperGear Dry Bags on the ground and totally hose pipe attacked them from all angles top and bottom as well.

Then I opened the bags and the newspaper, toilet roll and the compressed light-load towels were completely UN-damaged and totally dry. So yes they do work and very well indeed I have to say.

OK it was like a heavy shower and I thought so what how can I further test them, and in an unusual way that they were definitely not designed for.

So with a roll of paracord and the two Hyper Dry Bags I set off for Ripon canal and a popular lock.

My idea was to tie the bags onto the paracord and lower them into the lock as it was filling. If you have not seen a lock fill before, then imagine thousands of tons of water rushing into a confined space, it becomes very turbulent almost violent at times.

Once the lock had filled I pulled the bags out of the water and opened them and the newspaper, toilet roll and compressed towel were of course as new. I am very impressed with the HyperGear Dry Bags as they simply do what it says on the tin.

You can order yours here

The Danish Endurance Compression Socks Review

These fantastic socks have been tested and recommended by top athletes and ultra hikers

They really boost performance during training and speed up recovery after exercise

They are even Swiss MST IV tested to ensure optimized compression

They are designed and produced in the EU

They are also ideal for all sporting activities, during air travel or longer periods of standing

DANISH ENDURANCE are high quality compression socks developed by athletes for athletes! DANISH ENDURANCE compression socks provide the optimal support during all training activities such as cycling, running, triathlon, fitness, gym, soccer, rugby or hiking.

DANISH ENDURANCE will increase the flow of oxygen rich blood from your heart to your legs.

The better the flow of blood the better your muscles will be able to perform at a high level.

When using correct graduated compression socks your legs will be prevented from swelling up, you will experience more energy and less muscle stiffness and experience a faster recovery after performance.

The fibers used are of the best possible quality to ensure perfect comfort. When getting a pair of DANISH ENDURANCE compression socks you get a perfect training partner that helps you perform your best.

Material: 65% Polyamide, 20% Elasthan, 15% Lycra.

Have you ever thought of wearing compression socks? I have to say, I thought that they looked somewhat medical and were for those elderly with bad circulation or for long flights. As the old saying goes, though, you shouldn’t knock it til you’ve tried it. I am impressed and love them.

Why use compression in the recovery process? Compression helps increase blood circulation, increase the flow of fresh oxygen to your muscles and aiding in the overall recovery of your muscles. Compression is also proven to help reduce calf cramps, Achilles issues and pulled muscles.
My circulation in my legs is somewhat less than ideal and with the Danish Endurance Compression socks that has really improved a lot. I used to get calf pain when walking but not any more.

My water retention swelling has also gone down too which is great news.

With Christmas coming why not drop a hint to who ever and get your order in.

Foldable Pocket Cooker, Canteen Cup Stove Review

Foldable Pocket Cooker, Canteen Cup Stove for easy travel. Forget cold food in the boonies! Heat up some grub, like beans, hot dogs or soup or MRE’s etc.

No gas. No batteries. Unfolds in a jiffy from 6 1/2 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/8″ to 8 x 6″h. (open).

Hinged, all-metal panels. Comes in nylon case with 2″w. belt loop. Weighs 1.2 lbs.
This is a great stove for cooking and or boiling water for your canteen cup. Some people even call it a canteen cup stove.

Of course you can use natural materials or even trioxabe bars, your own homemade fire starters or anything that burns.
Its light collapsible, compact – no special fuels needed. Just use anything you have available, paper, branches anything burnable.

Fast, efficient – cooks, boils, heats meals in minutes

Safe, nature friendly, reliable – for use all year round

Sturdy and simple, built of heavy duty materials, it requires little care.

Upon opening the package my first impression was one of quality and function just another stove you know.

But as time has gone on it is now in my eyes well designed, practical, efficent, superb at what it does and very easy to erect and break-down.

My first test was a pan of water with an MRE in it, it achieved a rolling boil in approx 7 minutes and I had completed two functions, one I had purified the water and two provided a hot meal at the same time.

Next I cooked Bannock and toasted luncheon meat and that was easy and they cooked quickly too.

I decided to keep the cooker fueled and there was quite a good heat coming from it in relation the amount of fuel being used.

It certainly would work well in a well built survival shelter or a cave for example as a source of heating as well as cooking.

Another thing I love about it is that it is so easy to clean, you simply need to wash it in a river for example let it dry and pack it away.

At 1.2lbs, you may consider it heavy, but consider this you will spend a lot less time searching for fuel and you will use much less fuel to get the job done too, which is another positive to the Foldable Pocket Cooker.

Why not get your own and see for yourself

The Lifestraw GO Review

A water filter bottle is a water filter bottle right? Well NO, not really as the Lifestraw GO is very different to the others out there. For one it looks cool, modern and well designed.

Secondly it is see through and that give a drama to it when in use as the user can see the transformation from dirty coloured water to clean safe clear water pouring from its spout.

Ok, it looks great but does it actually do what it was designed to do? here are the technical facts:

The Lifestraw GO will filter 1,000 liters/264 gallons to 0.2 microns and it will remove 99.9999% of bacteria (E.coli etc.) as well as 99.9% protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.)

It weighs only 225 grams (empty of course) and holds 670 ml

It contains no chemicals or batteries

LifeStraw® Go incorporates the award-winning LifeStraw® technology into a durable water bottle. Simply scoop water from a river or pond, screw the lid on, and sip clean water through the mouthpiece.

The BPA-free water bottle has a built-in LifeStraw® and will filter up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water to the highest standards.

The Go bottle has the same specifications as the original LifeStraw® and can provide you with instant clean water no matter where you are.

Perfect for outdoor, sport, hiking and traveling, prepping and survival or as your daily hydration partner.

The LifeStraw® technology contains a specially designed hollow fiber ultrafiltration technology, most commonly found in industrial water treatment plants that clean a city’s water supply.

The inside of the LifeStraw® consists of a large number of hollow fibers that resemble angel hair spaghetti, but much thinner. Each fiber has pores in its walls with a diameter of 0.2 microns or five hundred times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

When water is forced through the hollow fibers, only clean water can fit through these pores, blocking bacteria, parasites, and dirt from reaching the user.

This purely physical method of filtration does not contain any chemicals.
The LifeStraw® technology has been independently tested and certified to meet EU directive 10/2011 and EU directive 1935/2004 regulatory standards.

The only way to test any filteration system is to use it, so I had read all the tech. stuff and having used the lifestraw myself before I headed for as many suspect water sources as I could find.

First was the River Skell at the end of my street, there are loads of wild fowl and other wildlife as well as dogs swimming and kids playing in it. I filled the Lifestraw GO and had a drink, it was as I thought clear, clean, cold and refreshing and tasted of nothing, it was just water.

Next it was the Ripon canal, which not only has the wildlife etc. but pollution from the boats that use it.

Having been told not to drink the water by two passing boaters who saw me filling my Lifestraw GO, there was utter amazement as the watched me having a drink, I offered them a sip and one of them Bill, tried it and was pleasantly surprised he said but his wife would not try any.

There was a large puddle on the road as it had rained earlier and I sampled that too with the very same result.

I am convinced that the Lifestraw GO is a life-saver, and with its carabina clip it is easily carried for when needed.

You can order yours here

Minialarm Device with an Ultrabright White LED Review

This extremely loud alarm can be activated by pulling a
little safety pin that is located at the bottom of this tiny device.
This device is especially intended for those who, because of
the context in which they live or work, for reasons of personal safety, or some
kind of medical problem may require urgent assistance from those around them.
German Technology.
Batteries included and ready to go.
Manual in several languages , including English.
This small personal alarm comes with a lanyard so you can
wear it around your neck if you want or you could use its key ring to attach it
to a belt look or handbag clip.
Basically it is a small black flattish egg shaped piece of
black plastic with a small button to operate the small LED torch light that it
comes with.
This alarm is designed to draw attention to the user who
could perhaps have suffered a medical emergency, been robbed or in the case of
a prepper or survivalist waiting to be rescued a very loud alarm signal.
The alarm is activated by removing the pin which attaches
the alarm to the key ring and to stop the alarm signal you simply replace the
pin, once the alarm is activated the LED light begins to flash as well.
I like it and as it costs only £7.76 it is worth considering
getting one for those lonely walks home, for an elderly or sick family member
or to take with you on your next training session.
You can get yours from
The RIBZ Front Pack Review
The RIBZ front pack is made of 210d water resistant rip stop
nylon. The ribs pack weighs approx. 11 oz. All components are water resistant
and have proven durability in the most extreme of conditions.
With an average storage capacity between 500 and 700 cubic
inches, you can comfortably relocate your desired weight in the front packs.
The use of a front pack repositions a portion of your weight forward which
reduces your overall shoulder stress and increases comfort, mobility, and
A front pack also creates the illusion of carrying a lighter
load. Though the RIBZ front pack was designed with ultra-light backpacking
intentions, any outdoor activity where easy access of equipment is critical is
where it proves beneficial.
RIBZ front pack can be used alone as a vest but is primarily
designed to work with your existing backpack as increased functionality.
RIBZ Front Packs are the missing link for prepper and
survivalist alike in fact they are for anyone who enjoys wild wilderness
activities from shooting and fishing to hiking and walking in fact anyone who
need easy access to the gear they need the most often whilst enjoying the
Made from water-resistant rip stop nylon (210d), and
weighing in at about 11 ounces while empty, the RIBZ pack can handle up to 800
cubic inches of gear and up to 10 pounds in load bearing weight,
This means that you can split part of your pack weight to
the front of your body, which makes real sense as you can keep your most used
items in the RIBZ just were you need them to hand. The pack is designed to be
an addition to a backpack, but can also be worn alone as a gear vest.
Now wearing it alone as a gear vest makes perfect sense as
you have your most used kit to hand. However it comes into its own when worn
with a backpack because to access your most used kit you do not need to stop,
take your backpack off undo it remove the item re do the bag put it back on and
start moving again.
I like to wear it just above my waist sort of across my
belly as this leaves enough room for my backpack waist belt to fit.
The RIBZ can if you want be worn higher up across your
chest. I carry my fire starting kit, torch, mobiles, high energy bars, survival
blanket, Sol bivy bag, multi tool, Survivor knife, compass, map, Purificup and
some paracord very easily indeed.
It is for me a multi-use piece of kit that the more I use
the more I find uses for it. Let me explain, when I go fishing I like to travel
light up and down the bank with everything I need to hand in the RIBZ front
pack, when I go shooting there it is again just were you need it for bino’s,
ammo, drink, knife, scrim net, bird call, the list of its uses just keeps
That’s now forgetting walking, hiking, survival training,
EDC carry, and even baby items when I’m out with the grand kids. In all there
are unlimited uses for the front pack. Front packs are the best compliment to
any outdoorsman’s gear when accessibility, functionality, mobility and
simplicity are required.
From horseback riding, long distance biking, motorcycling
and kayaking, in fact all sports where fast and easy access of gear is
essential, a front pack is your best solution.
For the serious backpacker certain tools and equipment are
essential for the trip. A GPS, map, compass, Mobile phone, first aid kit,
survival equipment and trail snacks are just a few.
These items often need to be readily accessible or placed in
a location that does not disrupt the contents of the backpackers load. A front
pack allows consistent access to these items without the removal of travellers
Placing a small amount of equipment forward on the torso
drastically improves overall balance, comfort and mobility.
The RIBZ front pack is great it really is and I’m sure that
you will find even more uses for the RIBZ front pack.
Check them out and order yours at
Chris Caine Knives Review
The Chris Caine
Weight                 450g
Blade Length      8″
Overall Length   13.75″
Handle Material                Green
Canvas Micarta
Blade Material   CS80
Hardness             51-53
The Special Edition Chris Caine ® Survival Tool, was
designed by survival expert Chris Caine, based on his 15 years surviving in the
British wilderness. This is ‘a survival tool for the serious survivalist’.
The blade is virtually bombproof and was tested for 2 years
in the forests of Britain, the Canadian wilderness, American deserts, the South
African bush and the jungles of Borneo, before being put into production.
When chopping with this tool your fingers are kept well away
from the material you are hitting, thanks to the deep curve in the cutting
edge, making it harder for you to trap your fingers.
Not only this but on the back of the blade they have rounded
off a section so when you are hitting this tool with another you are less
likely to damage anything, and also makes it more useful for beating materials
to obtain the fibres within.
The Special Edition Chris Caine ® Survival Tool is hand made
from start to finish, from profiling out the blades, hardening & tempering,
assembly, grinding, right up to the final polish are all done in house.
It is handcrafted by Samuel Staniforth, a company founded in
1864 in Sheffield, England and steeped in the tradition of producing the
highest quality knives for professional users.
It is hand made from start to finish, from profiling out the
blades, hardening & tempering, assembly, grinding, right up to the final
polish are all done in house.
The blade is laser cut from 5mm, 75 Carbon Steel 51/53 Rockwell
and has a full tang. Each tool is supplied sharp, and strong enough to fell a
large tree, yet at just over 750g, it’s light enough to be worn on your belt.
The blade has a convex grind to allow for a more durable
edge, and ease of sharpening, not only will this tool split logs for the fire,
it will also allow you to shave some fire sticks with ease, making it able to
go from heavy work to fine intricate work without a problem.
Further back along the blade the spine has been left with a
crisp square edge, to allow you to scrape wood in order to obtain a very fine
fibrous layer, which will easily take a spark for starting your fire.
So what is it like to use, firstly I have to say that it is
very well balanced indeed and when you strike a piece of wood there is no
vibration up or along the handle at all.
Because of its blade shape your hand is kept well away from
what you are chopping and boy can it chop, It is so sharp along its length that
making feather sticks is very easy and by gripping it down the blade near the
tip you can easily use it to dress game, scrape skins or even to dig in the
I have a leather sheath for it and I would advise anyone
with a similar sheath to remember NOT to store their companion in the sheath
until it is bone dry; otherwise the damp will affect the blade and could induce
The Lansky sharpener is the “mutts nuts” when it comes to
keeping an edge on the companion which I found kept its edge very well even
after loads of chopping.
With the companion there is no need to have an axe as it is
an all in one survival tool.
The Chris Caine
Survival Knife
Blade Length      114mm
Blade Material   75
carbon steel
Blade Thickness                4.2mm
Overall Length   235mm
Sheath Cordula
The Chris Caine ® Survival Knife (CCSK-1) is individually
hand crafted by Sheffield master knife makers Samuel Staniforth Ltd.
This full tang Chris Caine Survival Knife is a made from 75
Carbon Steel and hardened to Rockwell 56/58. The knife has a convex ground
polished blade and will cut just as well after years of use, as it will when
brand new. The blade is 5 mm thick providing excellent strength, weight and
The knife comes with Polished Black Micarta Handle Scales.
The overall length is 234mm (9 ins approx), and comes with a
high quality heavy duty webbing sheath.
I love it very much, Chris gave me this knife and when he
gave me it I noticed that it had a very thick spine which I measure to be 7mm
(it is usually 5mm) it is a solid piece of work and fills me with confidence
every time I use it.
This is a great knife for close up work, for foraging, wood
carving, battoning, game prep, tool making and even defence to be honest.
I have used it for all the jobs above as it comes razor
sharp out of the box and is very easy to re-sharpen using the lansky sharpener
that comes with the Companion.
It is one of the nicest knives I have used and I would class
it as an all-rounder in the survival sense.
This knife is not going to break on you, it is a solid tang
construction with Micarta handle scales which virtually make it bullet proof,
it is a knife for life.
All Chris Caine knives come with a Lifetime Guarantee
against faulty material or workmanship.
In fact, when you receive your knife if it is anything less
than you were expecting they promise to replace or refund it without question.
 To maintain this
knife at its best, the blade should be dried after use and lightly oiled before
being stored for any period of time.
Matthew Martin Tactical Pens Review
Matthew actually makes each and every pen on a CNC lathe.
The Grip, Tip, Cap and end piece are all made out of 6A14V Titanium.
The clip and included wrench are also made out of 6A14V
The body is made out of woven Carbon Fibre, bonded with
aerospace grade epoxy to the titanium pieces.
Matthew also produces a model that has titanium tubing
instead of carbon fibre. The pen takes both the Fisher Space ink and the Parker
ink cartridges, these are replaced by unscrewing the tip with the wrench.
The wrench also has a keychain hole in it for easy
The pen is buffed to a satin finish.
These top quality handmade tactical pens retail $135 +
shipping and the click pen retails at $75 plus shipping.
They are available from the following websites:
Howe’s Knife Shop
Mark Strauss
Arizona Custom Knives







