This Week’s Show 21st June 2018

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Beginning this week’s show with the Wilderness Gathering and moving on to The Water -to-Go 15% Discount Offer, The Blizzard Survival 20% Discount Offer, You Could Not Make it Up, Treating Wounds with Sugar, Preppers will be next, “BREAK” Dandelion Flower Schnapps, The 1TAC Paracord Survival Bracelet Review, The 1TAC Paracord Survival Keychain Review,The 1TAC Tactical Pen, Review,The HL1200 Tactical Headlight – with Real CREE XM-L2 LED Review, Wild Animals for Food, The Emergency Information System.

The Wilderness Gathering

If you’ve never been to the Gathering before and you love nature and the outdoors, then this is the family show for you – The Wilderness Gathering is a unique Bushcraft event, it is the longest running and still the original festival of bushcraft, survival and primitive living skills.

The Gathering has become a social event and brings together families and friends, all those interested in Bushcraft and Wilderness living skills to enjoy a weekend of knowledge sharing in a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere

Live Music

Not only is the Gathering the place you to come to – to learn new skills, brush up on your old ones and meet some of the best bushcraft experts in the country but it has also become, over the past fifteen years, the place you come to – to gather and socialise round the campfire with friends, old and new.

Children’s Bushcraft

The Coyote Clubs were introduced in 2005 and host a comprehensive range of events and activities specifically tailored for children from 5 to 15 year old.

The Masterclass

The Masterclasses were introduced in 2005 and are your opportunity to study your favourite Bushcraft subject in depth with a leading Bushcraft instructors.

Where is it?

Located on a South Wiltshire farm with lakes and 30 acres of old oak woodlands. You get access to woodlands and fields to erect whatever shelter you want.

Add to this great food, local cider, mead, evening entertainment. great people and it’s now over 5 days it has to time to get booked

The Water -to-GO 15% Discount Offer

Now you can drink safely from any water source with the water-to-go filter bottle. It removes fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals from tap water.

It removes Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa, Cysts, bad taste and odour from dirty water sources.

In fact if you drink water, then get yourself a Water-to-Go filter bottle as it’s cheaper than drinking bottled water and it’s cleaner too. Get 15% discount at the checkout, code word premprep

Blizzard Survival 20% Discount Offer

Blizzard Survival .com have a fantastic offer for you the listener they are offering a 20% discount on all goods bought from them at

The Ultimate in Lightweight Thermal Protection.

The Blizzard Survival Brand incorporating Reflexcell™ material has become the new standard wherever thermal performance in a lightweight compact package is essential – for military use, casualty care, emergency preparedness, disaster relief, personal survival, outdoor activities…and more.

Reflexcell™ products are totally unique: weight-for-weight far warmer than goose down, yet 100% weatherproof, tough, ultra-portable and re-usable.

Life-saving technology has never been so affordable.

All you have to do to get a 20% discount is enter the code “PREPPER” at the checkout, it is that simple. Thank you Blizzard

You Could Not Make it Up

Victims of crime will be asked to write their own police statements online under a new ‘self-service’ plan by one of the country’s biggest forces.

They will also be asked to upload evidence such as CCTV and phone camera footage of offences being committed.

Announcing the pilot scheme, to be launched by the West Midlands force later this year, Chief Constable Dave Thompson said ‘the public are just as capable as the police’.

It overturns generations of traditional policing where only an officer or trained member of staff can gather evidence.

But Mr Thompson said forces need to move towards ‘self-service’ to save money and give the public more choice on reporting crime.

He suggested victims could write their own accounts of simple offences such as shoplifting, criminal damage and road accidents.

And he said other forces were experimenting with similar ideas, including web chats. These include the Metropolitan Police, Devon and Cornwall, Avon and Somerset, and East Midlands.

So according to Chief Constable Dave Thompson ‘the public are just as capable as the police’.

Either that means that there is no need to train cops any more or that they must be trained so therefore so must we, if we are going to do their jobs for them.

That then leads to hours investigating crimes against us, with no warrant card, uniform or offical capacity at all, no pay, insurance or training.

This idea is a complete joke, we pay out of our taxes for a police force and we should not be asked to do their work for them.

Treating Wounds with Sugar

The information I will give you now is not medical advice, and should not be considered as such OK.

