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Your Instructors are ex-military with countless years of outdoor experience.

The Ultimate BREXIT Survival Course

In, out, who knows, deal, no deal, delayed article 50, another referendum, a general election, YOU pick, as you know as much as the other guy.

With this course you can can make it, you will KNOW what to do, how to do it and be prepared for what ever happens.

Whether you’re a remainer or leaver, this course promises to give you all the skills you need to Survive Brexit Armageddon.

2019 Course Dates 13th 14th April.

N.B. you may arrive on the 12th for an early Saturday start.

Your Instructors will be

Charlie Griffin– Urban Survival

Studied Monitoring Climate from Space at ESA – European Space Agency

Studied Shale gas & fracking at Nottingham Uni/De Montfort Uni/Nottm Trent Uni

Studied Causes of Climate Change at Uni.Bergen

Studied at Exeter Uni UK

Studied Our changing climate past and present. at Uni. Reading, United Kingdom

Tom Linden– Nuclear Survival

Radio Host, Prepper, Survivalist

Nick Foot– Basic self defense

Martial arts coach teaching Ju-Jutsu , Self-defence, Ninpo Tai-Jutsu , JKD-Kali ,Boxing Kick-boxing

Fiona Griffin– health and well being and womens probs

Manages Griffin Holistic Healing

Ian Talbot First aid

Ian has about 40 years doing event cover both music and motor race events he is qualified to do

Contract work to EMAS. And he holds insurance to train and provide event cover.

He is a First aid, cat bleed, airway management trainer.

Mark Bannon Ham Radio

Worked at: Government & Semi-State Organisations

Course Contents

Basic Nuclear Survival Techniques

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Terrorist Attack
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical attacks by terrorists are just a matter of time.
You will be shown basic methods you can use to diminish the effects of these attacks and allow you to escape the area to safety.
4 Hours split into 2 sessions.

Fire Lighting
You will be shown different methods of fire lighting, as well as different types of fires for different situations and weather conditions.
An Hour

Field Hygiene
You will learn how keep yourself clean, how to prepare game and other foods in a safe and hygienic way.
Toilet procedures will also be covered.
1 Hour


How to use a compass and a map, and how to navigate without these tools.

Basic Shelters
Here you will be shown the basic shelter systems that will protect you from the elements, you will learn how to build them and improve them to make you even more comfortable.
2 Hours.


We are advising how to prep for Brexit without breaking the bank or turning people into hardened preppers ….
It should be like an insurance policy and most take those out don’t they.

Of those already stockpiling food, the most popular items include staples such as flour, olive oil, dried pasta, rice, powdered milk, coffee and tinned items such as tomatoes and sardines. Other “luxuries” such as chocolate, and over-the-counter medicines such as painkillers and antihistamines feature too.

But don’t forget water, either stored, or have a purification method to use.

The best foods to buy are the ones you would normally use, so there is no change in your diet.

Remember all tinned foods can be eaten cold if you have no way of heating them.

Beginning your preparation.

What food to buy

Alternative heating and cooking methods

Finding wild food in urban areas

Finding wild food in rural areas

Water purification

Building up your preps, or stockpiling to survive the lean times.

What about OTC medicines, daily meds?

Communication, information gathering

Avoiding civil unrest

Home security

Personal security

Survival Communication
Comms during a SHTF situation can save lives, and they can also make things so much easier
You will learn basic radio procedures, why and how to used the different radio systems available to you.
1 Hour

First Aid

You will learn basic techniques for dealing with misslie injuries, tripos slips and falls, resulting in abrasions, cuts breaks etc.

Emotional Trauma
We also have a qualified Reiki practitioner who will be talking about issues that affect women in a catastrophic event dealing with subjects such as menstruation, pregnancy and babies.

She will also be talking about Emotional Trauma during and after a catastrophic event and how our mental well-being can be improved without relying on infrastructure for men, women & children.

NB. all timings are approximate and lessons may overrun, they are not set in stone. Ask questions and practice these new skills.

Full First Aid cover is also provided during the course.

Total course cost £250

SPECIAL OFFER: save £70 by booking on the course before march 1st 2019 With £100 non refundable deposit and the balance of £80 paid on or before 12th April 2019.

PLEASE send an email to for booking and ticket details.
PAYPAL payments can now be made with this address

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THE COMPLETE NUCLEAR SURVIVAL GUIDE by Tom Linden is available below:

Tom is an instructor on the course.