DD Hammock – Travel Hammock
The DD Travel Hammock is a two layer hammock, which means
there are two layers below you when lying in it normally and the mosquito net
above you. The reason for two layers is that if you are camping in cold weather
you can put a thermarest/ pad between the layers which provides good
insulation. Two layers also mean the hammock is stronger.
To enter the hammock there is a zip which runs along one
side of the hammock between the top layer of polyester and the mosquito net –
there are two double sided zippers for easy entry/ exit of hammock. The hammock
comes ready to use with 5m of webbing/ rope attached at either end (5m is
plenty of webbing for most people and some people prefer to shorten this). The
mosquito net is supported by elastic cord, supplied. You also have the option
of lying out in the open when using this hammock by setting it up with the
mosquito net underneath (please see Tips – set-up page for further info).
New Features: The latest version of our Travel Hammock has a
few new features. The big change is the hammock material is now waterproof so
if required (no trees, rocks, posts to support the hammock) it can be used on
wet ground as a basic bivi/ tent. Using hiking poles or 3ft sticks the mosquito
net can still be supported above the hammock (please see gallery pictures).
The other new features are velcro patches between the two
layers which help keep a thermarest/ pad in place (useful for cold weather
camping) and also two small internal pockets, great for storing your torch,
phone etc.
Under the mosquito net there are five loops at either end
from which you can hang a torch to read from (or you can tie a cord from end to
end to hold any lightweight objects.
This hammock is suitable for those up to 150kg and 6ft
Size: 2.7m x 1.4m (9ft x 4ft 2″)
Colour: Olive green, with olive green mosquito netting and
black webbing (rope)
Material: Polyester with PU 3000mm coating + fine mesh
mosquito netting.
Weight: 950g (approx)
Includes: 10m of webbing (5m attached at either end), 2 x 2m
lengths of elastic cord to support mosquito net and a small stuff sack.


Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit Review
The Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit (U.S. Military Issue)
is the next step in the evolution of the  perfect small, yet well stocked survival kit.
Viewing its small size from the outside of the survival kit, one is surprised
to see the large inventory of life saving survival gear within.
This Adventurer Series Ultimate Survival Kit is perfect for
home, vehicle, camping, hunting, fishing, military operations, law enforcement,
rescue or to just slip in to your pack for a day in the woods. This durable
survival kit comes packaged in the heavy duty and water proof, yet extremely
light and compact, Adventurer Survival Kit Box.
The Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit, currently in use by
the U.S. Military, includes U.S. Military and NATO approved survival equipment.
Because it is made here in the USA, it also includes Made in USA items, a fact
not common to other survival kits of its type.
 The Ultimate
Adventurer Survival Kit is offered in both Standard and Advanced Versions. The
Advanced version adds a high quality LED flashlight and a water purification
filter to the quality and comprehensive selection of potentially lifesaving
survival gear.
It weights 23 oz (approx)
 And is 7.3” x 4.6” x
2.3” (approx)
Adventurer Survival
Kit Contents include:
(1) Weather Proof Aluminium Container (rubber seal/locking
(1) Adventurer Button Compass (NATO/U.S. Military Issue)
(1) Beeswax Tea Light Candle (5 hour burn time, Made in USA)
(1) Derma Safe Knife (U.S. Military Approved)
(1) BG Personal Sewing Kit w/6 Safety Pins (Assembled in the
– Bobbin #69 Nylon Thread
– Heavy Duty Needles
– Heavy Duty Pins
– Safety Pins
– Button
– Needle Threader
(1) Waterproof Patch
(2) Water Bags (1+ qt)
(10) * Micro Pur Water Purification Tablets (U.S. Military
(1) Coffee Filter (water straining prior to purification)
(10) Feet Snare Wire (food gathering/equipment repair)
(1) Adventurer Distress Whistle (SOLAS/USCG Approved)
(1) Best Glide Personal Fishing Kit (Assembled in USA)
– Assorted Hooks
– Fishing Lure
– 50 Foot Fishing Line
– Fishing Weights
– Reusable Plastic Bag
– String Winder
(1) Roll Compact Duct Tape (Made in USA)
(2) 8″ Industrial Tie Wraps (equipment repair)
(10) Feet Type 1A Utility Cord (U.S. Military Approved)
(1) Survival Instructions (Made in USA)
(1) Trekker First Aid Kit (Assembled in USA)
– Triple Antibiotic Ointment
– Non Aspirin 2 Packs
– Aspirin 2 Packs
– Sting Relief Towelettes
– Band Aids
– Butterfly Bandages
– Moleskin
– 4 x 4 Gauze Pads
(1) Fresnel Lens Fire Starter (Adventurer Series)
(1) Gel Fuel and Fire Starter (Made in USA/U.S. Military
(1) Book Matches (extra matches, just in case)
(10) Adventurer Fire Starting Tabs (Adventurer Series)
(1) Adventurer Survival Fire Starter (up to 3000 degrees and
1000 fires)
(10) Adventurer All Weather Matches (NATO Approved/U.S.
Military Issue)
(1) Compact Signal Mirror
(1) Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
(1) Adventurer Pocket Wire Saw (Made in USA)
(1) Multi Function Pocket Knife
(1) Space Survival Blanket (Made in USA)
(1) Silica Gel
(1) Rite in the Rain Mini Notebook (Water Proof Writing
(1) Pencil
(1) Emergency Contact Info Sticker (Made in USA)
The Advanced Ultimate
Adventurer Survival Kit adds:
Water Filter Straw (up to 20 gallons of purification)
Inova Micro Light (lifetime warranty – USA)
(6) Water Purification Tabs instead of (10)
Minor substitutions
sometimes apply due to product availability.
You simply will not find a higher quality selection of
useful survival kit items than what is included in our survival kits.
Best Glide ASE has manufactured survival kits for everyone
from the FBI to the State Department to Missionary Organizations to the Border
Patrol. You simply won’t find better quality or more well thought out kits than
Best Glide ASE Survival Kits.
For a smaller version, consider the Best Glide ASE Military
Scout Pocket Survival Tin and Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin. They are still very
well stocked with quality equipment, just a little less of it.
You really need to check these guys out


JDS Custom Knives
Handmade knives by James D. Sanders.
The M1 Ridge Knife Review
Each knife is made by hand and given much attention to the
details of form and function. JDS knives are practical working knives that are
designed to be the most useful field knife available at a reasonable price. I
insist on quality and function rather than gimmicks to sell knives says James.
Etowah County is a county of the U.S. state of Alabama. Its
name is from the Cherokee language, which means “edible tree”. It is
the centre of the Gadsden Metropolitan Area which includes Etowah and Cherokee
So there is some history there then.
Field Knives are multipurpose knives for the extended trips
in the wilderness. Most people call them “survival” knives today.
They will be expected to do it all.
Rugged and robust describe these knives.
Making camp, cleaning game and defence are tasks they may be
used for.
In our line-up we have a basic drop point called the
Cruiser. There is a smaller version called the Sub-Cruiser. The spear point
survival version is called the Ridge. They are available several popular steels
and finishes.
Well it was the Ridge M1 Standard that James kindly very
sent me to review and what a beautiful knife it is to look at and you could
tell it was of outstanding quality from first glance. But to draw it from its Kydex
sheath is a complete pleasure as you begin to feel its weight in the palm of
your hand and the ergonomic shape that says I was meant to be here.
The M1 ridge weights
and is inches overall with a blade length of
It is a full tang knife with Black
Micarta Handle Scales and two striking thin red liners, completing the look are
two steel rivets and a steel lined lanyard hole.
The Knife is made from A2 steel
and its properties are, it is an around favourite steel for those who will use
a knife for cutting only,  it takes and
holds a spooky-sharp edge and is really good for meat and veggies I would say
it is the best all around trade-off for hardness vs brittleness.
The perfectly fitting Kydex sheath
has a fire steel held in place by a swivel button on the rear of the sheath
next to the Tek-Lok belt loop
So let’s have a play with it


Elzetta ZFL-M60 Tactical Weapon-Grade LED Torch
Elzetta manufactures bright USA Made tactical LED
flashlights and flashlight weapon mounts for AR15, M4, M16 rifles (aka Modern
Sporting Rifles), Remington 870, 1100, Mossberg 500, 590, 835, 930, Benelli
Nova,  SuperNova, M1, M2, M3, M4,
Winchester Defender, and other pump and semi-automatic shotguns, and guns
equipped with Mil Std 1913 Picatinny rail systems.
Using Malkoff Devices LED technology, all Elzetta tactical
LED flashlights are weapon-grade and may be used as weapon lights on rifles and
shotguns.  With the introduction of the
tactical strobe option with a unique simple user interface, Elzetta LED
Flashlights are now available in 72 unique configurations and custom built to
order in the USA.
Get the best tactical
flashlight for your needs by specifying the components most appropriate for
your application, mission, and preferences.
Design your own custom Elzetta LED flashlight by choosing a
standard, low profile, or crenelated bezel, standard lens or flood lens, 2-cell
or 3-cell body, and rotary, clicky, high/low, or high/strobe tail cap, or a
remote tape switch with 5-inch or 12-inch cable.
Overwhelmed by all of
the configurations and options?  We’ll
walk you through it in 4 Easy Steps.
Want to change the configuration of your Elzetta tactical
flashlight?  No problem.  All Elzetta tactical flashlight components
are available individually for easy upgrade and replacement.  What even more personalization?
Get your Elzetta
Flashlight custom laser engraved by our factory custom shop for a truly
one-of-a-kind flashlight.
Elzetta provides innovative tactical lighting solutions for
military Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, police and law enforcement
officers, civilian home defence, personal protection, every day carry (EDC),
spelunking (caving), survival, self-defence, and many other tactical
applications.  Utilizing the best
resources available, Elzetta Tactical LED Flashlights and Flashlight Mounts are
Made in the USA using American materials, American tooling, and American
labour.  God bless America!
Elzetta truly is A
New American Standard in Tactical Lighting.
So what do I think of
this torch?
Firstly it is not just a torch at all it is a self-defence
tactical weapon as well.
I configured it for self-defence and tactical uses with its crenelated
bezel (Hard spikey points) and its ultra-bright strobe light it provides me
with what I wanted.
This torch is not only a perfect survival tool but an ideal
companion for urban survival and defence, it can be used as a deterrent to any
attacker just by blinding him with the strobe light giving you the opportunity
for flight or fight, should fight be the order of the day then follow up the
strobe light with a sharp quick jab to your attackers vulnerable parts.
This torch is very well made indeed with weapons grade
material and is a torch for life I think, in fact all Elzetta products are
backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. it feels
substantial in my hand and really works exceptionally well in the dark with its
235 lumen output.
These really are the Toughest Flashlights on the Planet they
are actually Custom Built to Order as it is you the customer who designs their
own torch on line, how is that for custom made eh!
If you want a torch for life, one that provides you with a
self-defence option as well then this is the one for you and you can order
yours at