Any wound, cut or abrasion has the potential of becoming infected if not treated promptly and effectively. Certain wounds that become infected can be serious leading to loss of a limb and or possibly loss of life.

For over 4,000 years, medical practitioners have known about the wound healing properties of sugar.

Now in Europe and in the U.K. in particular doctors, nurses and others directly responsible for the treatment of wounds and burns are bringing back this 4,000-year-old treatment.

Trials using patients with wounds have shown that the ancient treatment works.

The reason sugar works to treat wounds is because sugar tends to draw water into its midst, through osmosis.

This action both dries the bed of the wound to promote new tissue growth and dehydrates the bacterium that causes the infections in wounds, leaving the bacteria weak and fragile.

However sugar taken orally will not destroy bacteria inside the body.

The reason why it works is because sugar is hygroscopic and functions to dehydrate all bacteria.

Bacterium of course requires water to survive and to multiply. Thus, the lack of water results in bacterial death.

When bacteria die, they cannot reproduce. Therefore, infection cannot occur if all bacteria are eliminated in and around the wound.

Some studies have concluded that honey mixed with sugar can enhance the healing.

It may be that the viscosity of the honey allows greater penetration into the wound and allows better contact with the wound. Honey also has certain anti-bacterial properties according to some experts.

The same theory applies when cooking oil is mixed with sugar to treat wounds.

The oil or honey is mixed with sugar and applied as a salve. Petroleum jelly can also be applied to the bandage to help keep the sugar in place.

Puncture wounds are typically left open to promote healing.

A simple salve of sugar applied to the wound and covered loosely once it has stopped bleeding has the greatest effect according to most.

Sugar in its granulated form will draw the moisture from the wound, which kills off the bacteria and prevents further growth.

In a survival situation, sprinkling granulated sugar in a wound may very well stop or prevent a serious infection.

You must have clean water to irrigate the wound so that fresh sugar can be reapplied.

Depending on the severity of the wound, you would change the dressing of sugar two to four times daily.

Proper hand sanitation is critical as well as having clean bandages available.

Used cotton bandages can be rinsed well with clean water and then boiled for 10 minutes or longer to sterilize.

The drying and handling process must be such as to prevent contamination of the bandages.

You can also mix povidone iodine (10 percent solution) with the sugar creating a paste to apply to the wound.

The iodine will kill any bacteria present in and around the wound and the sugar will help stop any new growth.


Povidone iodine should be used with caution in: kidney disease.

It should not be used in: patients with known or suspected sensitivity to iodine, children aged under 2 years or premature babies (depending on brand), and deep wounds.

Povidone iodine should not be used regularly in thyroid disease, or in patients receiving lithium treatment.

The sugar paste is applied only after the wound has stopped bleeding and after the wound has been properly irrigated to remove any debris from the wound.

Putting sugar and/or honey on a bleeding wound may cause it to bleed even more because they may interfere with the clotting process.


People tend to want to suture wounds in a survival situation before attempting other methods of wound closure or protection.

Suturing is invasive and you should only suture if all other non-invasive methods have failed, when butterfly bandages or standard plasters will not close the wound properly for example.

Suture however, when bone can be seen or when you can see fatty tissue, which is yellow in colour.

Closing a wound that has not been properly cleaned can trap debris/bacteria in the wound and could prevent the sugar and iodine if used from making contact with all parts of the wound.

Suturing may be necessary if you do not have the means to treat the wound or cover the wound to prevent contamination, or the wound simply refuses to begin the healing process because of the separation of the tissue.

However, if you do suture the wound you would still want to apply the sugar and/or other topical antiseptic.

Once again, this is merely an opinion and is not medical advice. There will always be disagreement on when and how to suture and on how to treat wounds, so always consult with a medical professional before beginning any outdoor adventure.

What Is In a Survival Medical Kit for Treating Wounds?

Add granulated sugar to the list of items.

Sugar you find in the shops will work as long as it is pure granulated sugar. The physical properties of granulated sugar play an important role.

Make sure you have bandages (compression and pressure) and/or clean material to make bandages.

Clean water is critical so you will need the means to collect and purify a water source.

Topical antiseptics such as povidone iodine should be in the kit as well.

Have material for a tourniquet in your kit and know how and when to use one. There are specific times when one is needed.

Constricting or stopping blood flow to a limb can cause damage to tissue that is irreversible and can cause the loss of limb.

