This Week’s Show 7th September 2017

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This week I begin with The Wilderness Gathering Report, Birling Gap Gas Incident, the SURVIVAL STILL LAUNCH NOT, the Blizzard Survival 20% Discount Offer, UK Knife Crime, From Camping Mode to Survival Mode, Survival Strategies, Its not a CON-Trail, Preppers Will be Next, My Homemade MRE, Pine Needle Tea.

The Wilderness Gathering Report

There are only 357 days untill the Wilderness Gathering, have you booked yet?

With the 30 acres of old oak forest pre-booked by June this year perhaps it’s something to think about, especially if you could not get a place this year.

Anyway that’s how I feel, I miss it already.

This show is the UK’s top bushcraft show and that’s really down to the dedication and bloody hard work of Roger, Dom and their great team Thank you guys so much and well done.

I really must also thank Charlie and Fiona, Gus and Clare, Steve, Tony, Peter, David Bud (chilli Rum), Fudge for all your help, advice and for making gthe event so enjoyable for me.

As usual the WG was beyound what most people expected, it was very well attended and as previous years we had European mainland visitors again, it was great to see Mahdi from Holland again, there where visitors from South Africa, Belgium, Southern Ireland and Hungry and perhaps others I did not get a chance to meet.

Yes we had a little wet stuff, but less than usual and we probabley got wetter on the inside or at least we tried too.

This year we saw many more kids or at least it looked that to me and they where kept busy busy involved in the Coyotte clubs extensive range of activities.

So if you’ve got a free week in August 2018, (dates to be released) why not book the time off work and have a week of fun and learning in the woods.

Birling Gap Gas Incident

On Friday 25th August 2017 this story appears in on the Dailymail online site

On Sunday the 27th August 2017 this story appeared

And was covered by all the mainstream newspapers and news networks.

Today 29th August 2017 it’s not mentioned in these papers or on the news networks.

The emergency services in Sussex have no comment at all.

I find this all very strange indeed. Two days after it is admitted that NHS staff are carrying 10x atropine for their personal use and that support vehicles are on standby with (enough) for the general public because of a chlorine gas attack, then a “Chlorine Gas” incident occurs and nobody says “is this a terrorist Attack”

Has a D notice been slammed on the press? and if the answer is yes, then why?

In my eyes there is no other explanation to arrive at but for me to say that I think this was an emergency services exercise.

This would explain why only a handful of causalities were actually decontaminated and not everyone who turned up with the same symptoms.

It would also explain why the fire crews and other emergency service workers where photographed walking around “without” HAZCHEM suits. Certainly the RNLI inshore rescue boats crew had no HAZCHEM suits on.

I knew something was not right when a police statement said that there would be no more gas.

I mean how do they know?

Having looked at the wind direction on that day I have to say that an onshore source in northern France is very unlikely.

Having checked EDIS there is no such incident on the Mainland European Coastline.

But EDIS shows the incident in the Beachy Head area.

I suggest that the gas was released from an off shore vessel and that once released the gas itself would screen the vessel from view.

I say this because of the reasons I have given and because the gas drifted onshore. Survival Still

Even though it was sent to me as a gift the Survival Still was captured by UK Customs, great is it not they let tarrorists and returning jahadi fighters back into the country but STOP a package clearly marked as a GIFT and charge me £68 import duty.

Could this be because parcels have no human rights and cannot fight back. So much for favourite nation status.

This is why it was not launched at the WG.


Blizzard Survival 20% Discount Offer

Blizzard Survival .com have a fantastic offer for you the listener they are offering a 20% discount on all goods bought from them at

The Ultimate in Lightweight Thermal Protection.


The Blizzard Survival Brand incorporating Reflexcell™ material has become the new standard wherever thermal performance in a lightweight compact package is essential – for military use, casualty care, emergency preparedness, disaster relief, personal survival, outdoor activities…and more.


Reflexcell™ products are totally unique: weight-for-weight far warmer than goose down, yet 100% weatherproof, tough, ultra-portable and re-usable.