EL Cocodrillo Catapult Review
At Catapult Elite we take great pride in producing the
finest, handmade wooden catapults. We make hunting Catapults and target
Catapults, for whichever you prefer. We also make for all ages. We do a great
low power junior range aimed at the 6 to 12 year olds, then the HX-1 and HX-2
are the perfect intro to the higher power catapults for teenagers. Although
adult guidance and instruction is advised. Then everything else is into full
high power adult catapults.
With the great emergence of Bushcraft in recent years, the
catapult has found it’s true home. It ia a fantastic compact hunting weapon,
adding no real bulk to your kit in the field, fantastically portable And fully
capable of putting food on the table.
In America 90% of catapult sales are to the over 30 age
range, In Thailand and the Philipine’s all the family are versed in the use of
the catapult for getting fruit and nut’s out of tree’s as well as hunting small
game for the pot.
England still sees the catapult as something Dennis the
menace annoys people with, a child’s toy. But give it a go, see what the humble
catapult has become and is truly capable of.
Due to high demand we no longer keep stock, all our
catapults are made to order. So please allow a 5 to 7 day manufacture period.
When you order your Elite catapult that is when the owner
and designer starts to make it hence the 5 to 7 day manufacturing period.
We are talking top quality here and still light enough not
to notice it in your pocket. Once practiced you will be knocking over rabbits,
squirrels and even woodies so it will even put food on your table.
I have played with it a few times since I got it and I love
it very much, I have even had two woodies with it and a bunny too.
A Farmers wife has asked me to try and reduce her woodie
problem so that should be fun this weekend as last time I was up there I
removed 18 woodies with my air rifle.
I strongly recommend setting up a practice range target and
firing at it from different distances and once you are good at it then keep it
up and keep your eye in.
At Catapult Elite they believe in safe, responsible
shooting. Be aware of your environment, and people and animals around you. Be
safe and responsible at all times and supervise children with low power
But most of all have fun and order your catapult from


Adjustable Knife Lanyard Review
The Paracord Weaver is offering this compact, High yield
paracord in a beautiful package. It is designed for years of service while
looking good.
View the video on how this is made and the features
incorporated into this knife lanyard
This lanyard is adjustable from 6 inches to 14 inches
It has an adjustable button knot for keeping the lanyard
tight against your wrist
Fit most knives, even single strand lanyard attachment
knives, if in doubt please contact us we can help.
This lanyard contains approximately 10 ft of made in the USA
550 paracord
Pick your two colours from the pull downs during checkout.
For one colour lanyards; choose the same colour from both
pull downs.
This Lanyard is available in many different colours
including, but not limited to; White, Black, Desert Camo, Coyote Brown, Purple,
Ask about your favourite colour.
Every Lanyard we sell is Hand Made in the USA by The
Paracord Weaver.
1 Person BASIC Backpack Survival Kit Review
This portable survival kit contains the basic emergency
supplies needed for 72 hour survival. Included is food and water for 1 person
for 3 days, plus 14 different items.
There is a pump flashlight, an AM/FM Radio with batteries, and a first
aid kit.
This kit is ideal for someone who wants just the basic
emergency supplies, and is planning to add additional items from More Prepared
or items they already have, to make it FEMA compliant. This survival kit is
packaged in a durable backpack that is easy to carry and store. Ideal for the
car, office, boat and smaller living spaces.
1 Person Basic Backpack Survival Kit Contents:
Emergency Food & Water (5 year shelf life)
1      2400 Calorie
Food Bars
3    Water Boxes with
10    Water
Purification Tablets
Shelter & Warmth
1     Thermal Blanket
Poncho with hood
Emergency Radio & Lighting
1    Pump LED
1    Mini AM/FM Radio
with Batteries
1   12 Hour Light
First Aid
1    37-piece First
Aid Kit
1     Pair Vinyl
Emergency Supplies
1     Dust Mask
1     Safety Whistle
1     Tissue Pack
Durable Black Backpack
I am taking this pack away with me for three days to see how
it measures up but for now why not check their website out and see the other
great products that they supply as well.




Tool Logic Survival 11 Review
These Tool Logic Survival cards are packed with lifesaving
features: a fixed blade serrated knife of tough stainless steel, a magnesium
alloy fire starter, a loud signal whistle, plus a brilliant red LED torch.
There is also a tweezers, a toothpick, and a hole for a
lanyard attachment. Credit card sized and feather-light at less than two ounces
and is only 4mm thick, this essential survival card deserves a place in your
home, car, purse or backpack.
Keep a Survival card with you and you’ll always be prepared
for life’s unforeseen emergencies.
The small blade is very sharp and is UK legal carry the fire
starter really works very well indeed as I have started a fire with it.
The red LED torch is very good for close quarter work I used
it to reload my air rifle when out rabbit shooting the other night and it did
not disturb any rabbits at all.
The tweezers and the tooth pick do what they are supposed to
do that is a given as with the whistle which is quite loud.
It fits in my wallet so it is very easy to have with me all
the time. Get yours from


The GXT1000VP4 2-Way Midland Radios Review
The GXT1000VP4 2-Way Compact Communication Radio (Pair) from
Midland is a feature-packed and convenient way to stay in touch on family
outings, at amusement parks, during group sports, camping, and much more.
Each radio has 22 selectable standard channels, plus 28
extra channels for extra privacy. The system offers up to 36 miles of wireless
range in open areas. A channel scan feature automatically checks channels for
activity, ensuring that you’re on an open channel for clear communication.
A dual watch monitoring feature will check for any activity
on 2 channels. There are 387 privacy codes, giving you up to 5560 channel
options to block other conversations.
The radio has a weather scan function that scans the active
weather channel in your area. It also has an automatic NOAA alert for severe
weather hazard information 24/7. An SOS siren is provided, allowing you to send
a distress/locator signal in an emergency. An auto squelch feature removes
annoying background noise for clear communication.
A direct call feature lets you contact one member of your
party without alerting others. Call alert has 10 different call tones to notify
you of an incoming call within your group. The keypad is lockable to keep your
selected settings. The silent operation mode turns off all tones for quiet,
unobtrusive operation. High, medium, and low power settings let you adjust the
radio’s transmit power to conserve battery life.
An eVOX mode with 9 sensitivity levels provides easy voice
activation for hands-free transmission only when you speak. The radio has a
JIS4 waterproof rating to protect against light rain or splashing water from
all directions.
Mic and headphone jacks are provided, allowing you to use
the radios with the included headsets. Each radio can operate on the included
rechargeable batteries, or on 4 standard AA batteries. The included desktop
charger and AC adapter allow you to charge both radios via a single wall
outlet, while the DC adapter lets you charge a radio in a vehicle.
Note! Maximum range
can only be achieved over water or open rural areas under optimum conditions
FCC license required in the USA
Works with other FRS/GMRS Two-way radios
Compact and versatile pair of radios for 2-way outdoor
Up to 36 miles of wireless range in open areas
Each radio has 50 (22 plus 28 extra) selectable channels and
a channel scan feature that automatically checks channels for activity,
ensuring that you’re on an open channel for clear communication
Monitor function checks for any activity within your
channel. A dual watch function lets you monitor 2 channels
387 privacy codes give you up to 5560 channel options to
help you block other conversations
Bright backlit LCD display for use during the day or night
SOS siren lets you send distress/locator signals in
emergency situations
Weather scan checks the active weather channel in your area.
NOAA is also included for automatic alerts for severe weather hazard
information 24/7
JIS4 waterproof rating provides protection against light
rain or splashing water from all directions
X-TRA TALK power is the maximum allowed by law, ensuring
maximum range and clear communication
Whisper mode lets you whisper, but the receiving radio hears
you at full volume
Auto squelch feature removes annoying background noise
A “roger” beep indicates call completion
Keystroke tones provide audible tones with each key press,
while silent operation mode silences all tones for quiet operation
A direct call function lets you instantly contact one member
of your party without alerting others. The call alert function has 10 different
tones to notify you of an incoming call from within your group
The vibrate alert provides silent page and call
The keypad is lockable to keep your selected settings
The eVOX mode has 9 sensitivity levels for easy voice
activation without an external microphone
High, medium, and low power settings let you adjust transmit
power to conserve battery life
Mic and headphone jacks are provided, allowing you to use
the radios hands-free with the included headsets
Battery life extender provides longer operating life
The radio can operate on the included rechargeable batteries
or via 4 standard AA batteries. The included drop-in desktop charger and AC
adapter provide a convenient way to charge both radios simultaneously with a
single AC outlet, while the DC adapter lets you charge a radio using your car’s
lighter socket.
And you know what they are really fun to use. I tested them
both in a rural area and an urban area and here are the results.
It is a mile from my house to the main road and with my son
at the house I drove to the main road and they worked strength 5 no problem.
I then drove straight on into the next village making the
total distance 5 miles in a basic straight line without any hills or buildings
and again it was strength 5 and the whisper function worked very well indeed.
I eventually had to stop driving away from my home in that
direction at the 9.5 mile mark and they still worked very well at a possible
strength 4 still really good and perfect for survivalists and preppers alike.
Where I live there is no large body of water to test the 36
mile range so I cannot comment on that but these radios do what it says on the
But all the functions worked as stated and they are very
easy to use, I was impressed with the SOS function should it be needed to guide
in a rescue team I feel sure that the loud audio would achieve this very well.
It was not time for the town trial with all those buildings
in the way. Well as with all radios unless boosted they work better in line of
sight so with my son at one end of the street a mile was not a problem but when
I walked sideways behind a shop the signal dropped to strength ½ and comms were
lost in real terms.
However working from street to street, i.e. with a row of
shops between us they still worked at about strength 4/5 and that would be
ideal when transiting an area in a group and staying in contact with an advance
scouting party.
By the way the quality of the signal was the same whether in
hand held mode or when using the headsets.
These radios are a must for the survivalist and prepper
alike as I have said and with the privacy channels available they are an invaluable
survival tool and should form part of your BOB.
Order yours at
you will not be disappointed.


GO PACK Survival Kit Review
For when you just need to grab a survival kit and go…  The GO PACK Survival Kit is a convenient belt
pouch consisting of 2 clear compartments filled with essential survival
Contents: Knife/Blade, Button Compass, Matches Pencil, Fire
steel & Striker, Purification Tablets, Survival Instructions, Wire Saw,
Water Bag, Survival Bag (emergency plastic bag for sleeping in), Accident
Evaluation Form, Candle, Foil Tray, Signal Mirror, Safety Pins, Hacksaw Blade, Snare
Wire, Sewing Kit, Whistle, Nylon Cord. Weight: 240g, Size: 16 x 17 x 4cm
I took the GO Pack Survival Kit with me into the woods and
using only the kit in the pouch I started a fire with the flint and striker
very easily indeed and I boiled some water in the foil tray to purify it.
,vcb  cvbThe fire
steel provided has a small compass housed in the plastic casing which I
compared with a extra button compass also supplied and both worked and gave the
same reading when compared with my watch compass.
When the rain started I unfolded the survival bag and got
inside, it is supplied in green and being 5’6” I fitted very well inside but it
would easily accommodate a six footer as well.
The wire saw worked very well and has two very comfortable
cordula handles making it easy on your hands when sawing wood.
The Signal Mirror is what appears to be a piece of silver
reflective thin card, I would have felt better with a real mirror which could
have been used for shaving as well, but I suspect they are trying to keep the
price down.
Everything else worked as you would expect and with the
addition of an Accident Evaluation Form and extremely concise survival
instructions the GO Pack is complete in every way as a complete belt pouch
survival kit.
I like it very much and I would recommend it either to be
carried in your car or better still placed into your back pack just in case.
You can order yours at
CRKT Guppie Review
Launce Barber and Tom Stokes designed the patented* Guppie®
as part of our innovative I.D. Works® line of tools. While some think it’s
cute, it really is a hard-working carabiner tool with dozens of everyday uses.
The adjustable wrench jaw opens to 1/2″ so you can use
it for all kinds of light repair and assembly jobs.
Thanks to the carabiner gate, the Guppie is easy to carry on
a belt loop, D-ring, pack or rope. (But it is not a weight-bearing carabiner.)
The high-carbon stainless steel blade with a Razor-Sharp
edge can be opened and closed with one hand using the blade slot.
The removable bit carrier is also a high-intensity LED
light. It has two strong magnets to hold it securely to the Guppie’s left side.
The stainless steel clip will hold the Guppie in your pocket
or on gear, which gives a lot of versatility.
The Guppie makes a great little money clip, too, for those
who like to keep a thin wallet.
One more trick: The Guppie carabiner detent will open bottle
caps and metal jar lids.
So what is it like to
play with?
Firstly the shape is perfect for using the screws as it
allows great purchase and grip, I used the screw bits to screw some screws into
a piece of wood in my back yard to see what kind of job they will do.
The knife is UK legal carry so I use it as a key ring which
works very well. The blade comes very sharp out of the box and cuts cord and
cable ties alike without any problem at all.
I used the adjustable wrench to undo the Marine Ariel on my
boat to clean it and then replace it, it worked very well as it was easy to use
and grips very well.
The LED light on the removable bit carrier is bright enough
to find a key hole in the dark or to see what you are doing under the bonnet.
As for the bottle or jar opener well once I had opened the
beer I had to drink it, did I not?
I really like the pocket clip as well as it holds the Guppie
securely and firmly in place in my pocket.
Overall the Guppie is a very handy tool, it is made of
stainless steel so it will last a lifetime and I would say that it is virtually
indestructible too.
It looks great and does what it says on the tin what more
could I ask for.
If you are looking for a small multi tool with a difference
then check out
And look for the Guppie.