Typically, a tourniquet is applied when there is an amputation of a limb or when there is, an arterial wound and bleeding cannot be controlled by compression.

Have a suture kit but again know how and when to suture a wound.

Have thermal blankets for treating shock

Medical Gloves

Razor knife or scalpel that has been protected from contamination

Over the counter or prescription pain medications

The list is by no means comprehensive. In fact it must be adapted to suit specific needs.

Sugar will have to be packed so that it does not absorb moisture from the air and so it is not contaminated with dirt and other debris.

Allowing the sugar to absorb moisture may reduce its effectiveness in treating wounds.

How much sugar do you pack, this depends. Assume you would have to treat yourself and anyone with you.

One sugar packet the same kind found on restaurant tables probably would be considered one treatment if the wound is small. You would need up to four or more treatments per day, per wound.

Do not forgo professional medical treatment just because you have sugar on the wound. Seek medical help immediately if available.

This information is for emergency treatment only and the described treatments will have varying degrees of effectiveness.

Preppers will be next

My fellow preppers the times are a changing for real.

Governments here and in the US are planning to curtail our liberties in the name of freedom and security and that we all know is a total con.

If they were bothered about security then our borders would not be left open to all and sundry to simply walk across.

If they were bothered about freedom then they would not be forcing GM crops on us, stopping us from growing food or from storing water, they would not be planning to take our guns away and they would not be snooping on us at every turn, would they?

I have mentioned on previous shows that it is now illegal in New Zealand and some US states to grow your own food and to sell it or give it away or to store rain water.

I also mentioned in previous shows that the EU is now planning to make it illegal to store heirloom seeds or grow anything that is not on their list.

Most of these liberties are openly enjoyed by the general public, but my friends they are actually aimed at you the prepper and survivalist to prevent you being able to independently survive.

If a new law is passed here in the UK then anyone who criticises Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an “extremist” under sweeping new powers planned by the Conservatives to combat terrorism.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, unveiled plans last month for so-called Extremism Disruption Orders, which would allow judges to ban people deemed extremists from broadcasting, protesting in certain places or even posting messages on Facebook or Twitter without permission.

Mrs May outlined the proposal in a speech at the Tory party conference in which she spoke about the threat from the so-called Islamic State – also known as Isis and Isil – and the Nigerian Islamist movement Boko Haram.

These new orders would extend to any activities that “justify hatred” against people on the grounds of religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability.

The obvious problem with this is that Leftists and Islamic supremacists constantly advance the false claim that opposition to jihad terror and Islamic supremacism is justifying hatred against people, and the this government clearly endorses this view.

So this law will be used to curtail any opposition to the advance of Sharia in the UK.

In the US the Government is actively seeking those who criticize government, specifically Barack Obama, and arresting them without charging them.

They are remanded to mental health institutions where they are given “training” on how to view the world.

Remind you of a little book that George Orwell wrote?

It gets worse.
Most of the victims of the government’s kidnapping scheme are veterans.

In the four years since the start of Operation Vigilant Eagle, the government has steadily ramped up its campaign to “silence” dissidents, especially those with military backgrounds.

Coupled with the DHS’ dual reports on Right wing and Left wing “Extremism,” which broadly define extremists as individuals and groups “that are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favour of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely,” these tactics have boded ill for anyone seen as opposing the government.

One particularly troubling mental health label being applied to veterans and others who challenge the status quo is “oppositional defiance disorder” (ODD).

The ODD denotes that the person exhibits ‘symptoms’ such as the questioning of authority, the refusal to follow directions, stubbornness, the unwillingness to go along with the crowd, and the practice of disobeying or ignoring orders.

Persons may also receive such a label if they are considered free thinkers, nonconformists, or individuals who are suspicious of large, centralized government…

At one time the accepted protocol among mental health professionals was to reserve the diagnosis of oppositional defiance disorder for children or adolescents who exhibited uncontrollable defiance toward their parents and teachers.”

The case of 26-year-old decorated Marine Brandon Raub—who was targeted because of his Facebook posts, interrogated by government agents about his views on government corruption, arrested with no warning.

Labelled mentally ill for subscribing to so-called “conspiratorial” views about the government, detained against his will in a psych ward for standing by his views, and isolated from his family, friends and attorneys—is a prime example of the government’s war on veterans.

So how many of you admit that you too have had such thoughts about the parasites in our elected houses?

