This week’s show 28th March 2019

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I start this week’s extremely packed show with its Never Too late to Start Prepping, and then onto:

  • Breeding Rabbits to Eat,
  • The following companies have supported this station,
  • Survival Preparedness is a process or a condition of being prepared to survive,
  • Power Cuts Happen,
  • Treat Your Water or Die,
  • Wood Pigeons in a Pot with Plums,
  • Here are some more companies to support,
  • Adjustable Knife Lanyard Review,
  • Bartering Your Skills,
  • Emergency Essentials,
  • Further Companies to Support,
  • Some of My Favourite Recipes,
  • The Benefits of Animals When Living Off the Grid,
  • The M1 Ridge Knife Review,
  • Wilderness Myths,
  • Wilderness Hygiene,
  • Why do Some of Us Find it easier to Survive Than Others?,
  • Traveling
    with Vehicles during a Crisis or Survival Situation,
  • The Humble Dandelion,
  • Urban Survival Preparation– Testing the Bug Out Plan,
  • Every Day Carry (EDC),
  • A Tough Question,
  • Survival Hygiene,
  • Surviving the Effects of Nuclear Weapons,
  • Crossing Rivers,
  • Prioritizing Survival Needs Using the Rule Of 3’s

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