Alum Crystal
As survivalists and preppers who may end up one day actually
having to hunt for food by setting snares and traps we know we must not use
scented body products for at least 24hrs prior to hunting.
But what if we lived in the wilderness all the time what
could we use to stop those under arm whiffs? Well the answer is Alum crystal it
Alum crystal is a type of natural salt containing
antibacterial properties. Although it does not prevent perspiration, it
prevents unwanted body odours. Alum can cause irritation on freshly shaven and
sensitive skin, so it is a good idea to consult with your dermatologist or
doctor prior to switching to this product.
The alum crystal must be wet prior to application and it
only requires a few gentle strokes against your underarm skin. Wash the alum
crystal after its use and place it in a separate dish in your bathroom.
But as survivalists and preppers who are frequently going
out into the wilderness to train we can use Alum for other uses.
Alum stone can also be used as a fantastic natural
aftershave, ideal for sensitive skin, which reduces the appearance of shaving
burn, and can help stem bleeding from nicks. (Alum styptic have long been used
by traditional barbers)
In addition, Alum stone can also be used to relieve insect
Now you can see why we should all be buying an alum crystal.
I was sent an alum crystal by Sally Mittuch BA (Hons) PGCE
RMANM of, thank you Sally, and you know what it works,
the under arm whiff never happened even after chopping wood and not washing for
two days.
I am still finding out the benefits of using alum crystals
the shaving nick stopped bleeding after I used the crystal, but did it sting
Look buy yourself one for Christmas it will last you months
even years and read up on these natural crystals as they are just the job for
us as we train out in the wilderness, if you really want the full story on what
they can do then contact Sally at


This is a top quality bushcraft knife made by Cudeman of
Spain. It has a very heavy duty razor sharp brushed full tang 440 Toledo
stainless steel blade.
The handle is 2 pieces of beautiful olive wood. The pins are
solid stainless steel. And it comes with a very soft one piece brown leather
logo embossed belt sheath.
This knife is exceptional quality and rivals even handmade
knives (It is handmade but as the entire knife was not made by the same person
it cannot be advertised as such).
Overall length is 9.5″ with a 3.75″ blade.
Well it passed the first test by shaving hairs on my arm.
But what would it do in the woods chopping and carving wood.
It just wants to chop, perhaps it is its shape but it felt
right in my hand and sliced through twigs on a branch I found on the ground and
then I was able to carve the branch to a fine point very easily indeed.
Although the blade is not long at 3.75” it does have a thick
3mm spine I fell was designed to be used for battening and it splits wood
cleanly and straight no problem.
The Front Quillon grips or should I say holds your hand in
place allowing you to work closely on carving like making a feather stick for
Next I decided to dress a rabbit that I had shot and the
111L was great for snapping of the feet and the head and even sharp enough
after the woodwork to nick the skin so that I could separate it from the
I used the 111L to then dig a hole deep enough to bury the
rabbit bits and again it felt sturdy and strong when I was digging, I would
describe it as absolutely solid in every respect and lives up to its billing as
“Heavy Duty” that is for sure.
I would class it as an all-round survival tool capable of
the necessary survival tasks and more, and with its good belly shape in the
blade it is great for skinning and field dressing chores. it is a great knife
at only £36.99 and you can get your at


Highlander Trojan Hydration Pack – Multicam
The harness carries a 1.5 Litre bladder which is very simple
to fill as it is fitted with a wide mouth screw in lid system
The hydration carrier is very tough and made from XTP 900D
The hose is fitted with an on/off switch and has a neoprene
hose cover
There is even a bite valve fitted to the kink resistant pipe
The fabric is 1100D polyamide Multicam
And its size is 8x19x45cm
This is an incredible piece of kit for someone like me as I
get very thirsty when on the move and it is so very easy to use.
I mean you just have to bite on the valve and the water is
delivered into your mouth, or you can remove the bite valve and just turn the
water on and off using the on/off switch.
Wearing it on my back under my backpack feels comfortable
and natural and gives me access to water when I need it, in fact it is best to
drink regularly before you get the feeling of being thirsty/
Remember our bodies release water through urine, sweat and
breathing and the body begins to prioritize water usage as soon as we consume
too little water. The top priority is the blood; without water the blood loses
its viscosity and is not able to adequately transport necessary blood elements.
So, if a person is dehydrated, water is drawn from the
synovial fluid around the joints – leading to joint pain. The discs in the
spine are a hydraulic support system to support the weight of the upper body,
and lack of hydration adds up to increased likelihood of serious back problems.
Dehydration also results in restriction of capillaries. It
also leads to increased blood pressure as the body struggles to pump blood
through the body. Normal levels of sodium are important to the body’s ability
to retain enough water and are a factor in urinary function.
Now I am talking about pure water, not other drinks which
many people count toward their water consumption. Juice, soda pop, caffeinated
beverages and alcohol are all diuretics and cause you to lose water. Therefore
for every drink you have that is in the diuretic category, you must drink one
more glass of pure water.
With the Highlander Trojan Hydration Pack you have solved
the problem of obtaining water when and where you need it and you can do that
whilst leaving your hands free whither you are holding a weapon or just
chopping wood for that night’s fire or working around the camp site.
As I have said before it is so easy to fill, but don’t
forget that unless you have a Purificup or a Lifesaver bottle you will need to
boil the water before letting it cool then pouring it into the hydration pack.
This hydration pack is a must have for all survivalists and
preppers alike perhaps as we head for Christmas you can drop hints with she who
must be obeyed, you can order yours from
 Kaufmann mercantile EDC KIT
Everyday carry, or EDC, generally
refers to the things you carry every day. Simple enough “but there’s a
philosophy behind it so that receipt for gum that’s been crumpled in your coat
pocket for four months doesn’t count as EDC”.
At the core of it, EDC is
personally defined. You find and carry the things relevant to your own life.
The idea is to keep it streamlined with an eye towards self-reliance — you want
items that do the most while taking up as little pocket space as possible.
There are different schools of
thought for EDC. Some aim to be prepared for the apocalypse (hand gun, metal
pen that doubles as a shiv), others need to be prepared for a surprise power
point presentation (USB key, laser pointer, iPhone). Most of us fall somewhere
in between.
This pocket-sized kit turns your keychain into a productive
tool for tackling common tasks. There’s no ribbed hunting knife for when things
get really real, but there’s a 2-inch pry bar that the U.S. Military found
handy enough to specially request for outfitting their soldiers.
The pry bar (basically a mini crow bar) is made of
industrial-grade metal and is not much longer than a key. It will pick, pry,
score, cut, lift, and pull apart a remarkable number of things (nails, staples,
boxes) much better than something inept, like a butter knife. Or your fingers.
The 1-inch capsule lighter has a waterproof/airtight seal.
No water can get in, and no lighter fluid can get out. It’s quick to light and
always at hand. Stands up on its own and stays lit until you blow it out, but
we don’t recommend keeping it lit for longer than 15 seconds at a time.
(Unofficial testing at our office revealed that the lighter can get quite hot
and the flame very large after 15 seconds.)
The screwdriver keys (one has a Phillips head, the other a
flat head) are made of black oxide hardened steel and will take a door off its
hinges just like any other screwdriver. Doubles as a keychain which
conveniently fits the rest of the tools.
The pointed precision tweezers are for jobs tough and dainty
alike. Pulls out splinters and stitches or the odd eyebrow hair.
Comes with a very light, very strong titanium split key
All the keychain tools combined weigh less than 2 ounces.
Use & Care
Each of these tools can be attached to your keychain. Part
of their utility means that they require little or no maintenance, and they are
useful in any number of situations.
All tools attach to the titanium key ring. For full product
information on individual tools, see the pages for the waterproof lighter, pry
bar, screwdriver keys and precision tweezers.
Production & Design
The company that makes these keychain tools also supply
goods to the U.S. Military, local police forces, firemen and serious
survivalists. Nothing is made shoddily and they use the strongest materials
most appropriate for the job. While most of the situations you’ll use these
tools in will not be life-or-death, they’re designed to deliver even when it
is. We hope you like them, because they are going to be with you forever.
So what are they like to use.
Firstly I have to say that they are very well made and very
strong indeed, I have tried to bend the screw drivers and the pry bar between
two sets of plyers but could not do it.
The two key rings are top quality and fit for purpose.
Together they make a solid EDC kit
The Screw Driver
I now have them on my key ring and I have already used the
Phillips screw driver to tighten a screw on the kitchen door fitting.
Welcome to the most useful key on your keychain. This solid
piece of hardened steel with the bow of a key and the blade of a screwdriver is
meant to be attached to your key ring and carried everywhere. It’s so small you
won’t notice you have it, until you’re staring a stubborn little screw in its
Phillips or flat head face.
The Pry bar
Having banged some nails into a piece of wood I was able to
remove them using the pry bay without any problem at all.
This 2-inch pry bar is a thin strip of minutely crafted
hardened D-9 steel. This is industrial-grade tool steel, known for holding an
excellent edge and maintaining its form. With a hole on the end for your
keychain, the small and unassuming pry bar will come in handy for innumerable
jobs that would otherwise be frustrating or not possible at all, like lifting
imbedded nails or breaking the seal on a window that’s been painted shut.
The waterproof
This 1-inch waterproof lighter is known to outdoorsy types
and survivalists as an “everyday carry,” or EDC.  That means it’s designed to be useful at all times
and in all situations, from the mundane to the disastrous. As such, it requires
no maintenance. It also means it will probably save you some frustration, and
depending on the type of day you’re having, could save your life.
This is the smallest, sturdiest lighter you will find on the
market. It’s made from high grade stainless steel — the 300 series to be exact
— meaning it has a low iron content and is unlikely to rust. Drive over it with
a truck and nothing will break.
Percision Tweezers
Crafted from a solid piece of spring tempered stainless
steel with a wide hinge, these 2 ½ inch long tweezers ensure even flex and
perfectly straight alignment. The sharp steel points are hand dressed to
exacting specifications, raising the dexterity of your fingers to startling
heights. A tip protector is included for easy attachment to your key ring, so
they’re an easy addition to your everyday carry.
These are the tweezers chosen by the U.S. Military, where
they’re trusted to do more than just pluck out a hair.
A really great solidly built EDC kit get yours at
And search for EDC KIT.
Solo Stove
How it Works
Designed with a double wall, the Solo Stove is a natural
convection inverted down gas gasifer stove. The air intake holes on the bottom
of the stove channels air to the bottom of the fire while at the
They call it “Gasification” on the web-site.  Here’s the quote: “A unique gasification and
secondary combustion process lets our stoves achieve a highly efficient and
more complete burn. This means you’ll use fewer twigs to achieve a boil. It
also means less smoke.”
This burst of preheated oxygen feeding back into the firebox
through the smaller holes at the top of the stove causes a secondary
combustion. This allows the fire to burn more complete which is why there is
very little smoke during full burn.
A more efficient burn also means you’ll use much less wood
compared to an open camp fire. The Solo Stove doesn’t just burn wood. It
actually cooks the smoke out of the wood and then burns the smoke not once, but
The Solo Stove also features a heat shield between the ash
pan and the bottom of the stove. This heat shield protects the ground under the
stove from scorching.
The cooking ring’s angled lip also increases efficiency by
directing heat towards your pot minimizing heat loss. It also acts as a
windshield while still allowing oxygen to flow inward. The Solo Stove is indeed
one of the most efficient wood burning stoves you’ll ever own.
Fast to boil: 8-10 minutes to boil 34 fl oz of water
Fuel: Burns sticks, pine cones and other biomass
Packed size: Height 3.8 inches, Width 4.25 inches
Assembled size: Height 5.7 inches, Width 4.25 inches
Weight: 9 oz
Materials: Hardened 304 stainless steel, nichrome wire
Step 1: Assemble Your Stove
Place your stove on level ground away from wind. If you have
a windscreen, set it up to provide additional wind blockage. A windscreen will
greatly increase the efficiency of your stove. For added safety, clear away any
flammable ground debris within 5 ft. of the stove (twigs, leaves, grass etc.).
Remove the nested cooking ring from inside the stove, invert
it with the three pot stands facing up and place it on top of the stove.
Step 2: Prepare Your Fuel
Gather dry twigs and other biofuel of different sizes. Break
them into finger length pieces and separate them into piles according to their
thickness (small, medium, large).
Step 3: Starting Your Fire
The following two methods can be used to start a fire in
your stove.
Method 1:  The best
and most fuel-efficient way to cook on your stove is with a full load of fuel
that is lit on top. Using this method, place large sticks and twigs neatly on
top of the nichrome wire grate up until the bottom of the top air vents.
Then light a small fire on top using your favourite tinder
or fire starter. Feed the fire with small to medium sized sticks and tinder
until the fire is self-sustaining. Continue to feed the fire until it has
spread across the full width of the stove and the main fuel load begins to burn
from the top down.
After the air in the wall of the stove heats up, airflow
will improve and a secondary combustion will be visible near some or all of the
secondary air vents. Now you can start cooking.
If your initial burn consumes your main fuel load and you
find yourself still needed a flame to continue cooking, add in additional fuel
through the opening in the cooking ring. Add finger sized twigs and other
biofuel to maintain a flame.
Method 2:  Using your
favourite tinder or fire starter, light a small fire inside the stove and pile
on small to medium sized twigs to stoke the fire. As the fire grows, add in
larger sticks and twigs. Larger sticks and twigs will keep the fire burning
longer and will decrease the amount of times you need to feed the fire.
If too much fuel is added too late, especially with thick or
damp sticks, there will be a lot of smoke and the fire may be snuffed.
Experiment to find a suitable feed rate. With a little
practice, the fire can be maintained for an extended period of time. This mode
of operation, although often easier for beginners, will produce more smoke than
Method 1 because the wood gas rises directly to combustion with the secondary
air without the cleaning effect of passage through a hot layer of charcoal.
1. Always use dry wood when possible. Wet wood will take
longer to burn and will produce more smoke.
2. Hardwoods (birch, maple, hickory, oak, etc.) will burn
longer than softwoods.
3. As with every wood burning stove, some soot will be on
the bottom of your pot after each use. Softwoods will create the most soot
while hardwoods like maple will create the least. The best way to minimize soot
is to let the fire become well-established and hot before putting on a pot.
Here is a great tip:
To make cleaning up even easier, you can soap up the bottoms
of your pot before use. Use a bar of soap and a little water to get your hands
soapy, and then smear them on the bottom of your pot or pan before cooking. As
you cook, the bottom will turn black, but will rinse off easily under water
when you’re done.
The Solo Stove is NOT A TOY and should only be used by
adults or under the supervision of an adult. The stove will be extremely hot
when burning; do not touch it when in use.
Never leave the stove unattended and be sure to douse all
ashes and embers thoroughly with water after use. The Solo Stove should not to
be used indoors.
So what is it really like to use:
Well firstly it is very light but very strongly made solid
in construction would be a very good description.
It fits together very well and simply so it is idiot proof.
Any survivalist or prepper that can light a fire can use the
solo stove without a problem at all.
I used cotton wool soaked in Vaseline as my fire started
then added small dry twigs to begin with, it was not long before I could use
larger pieces but as the secondary burn began I could see the difference in the
burn rate and the heat given off it was then time to put my pot on top of the
I measured out 34fl oz of water and timed the boil, it only
took 8mins 20 secs to boil which is well within the solo stove spec.
The wood actually burned away to ask which I was then able
to shake out of the stove when it had cooled down.
The Solo Stove also give off quite a bit of heat when used
in my shelter entrance which is another benefit.
Using the Solo Stove means not having to carry any fuel with
me and also means that I can never run out of fuel to burn either. Which I know
you will agree with me when I say that the solo Stove is the perfect stove for
the survivalist and the prepper alike.
If in the UK you can order yours from amazon and just search
for Solo Stove if outside the UK then go to or
Vacuum Sealer – Eiffel Freshpack Pro