OK we only have ourselves to blame as we voted for them.

But they are now becoming a deadly enemy as they trample over our laws and constitutions in a mad race to their NWO.

Successive US governments have continuously chipped away at the provisions of the American

Constitution to a point where it in real terms no longer exists.

Here in the UK a former Prime Minister was either black mailed because of his alleged paedophile activities or openly conned the UK into the vile EU government that now passes over 70% of our laws.

Now is the time to practice OPSEC as if they do not know what we’re doing then there is less chance of them being able to disrupt our plans.

If your laws allow you to open carry or to concealed carry, or as it is in the UK carry a non-locking pen knife with a 3” or less cutting blade then you must exercise this right as if you do not it will be removed that I can say for sure.

Surely now you can see that our elected government is following a pre-planned course of oppression against its very only population and it therefore now more than ever up to us to secure our own future and the system has no intention of helping us no matter what happens.


Dandelion Flower Schnapps

Time for something a little more adult.. So you want to make hard liquor do you! Well with this recipe you can use either fresh dandelion flower heads or the fresh roots,

The roots can be a little muddy so here is the Dandelion Flower Schnapps recipe instead.

Pick the flowers in spring or summer when in full flower or are just about to open the key to a honey like flavour is to get the young flowers.

Depending on how much you want to make is how much flowers you’ll need, for a cup of schnapps you’ll need two thirds of a cup of prepared flowers.

Here is what you do

Clean the Dandelion flowers by removing the green casing that holds the flower head (the sepal) making sure that you remove everything that is green whilst also trying to leave the flowers whole (it doesn’t really matter if they break up a bit it will just make it easier to remove them).
Use clean glass jars with tight-fitting lids, fill as many to 2/3 full of flower heads that you need.

Each should be 2/3’s full of cleaned flower heads and then topped up with unflavoured vodka – 40% min, making sure that all of the flower heads are covered but there is a little air above.

Let it steep in a dark place at room temperature to steep for 1-7 days.

Shake lightly and taste it from time to time. When the perfect Dandelion flavour has been achieved strain and filter your infusion into a clean glass bottle with a sealable lid.

If for any unfortunate reason the flavour is found to be lacking why not add some honey.

The Dandelion flower schnapps should be enjoyed within a few of days, as it will not keep for long.
I keep my Schnapps in the freezer, but you will taste the flavours of Dandelion more at room temperature, either way it’s a matter of taste.

The 1TAC Paracord Survival Bracelet Review

The 1Tac Paracord Survival Bracelet is the all-around must-have survival tool on the market today.

Fashioned from military-grade parachute cord, the 1Tac Survival Bracelet packs a multitude of lifesaving features.

It’s expedition ready, super stylish and features 9’ of super strong, 550 test military spec paracord.

In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for your use.

Make a tourniquet, tie down a piece of equipment or use however the situation requires.

This bracelet is equipped with a stainless steel fire striker and flint, 8 function multi-toll, survival whistle, thermometer and compass.

It has everything you need to help you out of a emergency situation.


  • (1) Paracord Survival Bracelet (Black)

  • 9″ x 1″

Product Description

  • All-Weather Paracord Survival Bracelet (Black)

  • 9FT of 7-Strand Waterproof & Mildew Resistant Mil-Spec Parachute Cord

  • Maximum Tension Resistance : 550lbs

  • Stainless Steel Striker/Cutter to strike Flint Fire Rod to Create Spark & Start a Fire

  • Metal Striker can be used to cut Paracord and Inner Strands

  • Hidden 8-Function Multi-Tool: Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Scraper Tools

  • Survival Whistle

  • Durable Plastic Clasp

  • Thermometer

  • Compass

Firstly it looks great, very neat and functional.

Both the thermometer and the compass work well when tested against ones I know work,the magnesium rod and strike produce decent sparks and with the addition of an emergency whistle and a hidden 8-Function Multi-Tool: Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Scraper Tools it means that all in all it’s great value and as with anything paracord it has many more uses that as just a bracelet.

The 1TAC Paracord Survival Keychain Review

The 1Tac weatherproof Paracord Keychain is both functional and discreet. Fashioned from military-grade parachute cord, the 1Tac Survival Keychain has 7’ of super strong, 550 test military spec paracord.

In an emergency, unravel the keychain to deploy the paracord for your use.

Make a tourniquet, tie down a piece of equipment or use however the situation requires. This keychain is equipped with a stainless steel fire striker and flint, emergency whistle, stainless steel keyring and stainless steel carabiner clip.

Be sure you’re always prepared by carrying the 1Tac Keychain with you at all times.


  • (1) Paracord Survival Keychain (Black)

  • 10” x 1”

Product Description

  • All-WeatherParacord Survival Keychain (Black)

  • 7FT of 7-Strand Waterproof & Mildew Resistant Mil-Spec Parachute Cord

  • Maximum Tension Resistance : 550lbs

  • Stainless Steel Striker/Cutter to strike Flint Fire Rod to Create Spark & Start a Fire

  • Metal Striker can be used to cut Paracord and Inner Strands

  • Survival Whistle

  • Stainless Steel Carabiner Clip

  • Stainless Steel Key Ring

  • Durable Plastic Clasp

  • Stainless Steel Striker/Cutter

  • Rustproof Flint Fire Rod

  • Emergency Whistle

  • Stainless Steel Carabiner Clip

This paracord survival keychain

is made from 7ft of 550lbds and comes with a magnesium rod and a striker/cutter and even has an emergency whistle built into the clasp, I like it and have it with me daily on my belt loop.

The 1TAC Tactical Pen Review

Over view

  1. Lightweight and Durable Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, Multi-Function Weatherproof Tactical Pen

  2. Matte Black Anodized Finish Featuring Diamond-Cut Non-Slip Grip

  3. Includes Tungsten Steel Glass Break Tip, Removable Steel Blade, Easy-Writing Med. Tip Ball Point Pen, Integrated 80 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight

  4. Includes (1) Pen Refill and (2) Sets of Batteries

  5. Equipped with Pocket Clip for use as Cap Light

  6. Used by Police, Military and First Responders


  1. (1) Aircraft Grade Aluminum Tactical Pen (Matte Black)

  2. (1) Integrated Tungsten Steel Glass Break Tip

  3. (1) Removable Razor Sharp Steel Blade (1.25”in length)

  4. (1) Ballpoint Pen

  5. (1) Replacement Ballpoint Pen

  6. (1) 80 Lumen LED Light

  7. (1) Integrated Steel Pocket Clip for use as Cap-Light

  8. (2) Sets LR936 Replacement Batteries

  9. Weight: 1.23 oz

  10. Dimensions: 5.90”in length

  11. User Manual with Discount Code for Future Purchases

I own tactical pens and thought that I had seen them all. But I have to say that this pen is miles above the others, and here is why I say that.

Firstly it is lightweight and Durable made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, and is Multi-Functional and Weatherproof.

It’s Matte Black and has an Anodized Finish and features a diamond-Cut Non-Slip Grip with an

The pen includes a Tungsten Steel Glass Breaker Tip,a Removable Steel Blade,

It really is an Easy-Writing Med. Tip Ball Point Pen,

And finally it even has an integrated 80 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight

Includes (1) Pen Refill and (2) Sets of Batteries

Equipped with Pocket Clip for use as Cap Light

Used by Police, Military and First Responders

To say I love it is an understatement.

The HL1200 Tactical Headlight – with Real CREE XM-L2 LED Review

The 1TAC HL1200, is the newest tactical, 10 Watt, high power headlight from the most innovative brand in tactical lighting technology.

The HL1200 Tactical Headlight features a solid-state, US made Cree XM-L2 LED technology that generates 20 percent more maximum output than the standard XML T6. With up to 1200 lumens of blinding white light focused by a parabolic reflector into a versatile beam with significant reach and ample surround light for maintaining good situational awareness, it is crucial in any situation.

CREE LED flashlights are trusted by military, firemen, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and police officers all over the world as it’s one of the Brightest Tactical Headlights for Sale that’s on the market!

The HL1200 Tactical Headlight is an incredible all-around LED light for use outdoors, work or around the household.

The HL1200 comes with all of the features you’d expect to find on a durable, military-grade headlamp. Aircraft grade Anodized aluminum construction and O-ring seals mean this light is tough and reliable.

The lamp itself features a 90 degree tilt. The battery box, which also serves as the battery charger, displays a red indicator for whichever mode you’re currently using (High, Medium or Strobe).