The Eiffel Freshpack Pro, is a fantastic vacuum sealer. No
other gives you the benefit of sealing with automatic operation, no rest time
needed between seals with heating element protection, a massive 30cm seal width
and quiet!  It gives you the strongest
vacuum in its class of -0.80 bar, all the air is removed so your food stays
fresher for longer and saving you money by reducing food waste.
A 2 year warranty is included, plus a full range of spare
parts are also available direct from us here in the UK if needed outside the 2
year warranty.
The Freshpack Pro vacuum food sealer is designed for the
discerning home vacuum sealer user or business vacuum sealer user, for example
chefs, farm shops or delicatessens who want a quality cost effective solution
for their vacuum packer needs.
The Freshpack Pro Vacuum Sealer is the only machine
worldwide that has a safety chamber, which is a patented feature.  This safety chamber will preserve the life of
your vacuum sealer for many years as it stops liquid or powder been sucked into
the vacuum sealer pump causing it to breakdown. This means you spend less money
on maintenance costs or replacement in the long term.
This vacuum sealer is suitable for all food and all non-food
items and is great if you’re wanting a high specification and quality machine
from the start or if you’re wanting to upgrade your current model.
This vacuum sealer is perfect for sous vide cooking when
used with our vacuum sealer bags. Due to the strong heat seal it produces it
can withstand the high temperature cooking sous vide demands without splitting
back open, most other vacuum sealers are not suitable due to the poor seal that
may be created. Our vacuum bags are sous vide cooking compatible. Great news!
Vegetables, meats, fish, dairy produce & more will last
three to five times as long. Seal already opened bags of frozen veg, no more
peas and carrots rolling round your freezer. Seal opened bags of crisps and
nachos or biscuits or anything edible to lengthen the life span of your food.
No more freezer burn of bulk purchases of meat. How much longer will the food
you want to seal last?  Download our new
free e-book to find out.
So what is like to use, well surprisingly easy to be honest?
Vacuum packing reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the
growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile
It is also commonly used to store of dry foods over a long
period of time, foods such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish,
coffee, and potato chips (crisps).
On a more short term basis, vacuum packing can also be used
to store fresh foods, such as vegetables, meats, and liquids, because they
inhibit bacterial growth.
I have even cooked meals like, chilli-con-carne, or spag
bol, cooled them down, vacuum packed them and then popped them into the
freezer. Then when required simply defrost and boil in the bag.
You can split down larger packs into usable amounts so you
can buy in bulk and save money, you can vacuum pack fresh food to lengthen its
And do not forget with a vacuum sealer you can also:
Preserve Valuable Documents
Camping Equipment
Emergency Phone
Storing Stuffed Animals
The vacuum sealer is a necessity for any prepper or survivor
when it comes to prepping for survival and keeping supplies and important
documents safe and dry.

You can win one of these Vacuum Sealers 


Simply go to
and download their FREE Ebook on “10 Things you should know before vacuum
sealing” and that’s it, your email address is your entry to the competition. Competition closes 16th December 2012
Gold Standard Whey
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey is one of the very best
whey blends on the market today providing you with 24g of protein per serving
to give you the lean muscle build you want. Optimun Nutrition has won the
Supplement Of The Year and Protein Powder Of The Year award for 2005, 2006,
2007 and 2008. Available in over ten flavours, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard
Whey mixes easily with milk or water or can be added to recipes. Get the best
body you can have with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey!
Whey Protein Isolates are 90% pure protein by weight. They
are the purest and most expensive form of whey protein that exists. That’s why
they are the first ingredients you read on the 100% Whey Gold Standard label.
By using Whey Protein Isolates as the primary protein source, ON are able to
pack 24 grams of the purest, muscle-building protein per serving, with a lot
less of the fat, cholesterol, lactose, and other stuff that you can do without.
There’s no question this is the standard by which other whey proteins are
What makes Optimum
Nutrition Gold Standard Whey different from others?
– Packed with Whey Protein Isolates.
– Higher Pure Protein Percentage.
– Fast-Acting HYDROWHEY Whey Peptides.
– Provides Whey Protein Microfractions.
– More than 5 grams of BCAAs.
– Over 4 grams of Precursors.
– Instantized to Mix with a Spoon.
To encourage a positive nitrogen balance, consume
approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day from a
combination of high protein foods and supplements. For even better results,
consume your daily protein allotment over 4-6 small meals spread evenly
throughout the day.
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey is an instantized
formula that mixes easily with a spoon, and tastes delicious mixed with skimmed
milk or water. For added protein try mixing one scoop with your oatmeal yogurt
muffins or pancake recipes.
By the way they taste really good I love them
The 95 Puukko
The Puukko. Need we say more? Okay, the traditional Finnish
knife used for everything – woodworks, eating, playing catch and killing your
brother. Stained birch and carbon steel, medium long blade. You get a leather
sheath too.
Puukko is the thing the Fins won the Winter War with, among
other things. It’s the ultimate knife for everything. This is no shit actually
– the secret being that puukko is not made to look imposing, but to help you in
daily life. It’s small, easy to carry and the blade is well suited for woodworking
and other small chores.
It has a thick carbon steel blade, and a sturdy handle made
of curly birch. The sheath is brown leather and has a belt loop for most 4-5cm
wide (leather) belts.
These type of traditional knives have been around for ages,
and for a reason: they are rugged, simple and practical. They have been used as
weapons almost as much as everyday tools, at least in the past. Today they are
an essential piece of kit for any outdoors enthusiast.
Carbon steel is good stuff for knives, but requires some
care, or it might rust. Always clean and dry the blade after use, and remember
to oil it now and then with cooking oil, for example. No machine wash, always
by hand. Sharpening should be done regularly.
Warning! Before buying, please make sure that these are
legal to import to your country! We take no responsibility if the customs
officer confiscates your precious bayonet/knife/machete! These are perfectly
legal in Finland and that is all we are interested in.
Well when it arrived I took it from its sheath and carefully
ran it along the hairs on my arm and it shaved them as well as any old
fashioned cut-throat razor.
I took it into the small woods near where I live and started
doing some cutting and carving, firstly making a feather stick was for the Puukko
like cutting through butter, it was really easy as the knife fits into your
hand like it was made to be there.
Next I tried some battening and although the wood being
split was not large the knife stood up to the abuse without a problem and
sliced its way through easily.
The knife was not too good on digging, but hey it is not a
spade is it? I found a fairly strong deadwood branch that I was easily able to
remove smaller branches from and then sharpen the point into a spear point
without too much trouble.
Once home I sliced some tomatoes for my good lady with the
Puukko and it glided through them not a problem.
Remember with this blade being carbon steel to wipe it clean
and dry then oil it before putting it away.
This is an all-round medium length blade that works very
well indeed and being so light you forget it is even on your belt.
A high quality product, handmade in Finland. Order yours


Look What We Found
Everyone at “Look what we found!” loves food. It
shows in each one of the superb ready meals, soups and sauces they cook. It’s
why they only use sustainable, 100% natural ingredients. It’s why those
ingredients are carefully sourced from small regional British farmers. It’s why
everyone of their  dishes tastes so very,
very good.
Their farmers love food, too. They know this because they
know each of them. They have spent years scouring the British Isles to find
people who share their commitment to traditional farming and heritage-quality
produce. Because as their chefs say, you can’t make great food without great
ingredients – traceable straight back to the field in which it was reared or
We love our producers, treat them as we would like to be
treated ourselves, and pay them a fair price for their support. Working with
them, helping them revive their local economy, we’re part of the growing rural
revolution. And you can be too. It says on their website.
So what are they really like? To be honest they are bloody
tasty and filling too, they have a tremendous meal selection as well and are
very easy to heat up, I say heat up because they arew ready to eat cold as
Being realistic they may not make it as prepping food
because of the low calorie content and the fact they are not freeze dried for
longer life, but if these three things could be addressed and the price does
not change too much then I do see them as an alternative to the cardboard
tasting long life alternatives.
However these meals do have a place in the outdoors, firstly
I would and will use them when out fishing or on my boat cruising, as I say
they taste great are filling and very easy to heat up.
They are the very couch meal you need while watching the all
seeing eye and could be ready well within the ad break.
So give them a chance you will be pleasantly surprised I
know. Buy yours at Asda or other leading supermarkets or order yours here
Guys don’t forget to mention the UK Preppers Radio Network
when you order yours.
Bushcrafttools Fire Piston
These brand new, precision made fire pistons have built-in
storage compartments allowing you to store your dry tinder/lube/vaseline…etc.
The piston rod also unscrews to reveal a fire steel, giving you twice the
chance of starting a fire in the wilderness.
This is an easy to use kit allowing you to create a fire by
compressing air with the force of your hands. No matches or lighters
To create a fire, the piston must be rammed quickly into the
sealed cylinder with a single stroke. The compression of the air causes the
temperature to rise rapidly to 260 degrees Celsius, or 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
This causes the tinder on the piston face to ignite, which is then withdrawn
and transferred to a larger pile of kindling to create a fire.
Unscrew the piston rod and land a spark on your dry tinder
using the built in fire steel.
The fire piston is between 2,000 and 3,000 years old so it
is not new but Dustin at Bushcrafttools has in my opinion reinvented the wheel
with his modern version of this great firs starting tool.
He seems to have thought of everything really, as at one end
of the piston there is a sealed compartment holding your Vaseline and at the
other end is a sealed compartment holding your char cloth.
If all else fails then simply unscrew the piston and use the
stored fire steel, now that is a compact light complete fire starting system.
I met Dustin at the WG and he is so enthusiastic about his
fire piston that it rubs off on his customers like it did on me.
I now carry it into the woods every time I venture out.
Order yours at
you will not be disappointed that’s for sure.
Doug Ritter’s RSK Mk5™ (Ritter Survival Knife) is not a
knife you would use all day for normal work tasks. But, based on Doug’s
philosophy that “if it isn’t with you, it can’t save you™,” it is
compact and light enough to fit in almost any small personal survival kit or
stash-away location, yet robust enough that it’s a knife you can bet your life
Doug is the founder of the Equipped To Survive™ web site and an international authority on survival equipment. The RSK
Mk5 is a collaborative effort based on Georgia knife maker David White’s custom
Shrewd Survival Knife, itself the result of collaboration with Dr. Andrew
Weighing in at less than an ounce, the skeletonized fixed
blade sports a 1.75″ wide-chord drop-point blade with a high flat grind.
The high-carbon steel blade has Doug’s preferred stonewashed finish for
improved corrosion resistance.
The ergonomic curved handle provides a secure and
comfortable two-finger grip while a nylon cord fob adds additional length and
Use it to make fuzz sticks, construct shelter, gut a fish,
dress game or for self-defense. Whether it is wilderness or urban survival, the
Mk5 will do its part to keep you alive and kicking.
Included is a custom-fitted Zytel® sheath and a mint-size
carrying tin along with Doug’s suggestions for building up your own personal
survival kit.
 Open Overall Length –
3.81 inches
Weight – 0.9 ounces
Length – 1.75 inches
So what can you do with it? Firstly be careful with this
little knife as the blade comes out of the sheath sharp enough to shave your
arm hair and easily slice a piece of A4 paper.
So what I hear you say you can’t eat hair and paper NO you
can’t but at least you know the blade will do the job.
I took my air rifle for a walk and shot a plump pigeon for
dinner and in the field I simply removed both breasts with the RSK MK5 by
cutting through the feathers exposing the meat below then slicing the breast
away from the breast bone of the bird. So that works then.
Next I decided to make a feather stick which was also very
easy as the RSK MK5 just fits so easily into your hand.
I say its job well done for the RSK MK5 you can order yours
This is a brilliantly designed knife, the blade is
3.5″long and made of 440 stainless steel, it has a  locking blade with part serrated edge and one
handed opening facility
The handle is made of nylon with a built in holder for a LED
torch, which also has a built in survival whistle and a 6mm steel of fire built
into the torch handle, it comes complete with wrist strap and metal belt clip
and it only weights – 122 grms
This knife actually looks good and I think that it sells
itself with those good looks.  The one
hand opening facility is smooth and a joy to use and the lock works and despite
my efforts it would not close until I released the locking mechanism .
The inclusion of a torch and fire steel make this knife a
complete survival set. The torch works and once in its sheath holder lights up
the job that the knife is doing or just simply shows you the way back to your
The fire steel is just that, a life time’s survival fire
lighting that goes where your knife goes.
The only criticism I can find it that it is not legal street
carry, but if that is the only thing I can find against it that will do for me.
So order yours at
This is a versatile shelter a sleeping bag cover or
emergency carry sheet that has 9 reinforced loops around the edge and brass
eyelets at the corners and the middle it is fully waterproof as it is made of
tough double pu coated Nylon
It weighs only 640gms and is available in DPM and Olive
Green and its size is – 265 x 175cm
So what is it like to use? And the only answer is fantastic,
it really is, as it is just what is needed to keep you dry and windproof while
you are under it.
It is very simple to set up and in a few minutes you have a
shelter built that will protect you from the elements, packing it up is just as
easy as all you need to do is fold it away.
There is nothing more I need to say about the Web-Tex Basha
as it is so good, order your at



With this little beauty you will NEVER have to boil drinking
water again.
This is the world’s first and only portable water purifier
to adopt nano-silver technology, The PurifiCup eliminates more than 600 kinds
of bacteria, providing you safe and clean drinking water worry-free.  PurifiCup is a portable water filtration
system perfect for travellers or for outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters,
hikers, campers, boaters and anglers.  It
is also a necessity for any emergency preparation kit.
With PurifiCup, you can enjoy convenient drinking water
on-the-go whether the water source is tap or a freshwater stream, waterfall,
river, creek or lake.  PurifiCup’s
world-patented design uses a nano-silver membrane filter to destroy up  .99% of bacteria, parasites, and pathogens
such as E.coli, giardia, crypto, etc.
With PurifiCup, you can enjoy convenient drinking water
on-the-go.  PurifiCup’s world-patented
design uses a nano-silver membrane filter to destroy up to 99.99% of bacteria, parasites,
and pathogens such as E.coli, giardia, crypto, etc.
Utilizing the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
properties of silver, bacteria are removed from water as it is filtered through
PurifiCup’s exclusive silver membrane.
There’s no need for boiling water after it is filtered and
each filter provides up to 24 gallons (330 cups) of pure water. The PurifiCup’s
absolute 1 micron filter will more consistently remove bacteria such as Crypto
than anominal filter.
It has an exclusive 3 Stage Filter Technology
Ion exchange resin: Turn hard water into soft water by
removing heavy metals (lead, copper, cadmium, mercury, etc) and calcareous
(meganesium, calcium icons). In addition, it also removes fluoride and stably
produces wear basic water during its life span.
Activated carbon: Remove chlorine and other organic odour
including THM, organic solvent, and pesticides.
Nano-silver membrane: The membrane kills 99.9% of the
pathogens in tap water.  It is located on
the inlet and exit of the filter circulation channel, preventing the filter
cartridge from contamination.         +
Absolute 1micron filter for additional layer of protection against bacteria.
Compact and easy to carry
Both a water filter and storage bottle PurifiCup is
NSF,WRAS, SGS, and EEC Certified, and used only FDA approved filtering and
structural materials. It fits easily into your carry-on, back-pack, or handbag
and requires no pumps, hoses, batteries or attachments.
It can also be attached to filter into a standard water
bottle. PurifiCup is also Earth-Friendly and cost-effective. Enjoy pure,
worry-free water anywhere you go with PurifiCup! Our Patented design also allow
users to filter directly into Popular Large Sports Bottles such as Nalgene, CamelBAK
and most other generic bottles! Providing versatile options for everyone.
So what do I think of the Purificup, I think it is fantastic
I really do it works extremely well, and the proof of that is that I am still
I tested it in a dirty brown coloured waterfowl faeces
infested lake at the WG and following the simple instructions I drank two cups
of filtered water and whilst demonstrating it to other survival instructors and
visitors alike I drank another two cups of filtered water then as their
confidence rose some of those watching also drank some of the filtered water.
This portable filter is just the job and with it you will
never again need to boil water before you drink it.

Check them out here

Landmine Adventure, based in South Wales, is a company that
provides products in the outward bound, survivalist, and preparedness fields.
Expedition, Adventure, and training days are also part of what this company
Gaz (32), an ex Royal Engineer, and Simon (32), an ex Royal
Signaller both decided, when planning an overseas expedition to combine their
business knowledge on return to the UK, and start ‘Landmine Adventure’.
Gaz said “The cost of preparing our overseas expedition
was immense, and the equipment available just wasn’t quite up for the job. We
were used to very durable kit from our time in the Army, but all the UK stores
just offered low quality, expensive tat. We opted to purchase gear we knew
about, and the rest is just history”
They sent me the following kit to review.
The thermal Insulating Mug they sent me is fantastic and I
used it at the WG every day, it is such a simple idea like most things that
work well.
Of course the cyalume light sticks are old friends of mine
but this time I put one into an empty 2 pint plastic milk bottle and this
almost turned it into a lamp and great for reading.
Their premium Fire Steel is simply a fire steel but with a
lovely wooden handle, which will be comfortable to use in freezing weather
conditions, it too works very well as you would expect
The guys also send me the Mittens Extreme Cold Weather,
along with the INNER Gortex Mittens Extreme Cold Weather, Outer. I have not yet
been able to review these guys as it is too warm, so if we get a winter is a
case of watch this space, but knowing the quality of this kit they too will
work as designed to.
Lastly the Swedish Gel Cooker. (May be black or green in
This issue cooker can fit into your pocket, and is quick,
clean and convenient. It even comes with a book of matches!
Simply remove the lid, place burning ring over top, light
gel, and cook away. To extinguish, place lid over top, allow to cool, seal, and
away you go! This makes an awesome emergency cooker, but is equally good as
your main cooking solution!
Item comes sealed and wrapped, however, there may be a
little rusting on the cooking support, which is normal, it is so small about
the size of a little tin of sweetcorn to be honest but it works like a dream it
really does. Thanks guys your kit is top notch. So order yours at



New 72 hour pack now outKeep in your car or by the front
The EFS 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit is an essential piece
of kit for any individual determined to have good emergency plans in place. It
contains everything one person will need to survive for 72 hours so that you
can live with piece of mind that you will always be prepared.
We highly recommend that you have an emergency 72 hour kit
both in your home and where you might need access to one, such as in the boot
of your car. They are small, lightweight and easy to store but you will be
thankful that they are there if you should ever need it.
Don’t delay, Buy Now and get complete peace of mind.
And they are not joking just listen to what you get in the
72 hour emergency pack
Each pack contains:
3 Mountain House Packet Meals
1 x Enamel Mug
2 x Glow Sticks
8 in 1 Travel Kit Penknife
1 x Frontier Emergency Water Filter System
1 x Mess Tin
2 x Tissues
1 x Small first aid Kit
1 x 15m Utility Rope
1 x Emergency Protective tube Tent
2 x Emergency Blankets
1 x Metal Torch
1 x Wash wipes
1 x Bic type lighter
I took this kit to the Wilderness gathering and with the
exception of one or two pints of English cider and the odd bacon butty, this 72
hour emergency pack would have done its job easily.
Without water there is everything else you would need to
survive for at least 72 hours, as if you could find your own food when the
Mountain House packs run out then the rest of the pack would naturally keep on




Self-Heating Meal menu B
Ration-X Self Heating Ration Pack Menu B
Self-Heating MRE
The new Ration-X™ field ration is a complete, ready-to-eat,
self-contained meal presented in a light-weight, water-proof pack.  The pack contains a main meal, a dessert,
snacks, powdered drink and an accessory kit. A flameless ration heater is
included to self-heat the main meal without the need for a fire or a stove. All
the components are pre-cooked and ready to eat, hot or cold. The pack provides
over 1200 kcal per meal which is in line with standard military requirements
for highly active soldiers.
Ready to eat main meal – Chicken Massaman Potato
Snack – Golden Oatie Biscuits
Whole Wheat Bread – shelf stable
Strawberry Jam
Drink – powdered electrolyte Orange
Flameless Ration Heater – single use
Accessory Kit: Tabasco sauce, instant coffee, tea bag, 2 x
sugar, 2 x whitener, 10 x tissues, chewing gum, spoon, wet wipe
Long life – We guarantee at least 18 months shelf-life on
all components from the date of sale.
Product code     R302
Weight                 1.00


Hennessey Hammock
All Hennessy Hammocks come complete with attached mosquito
netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, and stuff sack with set up
instructions on back.
Hennessy Hammock also provides complimentary standard
42″ long “Tree Hugger” webbing straps to protect the bark of
trees. Because these accessory webbing straps are complimentary, they are
weighed separately from the hammock. Also, for a limited time, free Snakeskins
are included with each hammock ordered online.
They fit snugly into a Stuff Sack with the logo and set up
instructions printed on ripstop polyester bag, which weighs only (20 g / 0.7oz)
So if you are under 7′ tall / 180 cm and under 300 lbs / 135
kg the Hennessy Hammock is for you it is that simple.
This was the first hammock in many years that I had slept in
and I had forgotten hot comfortable they are.
But never in my mind had I realised how things have moved on
from those early days in the 80’s.
The Hennessy Hammock is the “Mutts Nuts” the Hilton of
hammocks I would say. It is so easy to put up and so easy to get into to that I
am now converted into a hammocker, no more scratting around on the forest floor
in a basha for me, it’s off the ground luxury from now on in a mosquito free
OH! Did I not mention the built in mossy net as well as the
rain proof rainfly keeping you dry as well.
Everything you need for a great night’s sleep and it only
weighs 3lb.3oz/1428g
Hennessy say on their website:-
At last, you will never need to find a level camp site. No
more roots, rocks or puddles coming through the floor of your tent. No more
aching muscles and stiff joints from sleeping on the hard ground. And no more
carrying a heavy tent.  Finally, a
shelter that takes the pain out of the outdoors and is good for the
And you know what I agree with them whole heartedly.
You must check them out at