The beam can be focused at x1, x250, x500, x1000 and x2000 according to the zoom you want. An IP65 waterproofing standard protects this light against water, while its durable materials protect against drops, impacts, scratches, and corrosion.

The weatherproof headband is easily adjustable to comfortably fit any head size.

By combining rugged durability and cutting edge design, HL1200 Headlamp is truly top notch, well-rounded light. At 1.41 inches long by 2.99 inches wide, 1TAC has made this the perfect size for a compact yet super powerful headlamp.


  • (1) 1200 Lumen CREE XM-L2 LED, Rechargeable / Zoomable Headlamp

  • Accepts (2)18650 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries (batteries included)

Included 18650 Rechargeable Dual Battery Wall Adapter

  • Dimensions: 1.41” x 2.99”

  • 6.35 oz

  • CREE XM-L2 (Made in the US)

  • 3 Powerful Modes (High, Med, Strobe) with 2000 meter Zoom Capability

  • 100,000 Hour Lamplife

  • Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum

  • (1) User Manual with Discount Code for Future Purchases

1TAC – HL1200 Tactical Headlamp Product Description

  • Compact and Ultra lightweight

  • Cree XM-L2 HI LED up to 1200 Lumens with a LAMP lifespan of 100,000 hours

  • Simple operation – On/Off switch for selecting the 3 brightness levels

  • 3 brightness levels including High, Medium and Strobe

  • Up to 500 meter zoom capability telescoping head

  • Rechargeable batter pack for use with included (2) 18650 Li-Ion Batteries

  • Weatherproof / Adjustable headband

  • Waterproof to IP65 Standard

  • Digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness

  • Over heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface

  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy

  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

  • Strictly in line with ANSI Standard

This tactical headlamp has to be the bees knees of headtorches.

It not only looks and feels like a professional head torch, it is a professional head torch.

It is solid but not heavy it works on 2AA batteries or 2AA rechargeable ones, as it comes with a charger and rechargeable batteries.

It is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy weighing in at 6.35oz and is waterproof.

There are three brightness settings including strobe and has up to a 500 meter zoom capability telescoping head .

Although it comes with a charger it is an American two-pin one so you will need a travel adapter but that is not a reason not to buy this headlamp.

Wild Animals for Food

When forced to live off of the land you first thoughts with regard to food should not be directed at large game. Large game is harder to kill and usually more wary of people. Small animals will provide you with a more consistent source of protein.

Relatively few animals are poisonous so learning which ones to avoid is fairly simple. You can, with relatively few exceptions, eat anything that crawls, swims, walks, or flies.

The first obstacle is overcoming your natural aversion to a particular food source. You wouldn’t want to starve while surrounded by food.

The most abundant food source on earth is the lowly insect. They are easily caught. Insects are actually higher in protein than beef by a factor of more than three.

So insects can be an extremely important survival food. Insects to avoid include all adults that sting or bite, hairy or brightly coloured insects, and caterpillars and insects that have a pungent odor.

Also avoid spiders and common disease carriers such as ticks, flies, and mosquitoes.

Rotting logs are great places to look for a insects including ants, termites, beetles, and grubs.

Grassy areas, such as fields, are good areas to search because the insects are plentiful and easily seen. Stones, boards, or other materials lying on the ground provide the insects with good nesting sites.

Check these sites for insect larvae. Insects such as beetles and grasshoppers that have a hard outer shell will have parasites. Cook them before eating.

Remove any wings and barbed legs also. Mixing insects with plant material is a good way to overcome aversion to eating such distasteful food.

Worms are an excellent protein source. Dig for them in damp rich soil. After capturing them, drop them into clean, potable water for a few minutes so that they will first purge themselves. Then you can eat them either cooked or raw.


(crawfish) are basically small lobsters. Crayfish love meat and if they are present you can catch them with a piece of rotting meat and a string. Don’t waste good meat as bait. Use discarded pieces that aren’t suitable to eat.


will come to bait placed at the edge of the surf, where you can trap or net them. Crabs are nocturnal and caught best at night but daytime can be productive for them as well.

Again meat on a string slowly lifted will allow you to scoop them up in a net or something before they let go. I have had great success with a limpet on a string Boil them before eating.

This class includes octopuses and freshwater and saltwater shellfish such as snails, clams, mussels, bivalves, barnacles, periwinkles, and sea urchins. All of these make excellent food.
Near the sea, search in the tidal pools and the wet sand.