The Survivor was designed to be a fairly compact minimalist
survival knife and it’s the real deal. The knife is a solid full tang design
with a G-10 handle ready to take plenty of abuse. The notch in the back of the
blade is designed to act as a striker for the included Swedish FireSteel®. The
sheath can be mounted vertically or horizontally and holds the Swedish
FireSteel®, emergency whistle, and five feet of cord. It can even be fashioned
into a spear with the included cord.
The companies design objective was to;
Create a sturdy, compact, lightweight survival knife and made
Swedish FireSteel® it comes with an emergency whistle, and
five feet of cord in the sheath
There also had to be a Notch the back of the blade to serve
as a striker for the FireSteel®
And design a sheath to be mounted horizontally or vertically
* Full tang design
* 7.5″ total length
Well they followed their brief and the survivor is a
brilliant knife. It is light, it looks great and it is very functional too.
Out of the box the blade shaved hairs on my arm which was a
good sign as it shows that the company cares about its customers with a ready
to use product. I took it down to the woods for a play and I began by pairing a
piece of wood which seemed very easy indeed as the knife just fits into you
hand like it was mean to.
I was able to strip a branch of its twigs without too much
effort and then I battened a small log, of the size you split to put on to the
fire approx. 12” diameter and it took the abuse without any damage and worked
very well. I love it and I think you will too.
Pop onto their website and check them out at
Regatta Mens Ad-Scursion Boots
These Regatta Mens Ad-Scursion Boots will offer total
protection and comfort courtesy of their construction. The boots are waterproof
and breathable with a deep-padded collar and tongue as well as rubberised toe
and heel bumpers.
If you plan to undertake a lot of walking in some of your
upcoming spare time but need some new footwear, these Regatta Mens Ad-Scursion
Boots will fail to disappoint! The boots are water resistant and made of
breathable, comforting material. Furthermore, they have a deep-padded collar
and tongue.
Boot features:
Mesh, PU nubuck and suede upper
Water resistant Atl treated suede upper
Isotex waterproof and breathable footwear – seam sealed with
breathable internal membrane bootee liner
Deep padded collar and tongue
EVA comfort footbed
Rubberised toe and heel bumpers
Steel shank
Lightweight rubber outsole featuring internal EVA shock pads
AMK SOL Origin
The SOL Origin™ redefines the survival kit from the ground
up.  In one product that fits in the palm
of your hand, the Origin™ gives you the collection of tools you need to survive
the unexpected and make it back alive. Think of it as the ultimate cross breed
of the traditional ten essentials and a survival kit, all wrapped up in one
lightweight, easy to carry, indestructible package.
The heart of the Origin™ is its ABS-plastic waterproof case,
which contains an array of key survival tools, including TinderQuik fiestarting
tinder, 150lb-test braided nylon cord, mil-spec stainless steel wire, and an
emergency sewing and fishing kit.  And,
for those unfamiliar with wilderness survival, backcountry expert Buck Tilton’s
survival instructions contain over 60 survival techniques and strategies.
However, the body of the case is really what sets the
Origin™ apart  –  integrated into the lid is a flip-up Rescue
Flash signal mirror with retroreflective aiming aid.  Flip the case over, and find the
one-hand-operable Fire Lite firestarter, as well as a removable liquid-damped
compass.  Finally, secured in a
button-release slot is a fully-functional folding blade knife, with a 100db
rescue whistle and ultra-bright LED light integrated into the knife
handle.  The AUS-8 drop-point blade has
been designed for the precision cutting you need during survival emergencies,
and it excels at slicing, whittling, and any task where blade control is
The SOL Origin™ is the lightest, most space efficient, and
most durable survival kit on the market.
Welcome to the future of survival – the Origin™ is mandatory equipment
for any outdoor adventurer.
Weight: 6.25oz
Size: 3.875″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″
Ideal Uses
AMK Emergency
The ultralight, ultra-warm full protection shelter! The SOL
Emergency Bivvy is made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as AMK’s
world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you),
with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can
get inside. If you’re forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, hop in the
SOL Emergency Bivvy as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the
odds in your favour.
Sealed on the sides for full protection from rain, wind, and
Heatsheets material is waterproof and windproof.
Reflects 90% of radiated body heat
Weight: 3.8oz
Size: 36″ x 84″
R302 – Ration-X Self Heating Ration Pack Menu B
Self-Heating MRE
The new Ration-X™
field ration is a complete, ready-to-eat, self-contained meal presented in a light-weight,
water-proof pack.  The pack contains a
main meal, a dessert, snacks, powdered drink and an accessory kit. A flameless
ration heater is included to self-heat the main meal without the need for a
fire or a stove. All the components are pre-cooked and ready to eat, hot or
cold. The pack provides over 1200 kcal per meal which is in line with standard
military requirements for highly active soldiers.
Ready to eat main
meal – Chicken Massaman Potato
This meal is packed
full of chicken along with potatoes ,peas and a very mild if slightly sweet
curry sauce and it tasted really flavoursome indeed.
Snack – Golden Oatie
Whole Wheat Bread –
shelf stable
This is the first
“preserved” bread I had ever eaten and with the raspberry jam squeezed into the
bread between the two pieces it tasted very palatable especially with a hot mug
of Rosie lee.
Strawberry Jam
Drink – powdered
electrolyte Orange
Flameless Ration
Heater – single use
This was actually
amazing in, not only the way it worked, but in the job it did, the meal was hot
in 12 minutes as stated on the pack this is 21st century stuff it
really is.
Accessory Kit:
Tabasco sauce, instant coffee, tea bag, 2 x sugar, 2 x whitener, 10 x tissues,
chewing gum, spoon, wet wipe
This one was Best
before: 07/2014
Long life – We
guarantee at least 18 months shelf-life on all components from the date of sal
Product code     R302
Weight                 1.00 kgPrice (ex VAT):    £8.49
Thanks to Rob Williams at for sending me the EXOTAC Nano
Striker XL to review.
I know that there are many such tools on the market today.
BUT this one looks great comes in four distinctive colours being Black,
Gunmetal, Orange and Olive and has a Ferrocerium rod which when struck produces
sparks at 5,500 degrees)
The Exotac Nano Striker has O rings fitted so it is totally
waterproof as well.
Exotac say that they set out to create a product that is
high quality, ultra-small in size and completely self-contained.  The nano STRIKER is the result.
Sacrificing neither form nor function, its unique all-in-one
design puts all the tools you need to start a fire into one tiny package.  At the end of the day, this little tool can
be collapsed and returned to key-chain ballast duty.
The striker contains an ultra-sharp tungsten carbide insert
for maximum sparks.
Ferro cerium fire starters work best with tinder materials
that contain large surface areas: dry grasses, wood shavings, cotton balls, dry
leaves, clothing lint, etc.  Using a
tinder material of your choosing, create a loose tinder bundle to catch the
sparks from the ferro rod.  Wrap the
included lanyard around a few fingers to secure the striker handle.  Holding the striking tool at an angle, use
moderate pressure to quickly scrape the rod.
The striker should be carving material off the Ferrocerium rod.
Patent Pending Collapsible self-contained fire starter
Ultra-portable for key ring and pocket carry
Ferrocerium rod works when wet
Lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminium body
Tungsten carbide striker
Replaceable Ferrocerium rod
More than 1000 fire-starting strikes!
It looks great, it is easy to use and it works what more can
I say except thank you Rod and exotic.