Rocks along beaches or extending as reefs into deeper water often bear clinging shellfish. Snails and limpets cling to rocks and seaweed from the low water mark upward.

Mussels may be poisonous in tropical zones during the summer! Steam, boil, or bake mollusks in the shell. They make excellent stews.

Do not eat shellfish that are not covered by water at high tide!
Fish represent a good source of protein and fat. They offer some distinct advantages to the survivor. They are usually more abundant than mammal wildlife.

To be successful at catching fish, you must know their habits. For instance, fish tend to feed heavily before a storm.

Fish are not likely to feed after a storm when the water is muddy and swollen. Light often attracts fish at night. Fish will also gather where there are deep pools, under overhanging brush, and in and around submerged foliage, logs, or other objects that offer them shelter.

There are no poisonous freshwater fish. However, the catfish species has sharp, needle like protrusions on its dorsal fins as has the Perch. These can inflict painful puncture wounds that quickly become infected.

Cook all fish to kill parasites when possible but saltwater species a generally safe to eat raw. Only saltwater fish can be poisonous.

Avoid eating anything other than the meat. Intestines and eggs should be avoided as they might be poisonous.
All species of birds are edible. You can take pigeons from their roost at night by hand. During the spring you might be able to pluck some birds straight off of a nest they are protecting.

Other than that the best way to catch birds for food is through the use of traps. Traps allow you to work on other things while the trap works silently and patiently for you. Nesting birds present another opportunity… eggs.

Mammals are excellent protein source. Traps whether modern or primitive are the best way to go about catching them. A swift hit on the back of the head will kill any animals you catch instantly.

There are many different kinds of traps. Which one or ones you use will depend on your location and circumstances.
Look for the following:
Runs and trails.
Chewed or rubbed vegetation.
Nesting or roosting sites.
Feeding and watering areas.

Position your traps and snares where there is proof that animals pass through. Placing non-baited traps randomly will almost never catch any food.

You must remove or mask the human scent on and around the trap you set.

Concentrate your trapping efforts on birds as they are more mobile and can’t smell so your scent won’t scare them away from the trap like it will with most mammals.

Actually removing the scent from a trap is difficult but masking it is relatively easy. Use the fluid from the gall and urine bladders of previous kills. Mud, particularly from the area also helps. Also use it to coat your hands when handling the trap and to coat the trap when setting it.

Traps or snares placed on a trail or run should use sticks to guide the animal to move where you want it to. A line of sticks stuck in the ground can serve this purpose. Although it stands out to you and me but to a rabbit, it doesn’t really throw up any red flags in their minds.

Use of Bait
Baiting a trap greatly increases your chances of success. When catching fish, you must bait nearly all the devices. Success with an un-baited trap depends on its placement in a good location. A baited trap will actually draw animals to it. When using bait scatter bits of it around the trap to give the prey a chance to sample it.

You must know how to prepare fish and game for cooking and storage in a survival situation. Improper cleaning or storage can result in inedible fish or game.

Do not eat fish that appears spoiled. Cooking does not ensure that spoiled fish will be edible. Signs of spoilage are:
Sunken eyes.
Peculiar odor.
Suspicious color. (Gills should be red to pink. Scales should be a pronounced shade of gray, not faded.)
Dents stay in the fish’s flesh after pressing it with your thumb.
Slimy, rather than moist or wet body.
Sharp or peppery taste.
You can impale a whole fish on a stick and cook it over an open fire. However, boiling the fish with the skin on is the best way to get the most food value.

The fats and oil are under the skin and, by boiling, you can save the juices for broth.
To skin a snake, first cut off its head and bury it. Then cut the skin down the body 15 to 20 centimetres.

Peel the skin back, then grasp the skin in one hand and the body in the other and pull apart.

On large, bulky snakes it may be necessary to slit the belly skin. Cook snakes in the same manner as small game. Remove the entrails and discard. Cut the snake into small sections and boil or roast it.

After killing the bird, remove its feathers by either plucking or skinning. Remember, skinning removes some of the food value. Open up the body cavity and remove its entrails, saving the craw (in seed-eating birds), heart, and liver.

Cut off the feet. Cook by boiling or roasting over a spit. Before cooking scavenger birds, boil them at least 20 minutes to kill parasites.