You can order yours at

Whether an angler, a camper or an outdoorsman, you`ll love
the Ghillie Kettle. There is no need to carry petrol, fuel cubes or gas, the
Ghillie runs off natures best material, everything! The idea is simplicity
itself. Water in the side of the kettle is heated by the fire in the base.
This maximises the heat and boils water very quickly. Should
additional fuel be required it can be dropped through the chimney of the
Made from aluminium, the kettles are both strong and light,
weighing in at only 835 grams. The kettle comes fitted with a whistle cap on a
chain, which also doubles as a pouring aid with the wooden handle.
The accessory kit comprises a 4″ wide 2″ deep pan,
a 5″ wide 1″ deep frying pan, a grill which fits over the fire pit
plus a clip handle. Also included is a pot stand for the top of the kettle plus
a base stand for uneven ground.
That is the tecky stuff so what’s the Ghillie kettle really
like to use, Well I tested it over last weekend’s survival exercise with
members of sneaky, their opinion initially on first sight was that
it would be too big to carry around with bug out kit.
However as time went on they came to realise that it does
have its place in a SHTF situation as it is a great tool for a group of people
to use and if at a bug out location fantastic for the individual too.
It is so fast at boiling water which is a great bonus as
well and the fact that there is no fuel to carry around or to run out of was
the main reason why I say it is a must for the prepper and survivalist alike
although it will have equal appeal to the fisherman, shooting parties and those
who enjoy the outdoors in general.
The cooking platform or grill fits in to the fire base and
that is where you place your frying pan to cook and you need to watch your food
as it cook very quickly too.
I really like it as it does what it says on the tin sorry
aluminium this is another of those must have items that make life easier when
in the field. Thanks for sending it to me Andy I had great fun using it.
The Ghillie kettles are available in three sizes; 1.5L
Adventurer, 1L Explorer and 0.5L Maverick in Satin Silver, Black or Green. They
come supplied with a carry bag and you can get yours at
I have acquired one of Paul Scheiter’s knives, Thank you
Paul. It is the  Blackbird SK-5 which I
wanted to review, what is the blackbird SK-5 I hear you say, well I shall tell
you it is one of the finest wilderness survival knives I have ever seen listen
to this.
“I believe the more complicated a product becomes, the
more likely it is to fail when your life depends on it. For this reason I
designed The Blackbird SK-5 Knife to achieve maximum function delivered through
pure simplicity. You won’t see gimmicks or gadgets on this knife…only the
core essentials that provide the user with comfort and a sharp edge to handle
the most demanding wilderness survival tasks.” Says Paul Sheiter the
The Blackbird SK-5 blade is crafted from 154CM. This steel
is American made, known for its superior toughness, edge-retaining ability,
sharpness and corrosion resistance. The SK-5’s blade is 0.13 inch thick and
features a full-taper grind.
The perimeter of the Micarta Handle is rounded to provide a
comfortable grip and is secured to the knife tang with 3 stainless steel Allen
The Blackbird SK-5 comes with a MOLLE compatible sheath that
features a rigid protective insert. The sheath also features a belt loop so
that it may be worn on the hip in the traditional belt mount configuration and
comes with a 25 year warranty.
Firstly I shaved some hairs on my arm, not bad for just out
of the box. I took it in to the woods near where I live to have a play. The
Blackbird SK-5 weighs only 8.4 oz so is no problem at all hanging from my belt
another thing I liked was the adjustable poppers on the knife fastener which
really grips and holds the knife securely.
The knife has a full tang as I would expect with an almost
indestructible micarta handle, the blade length is 5 inches with an overall
length of 10 inches.
Well down to work then I started by splitting a log using
the battening method and it sliced down the log without a problem next I
decided to carve some fallen wood actually using the methods promoted by Paul
in this Blackbird SK-5 training video.
It performed really well even having a go at a few knots
within the wood.
This is a knife that is designed to do a job and that job is
to accompany you on wilderness trips in full confidence that should you need a
survival knife then look no further that your belt.
Sorry Paul but I did try to abuse it, firstly by throwing it
at a tree repeatedly to see is the handle would work loose it did not.
I then let it drop onto rocks upside down to see if a hard
knock would damage the handle it did not
This is just a pure knife with a strong blade and handle
that works and works, thanks Paul.
And guys please don’t
forget to mention my show when ordering your kit.
Mike at sent me the i-Shields: these are
to aid in the prevention of damage from UV in the event the wearer has
lost/broken his/her regular quality sunglasses.
That’s why we market them as survival-only use he says. I
have seen some survival manuals reference the use of “space” blankets
to cover the eyes in this event (as they are partially translucent most of the
time when pressed against the face). However, I believe this to be bad advice.
I see no UV screening in these materials, and as such, they could actually
cause dilation of the pupil and actually allow more UV light in, creating an
even greater risk of damage.
You can order yours from
So, as sea and high altitude survival has a greater risk of
said UV damage and potential blindness (even if partial), that is why we had
them manufactured. They are not intended for average wear (although we do wear
them). Just please keep that in mind when trying them out.
Well Thanks for the I
Mike as I gave each of the guys on last week’s survival exercise
and I have to say they all loved them, some have since informed me that they
have been on your site and ordered another pair for their partners as well.
It does appear that they like you will be wearing them most
of the time during our sunny spells and not only for when we have a white out.
Mike also sent me the ResQbrite signal panel designed by
survivalmetrics themselves
The ResQbrite is a visual signal panel Approx. 2 feet x 2
feet, which is bright orange in colour.
It has a reflective directional tape on each side of the
panel for light illumination at night.
There are also corner grommets for attachment to branches,
or for linking together.
And it is made from Ultra-light Rip Stop nylon material.
The carry pouch is 4.25 in. x 4 in. x 0.5 in., bright
orange, reversible to subdued.
And it can be attached to the panel by a hook/clip for
positive security.
It is absolutely excellent for daytime signals to aircraft
or search teams. Night time illumination of the panel is by directional light
for signalling and site marking, in other words shine your torch at it.
That’s is the techy stuff but what do I think, well it did
what it said on the tin. It is very small and packable taking up no room at
all, when laid out it is obvious to all that it will be seen from a long way
off, but at night it shines above the rest as it is so visible with the
directional lines which work just like a high viz vest. Bearing in mind that a
lot of preppers and survivalists wear DPM clothing and usually do not carry
anything to signal for help, should the worst happen and you need to signal for
help I say that the ResQbrite is must for all wilderness users just in case. You
can order yours from
I have just returned from a survival course with members of during which I reviewed some kit that had been sent to me
for review.
Chris Caine from
sent me a real handmade beauty to review
The Chris Caine ® Companion Survival Knife, was designed by
survival expert Chris Caine, based on his 15 years surviving in the British
wilderness. This is ‘a survival tool for the serious survivalist’.
The knife is the newest addition to the Chris Caine Survival
Series and is designed as a mid-point between the larger Chris Caine ® Survival
Tool and smaller Chris Caine ® Survival Knife.
When chopping with this tool your fingers are kept well away
from the material you are hitting, thanks to the deep curve in the cutting
edge, making it harder for you to trap your fingers. Not only this but on the
back of the blade we have rounded off a section so when you are hitting this
tool with another cutting of wood you are less likely to damage anything, and
also makes it more useful for beating materials to obtain the fibres within.
The Chris Caine ® Companion Survival Knife is hand made from
start to finish, from profiling out the blades, hardening & tempering,
assembly, grinding, right up to the final polish are all done in house.
Just looking at it the quality is obvious from the handmade
custom sheath incorporating a holder for the fire steel and the lansky
sharpener, to the gleaming curved blade and its indestructible handle.
Chris refers to this top of the range survival knife as a
tool, and you know, I must agree with that as it is something else in survival
tools. Our first task was to erect shelters and the companion made light work
of not only cutting and shaping wood but cutting paracord and hammering in
I then used the tool to chop fire wood and in some cases to
split larger pieces of wood using another heavy wood log to bash the companion
down through the log, it was a very simple thing to do and seemed to reduce the
amount of effort it would normally have taken with a normal survival knife.
The companion made all these tasks easy not only due to its
unique design and weight but to its ability to keep an edge.
What amazed us all was that after all this survival abuse
the blade was still very keen and after a few rubs with the Lansky sharpener it
was restored to factory perfect.
The knife felt light on my hip and was very easy to draw
although I did fumble a little when re-turning it to its sheath, although I
soon got it every time.
For a serious handmade survival tool with a life time
guarantee get on to Chris Caines website and check his range of knives out at
Greer Mulcahey Banks the Marketing Executive at LIFESAVER systems
Ltd sent me their lifesaver bottle and what a piece of kit it really is.
Firstly when filling the bottle with water, allow the bottle
to stand for 15 mins so the filter membranes become used to the water, and once
primed, you only need to pump the bottle 3 times when the cap is closed to
create pressure within the bottle.
The bottle can last unused up to three years and its shelf
life can be extended by priming the bottle and storing it wet which extends the
shelf life by 2 more years this is also dependant on storage conditions. So
total shelf life can be up to 5 years.
The flow rate is obviously faster when the bottle has more
water in it.
Do not keep the bottle cap and teat open when filling the
bottle from a water source as this could allow dirty water into the clean end
of the bottle (top part) leading to cross contamination.
Always use the cleanest water source possible.
The filter filters out anything in suspension but not
anything in solution such as salt. The filter allows healthy nutrients to
remain in the water such as magnesium and calcium.
The activated carbon filter is not needed to make the bottle
work, it is an optional extra if you are worried about chemical/metal residues
in the water, or the water is stagnant. The carbon filter works for 250 litres
but there is no system to guess when it’s time is up apart from human
intuition. Never store the bottle (for a length of time) with a carbon insert
still fitted as this can cause bacteria to build up in the top of the bottle.
The carbon insert should ideally be fitted at home to avoid any contamination.
Don’t over pressurize the bottle (no more than 3 pumps when
the bottle cap and teat are closed), as this can cause, in rare circumstances,
the base to blow off possibly causing damage to the base. Once the cap and teat
are open, over pressurising is less of an issue.
You can clean the filter by gently agitating it in clean
water, or under a stream (if this is your only option) but you must make sure
the bottle top including cap and teat are still in place, which avoids any
cross contamination at the clean end of the bottle.
If you notice a spluttering effect when water comes out the
teat, check the cartridge is fitted in properly and perform a membrane
integrity check (the bottle should work from all angles, if it doesn’t the
filter membranes may be damaged in some way).
You will never have to worry about drinking contaminated
water, as our FAILSAFE technology works on the basis that when you have
filtered through 3500 litres on our LIFESAVER 4000UF model, the flow rate
becomes slower, giving you time to buy or replace the cartridge and when the
filter has filtered 4000 litres, you won’t be able to push any more liquid
through the filter membranes as the pores of the membranes retract and close up,
meaning it’s time to replace the filter.
The LIFESAVER bottle
is the World’s first water bottle to remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts,
parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without the
aid of any foul tasting chemicals like iodine which is now banned substance
within the EU.  LIFESAVER complies with
all British, US and European Drinking Water Regulations for Microbiological
Reduction as tested and certified by the London School of Hygiene &
Tropical Medicine.
I first filled the lifesaver bottle from a running stream
during our last survival weekend and everyone agree that the water tasted great
and being cold was a bonus, everyone drank with complete confidence in fact
filling the bottle twice from the stream.
Yesterday I found a stagnant puddle near my house and I
filled the lifesaver bottle from it, it was uncanny or magic to be able to
almost instantly look at and drink perfectly clear perfectly clean water thank
you Greer it really works and is a pleasure to drink from.
You can order yours from
Joseph Wheeler from
sent me the 30cm SWAT Tactical Knife & Camo Sheath as well as the Web-Tex
Survival kit and the Kombat Survival Kit to review.
Thanks Joe they were fun to play with mate, however the
knife kept slipping out of its sheath as the day went on and I think this was
because it was sent with the wrong sheath I think, which meant that the button
clasp was too big for the knife to hold it in place.
Nevertheless it is the knife I want to talk about, the blade
is 16cm semi serrated camo coloured Stainless Steel and the total length is
30cm, it has a thermoplastic rubber grip and comes in a Camo Fabric Sheath with
belt loop.
The knife has an unusual shape which allows for chopping
sawing and stabbing when attached to say, to a shaft and used as a spear. There
are three lanyard holes to allow attachment to a shaft, the knife has a full
length tang which gave me confidence when chopping firewood at the weekend.
My question was as a low cost entry to survival knives can
it do the job. Well I think it can, it can chop although the knife is not very
heavy so more energy is required but it works, it cuts and saws very well and
at only £14.95 it really is worth a try. You can order yours a
When it comes to survival kits they all seem much the same
don’t they so they do not excite me at all.
But when I received these two kits from Joe my interest was
revised. The first one I tried was the Web-Tex Combat Survival Kit which had
the following kit packed neatly inside.
Quality sharp knife
Firestarte firesteel
Combat wire saw
Sewing kit
Fishing kit
Emergency whistle
Water Purification tablets x10
Signalling mirror
Safety pins
Snare wire
Cotton wool
Accident report form
Survival instructions
What can I say but, it all works from the fire starter and
cotton wool to the fishing kit, which by the way nearly did catch a fish at my
local lake but it got off. The knife has a belt clip and quite a good edged
blade that cut paracord and sharpened steaks for pegging down basha’s
It is very compact and fully functional and contains just
what is required in a survival kit.
You can order yours from
Finally on this product review the Kombat survival Kit again
The main difference between these two kits is that this kit
does not have the knife, cotton wool, compass, water puri tabs and safety pins,
However it does have a razor blade and a wire saw this is a really basic kit
but nonetheless it too works very well in fact as you can still light a fire,
fish, hunt and even signal for help. You can get yours from
It is a big thank you to Julia Shapp from true
for sending me not only Multi Mate +Lite and also a selection of keying
accessories to review as well.
True Utility say this stainless steel multi tool is of the
highest quality giving you over 16 tools, not to mention a bright white LED
light to shine on whatever you’re working on. All weatherproof, rubber handle
for comfort and strong grip, durable hard-wearing tools for the toughest jobs
all this and more in our strongest multi tool ever.
I have to agree with true utility as this is a tough
multi-tool indeed. Firstly I think it looks great quality before you hold it. I
picked it up and instantly felt a quality multi-tool in my hand. The needle
nosed pliers are very well sprung and an absolute pleasure to use.
I can imagine the lite making a night time job so much
easier as it is very bright even during the day.
I worked my way around all the tools and started with the
“serrated edge knife” as true utility call it, well I’m sorry but it actually
is a wood saw and you know it works very well indeed and whizzed through a 2”
diameter branch without any problems at all.
I found the “Small” fine edge knife just that, very small,
although it did take an edge easily enough, and the fact that the knife is
small is a godsend here in the UK as it makes the multi-mate legal to carry.
The wire cutters did work cutting through some new steel
fence wire near where I live, it tool a few attempts but they worked as I
expected they would.
The screwdriver did what they do and works well, the bradawl
penetrated my leather belt easily, the bottle opener works on Fursty Ferret
Beer bottles lol
The nail file as I use it made a good job of my nails  and the built in wire stripper also works
very well.
The scissors cut paper and string very well, I have not used
the fish hook remover but the can opener worked on a tin of Asda beans.
But the 12 bit driver set and adapter was the interesting
addition to this fantastic multi-tool as it has attachments for almost every
size you would need.
Measuring L100 x W44 x D23mm (Closed) it sits very well on
my belt in its canvass pouch.
This stylish ultra bright water resistant flashlight and
stash measures only 75mm and attaches to your key-ring. Not only does it light
your way, but hides spare cash, waterproof matches, fishing hooks, or simply
headache pills. 4 x Lithium batteries included. Lasts up to 75mins straight use
Aircraft grade anodised aluminium body with shockproof,
water resistant build quality. High quality neoprene sealing ‘O’ rings
throughout  size L75 x D20mm
This unbelievably small waterproof key-ring canister houses
a fully working lighter that is ready to ignite at your command. Attach to your
key-ring for essential outdoor use. Refill with standard lighter fuel. Product
Size L45mm x W15mm x D15mm
Twist stick
Fully Functional Key-Ring Corkscrew. The Stainless steel bar
passes through the centre of a full size corkscrew helix, to create a beautiful
and fully functional personal corkscrew for all wine lovers. Can be attached to
your key-ring or placed to your bag. Makes a great gift. Product Size: L66 x
Key Tool
The Key Tool simply wraps stylishly around any standard door
key, and uses the actual door key to increase leverage for the bottle opener,
and for the 3 different sizes of screwdriver, including the essential eyeglass
screwdriver. It also includes a nail file, nail cleaner, thread cutter and even
a pair of tweezers!
Take Note – A full length pen that is as small as your door
key? Now that’s something to write home about!
Engineered in stainless steel, this beautifully crafted
personal pen extends telescopically to 115mm, yet only measures around 50mm as
it hangs inconspicuously on your key ring. Never get caught out without a pen
again! Supplied complete with three free refills. How did you ever live without
Product Size: L50 (closed) L115(open) x W5mm
Why not check their website out at and don’t
forget to mention this show.
Thanks to Rob Williams at for sending me the EXOTAC Nano
Striker XL to review.
I know that there are many such tools on the market today.
BUT this one looks great comes in four distinctive colours being Black,
Gunmetal, Orange and Olive and has a Ferrocerium rod which when struck produces
sparks at 5,500 degrees)
The Exotac Nano Striker has O rings fitted so it is totally
waterproof as well.
Exotac say that they set out to create a product that is
high quality, ultra-small in size and completely self-contained.  The nano STRIKER is the result.
Sacrificing neither form nor function, its unique all-in-one
design puts all the tools you need to start a fire into one tiny package.  At the end of the day, this little tool can
be collapsed and returned to key-chain ballast duty.
The striker contains an ultra-sharp tungsten carbide insert
for maximum sparks.
Ferro cerium fire starters work best with tinder materials
that contain large surface areas: dry grasses, wood shavings, cotton balls, dry
leaves, clothing lint, etc.  Using a
tinder material of your choosing, create a loose tinder bundle to catch the
sparks from the ferro rod.  Wrap the
included lanyard around a few fingers to secure the striker handle.  Holding the striking tool at an angle, use
moderate pressure to quickly scrape the rod.
The striker should be carving material off the Ferrocerium rod.
Patent Pending Collapsible self-contained fire starter
Ultra-portable for key ring and pocket carry
Ferrocerium rod works when wet
Lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminium body
Tungsten carbide striker
Replaceable Ferrocerium rod
More than 1000 fire-starting strikes!
It looks great, it is easy to use and it works what more can
I say except thank you Rod and exotic.

You can order yours at

Today the postman brought me a selection of MX3 meals  to review sent to me by Gavin Brown the
Managing Director at Thank you Gavin as I love my grub
Gavin sent me the following meals
Chicken pasta with
Carabonara pasta
Chicken and rice tandoori
Vanilla flavour crème
Chocolate flavour creme
The company was founded by Christophe and Nathalie Landais
and they produce meals for some of France’s best food retailers and the French
Military. Christophe is a former chef himself and a keen triathlete and what’s
more he is French so he has just the right attitude and experience when
creating great-tasting meals for your outdoor adventures.
Initially it took three years R&D to develop the meals
and they continue today to refine their products with the input from some of
France’s best endurance athletes. Analysing the requirements of these
athletes’, by taking into account nutrition, ease of digestion and not
forgetting the all-important flavour aspect they offer some fantastic and
different meals.
The MX3 meals have been used by most teams competing in the
2008 Vendee Globe ocean yacht race as well as by many of the participants of
the Marathon du Médoc, Paris Dakar Rally and Route du Rhum these meals are used
as their only source of nutrition.
All these meals are of the “cook in the pouch”
type: simply add boiling water (or cold for some recipes) to the fill line
inside the pouch, close the pouch and wait 12 to 15 minutes.
So what do they taste like and did they fill me up
I have to say that they really surprised me they were easy
to cook and they tasted fantastic. I could actually taste individual
ingredients, the meals were thick and creamy and very filling indeed.
The chicken Pasta and mushroom was thick, creamy and there
was a lot of it
The chicken rice tandoori had a curry taste and there were
loads of actual chicken pieces as well
The carabonara pasta again was very tasty and very filling
There were two puddings I tried
First was the Chololate flavour crème which was smooth
creamy and chocklatley what more can I say
And lastly the vanilla flavour crème wow I love vanilla and
this was a rare treat when it comes to Cook in the pouch meals, as with the
others I loved them and would certainly eat them again and look forward to
doing so. You can order yours at

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