Skinning and Butchering Game
Bleed the animal by cutting its throat. If possible, clean the carcass near a stream. Place the carcass belly up and split the hide from throat to tail, cutting around all sexual organs. Remove the musk glands at points A and B to avoid tainting the meat. For smaller mammals, cut the hide around the body and insert two fingers under the hide on both sides of the cut and pull both pieces off.

The Emergency Information System

The three most important factors in surviving a disaster are physical fitness, training, and knowledge.

The first two are the hardest to achieve since it takes considerable time to get, and stay fit, as well as practice those skills vital to a survival situation. But the knowledge part is easy.

I keep a modest collection of books at home that cover a wide range of subjects, everything from learning how to stitch a wound, to how to build a greenhouse.

But if there was a major disaster and I had to evacuate to a retreat location, it would be impossible to bring my books with me.

A few years back I thought of bringing my laptop, with all my books in PDF format loaded on the hard drive. But laptops were pretty heavy, fragile, and had a short battery life.

And how would you recharge the batteries if you had no power? Laptops run on between 7.2 V to 14.8 V. so even if you brought along a 12v solar panel you’d be hard pressed to get the battery fully charged even in direct sunlight.

Without electricity the only ways to recharge a laptop were through your vehicles 12v cigarette lighter using a DC/AC inverter, or from a portable generator.

So if you were bugging out on foot, then don’t bother bringing the laptop.

But the latest generation of e-readers, smart phones, and tablets have solved all these problems.

The first problem solved is weight and size, Smart Phones and Tablets are much smaller and lighter than laptops, and if you get a sturdy case for them they can withstand a bit of rough handling.

The battery life is also much longer, anywhere from 4 to 14 hours.

The best part is that they all can be recharged from a 5.5V, 500mA source.

This means that not only will my 12 volt 5 watt solar panel be more than adequate to recharge the battery, but on cloudy days I could also recharge it using either a hand charger or pedal generator.

The whole kit consisting of a tablet, solar panel, hand charger, and bicycle generator, could fit in a messenger pouch 7” X 12’ X 2.5” and would weigh just over 3lbs.

Even if you had to evacuate on foot, it is well worth the space and weight to carry this kit since not only will you have access to hundreds of important books and manuals, but you could also watch some of your favourite movies on a flash drive.

Anyone who has been without TV, internet and Wi-Fi for a few days knows how dull and boring things can get. Watching a good movie once a day would greatly improve morale.

And since you have three alternative methods of recharging the battery, you’ll always be able to have it running when you need to.

In addition the battery chargers can be used to recharge your radios and flashlights too.

Flash Drives

Most Smart Phones and Tablets have enough on-board memory to store a couple of hundred books easily, but I don’t want to store my survival information on my Tablet for two reasons.

First, most don’t have that much storage space to begin with and since a survival library is something you would need only in an emergency, I don’t want to use up the internal memory when I’m using the device during everyday activities.

The second reason is security. Think how fast you would end up in an ‘interrogation room’ if you are stopped at the boarder or pulled over by police and they discover there are books on ‘Escape and Evade Tactics’ and ‘Military Training Manuals’ on your smart phone.

There is nothing illegal about reading such books, I have them to be better prepared to survive a disaster, not plan a terrorist attack.

But since law enforcement can’t seem to tell the difference between the two, I prefer to keep my possession of such material discreet. A Flash Drive or SD Card are easy to hide or conceal.

Many smart phones, tablets, and e-readers won’t allow you to use an external flash drive to upload content without either buying extra adapters and/or installing software and drivers.

Before deciding on which device you want to use as part of your Emergency Information System, do some research on whether that particular model has a standard USB port, a Micro USB port, or a SD Card slot, and if they are configured as an input. (Some USB ports are only used for charging and can’t transfer information at all.)

An Emergency Information System should be a a vital part to your bug-out kit since having access to a library of medical, wilderness, survival, technical, and homesteading books can provide you with the knowledge to overcome any obstacle and save lives.

In addition, this kit will provide some entertainment to help restore a sense of normalcy during a disaster, which is especially vital if you have children with you.

Putting together a kit consisting of a Tablet, Solar Charger, Hand charger or even a bicycle charger and a couple of flash drives is not expensive at all.

I recommend you carry three flash drives. One for your survival and prepping books, another with all your personal information and scanned copies of your important ID and credit cards, and a third, or more, loaded with your favourite movies or YouTube videos.


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