Life-saving technology has never been so affordable.

All you have to do to get a 20% discount is enter the code “PREPPER” at the checkout, it is that simple. Thank you Blizzard Survival.coml 20% Discount Offer

UK Knife Crime

Chief constable Julie Spence, who heads Cambridgeshire Police was I think the first to give a stark public warning by singling out Poles, Lithuanian and Iraqi Kurds who are carrying knives on the streets way back in 2008.

Mrs Spence said: ‘We have had the Iraqi Kurds who carry knives and the Poles and the Lithuanian who carry knives. If it is normal to carry them where you come from, you need to educate them pretty quickly’.

The comments of such a senior officer in an Parliamentary evidence session will spark widespread alarm at a time when the UK is struggling to control knife crime.

Especially as hundreds of thousands more immigrants have poured over our open borders.

Almost a quarter of shops in some towns are breaking knife laws with some selling deadly blades to children as young as 12.

The Local Government Association (LGA) said irresponsible retailers were putting lives at risk, as the latest official figures showed a 20 percent annual rise in knife crime in England and Wales.

These two points alone should have been enough to show this Government what needs to be done to reduce knife crime, but will it take steps to close retail outlet infringements of UK knife law? will it target immigrant communities and gang culture in general with stop and search and hand down stiff prison sentences for those caught breaking UK knife law?

I suspect that as our police are totally politicized and totally PC that nothing of the sort will be done to tackle this surge and really make out streets safer to walk.

What will be done is False Flag campaigns and Government sound bites to pull the wool over the public’s eyes into thinking that these initiatives work.

For example when I look into the knife amnesty initiative, well it’s clear to see that it does not work, I mean how many have we had and knife crime is on the up.

Anyway, as most of the knives that are handed in from old kitchen knives to granddads WW1 Bayonet/souvenir where never going to be on the streets nor used in criminal activities.

We are no safer, who really thinks that a criminal would hand his weapon of choice into the police, unless he had replaced it with another.

The proposed new law to make online buyers physically pick up their purchases will do two things.

Firstly it will drastically affect UK online knife sales putting thousands of lively hoods at great risk, with many companies going out of business.

Secondly it will deprive thousands of the very tools they require to carry out their legal hobbies, pastimes and activities from fishing, shooting, farming, camping to carving and simply collecting to their desires content.

Remember they banned hand guns and gun crime nearly trebled.

Criminals do not apply for licenses, not do they stick to the rules. We as non-criminals should not be legislated against because of this Governments unwillingness to enforce existing and adequate UK knife law.

If YOU, do not also exercise this right it will be removed, there is nothing surer.

Remember knives are only tools and like any tool, say a hammer it can be used to attack someone, but no one calls for hammers to be banned do they?


In the UK it is, totally “legal to carry a non lockable folding pocket knife or multi purpose tool” as long as the cutting edge is 3″ long or less. When stopped by Police and asked why I am carrying it, I only ever reply, “Because the law says I can”. You can get further details here.

From Camping Mode to Survival Mode

Your camping gear is the starting point for your survival plan.

History is a magnificent tool for understanding the present but it is also great at foretelling the future.

If there is one thing you can accurately say about history it is that it will repeat. Peace and war, feast and famine, prosperity and depression, all cycle as random eddies in the river of time.

Thus it is prudent to consider that a desperate situation is not only possible but, if we believe history, quite likely.

This realization mandates developing a mentality and a plan that prepares us for the ability to simply surviving.

What happens if your town has five fire engines and your house becomes the sixth fire burning? Unless you are willing to fight the fire you are just plan out of luck.

So self sufficiency is the way we must learn to think in order to survive.

Survival at Home

Perhaps you have seen the movie “Contagion” where a really bad and untreatable virus spreads throughout the world.

Much of what is enacted in the movie is, in fact, how I think governments would handle such a situation.

Schools and businesses would be simply closed and you might even find yourself restricted to your own home.

This would put us at the mercy of government emergency services.

What happens when the governments’ survival resources run out or are stretched beyond the limit of their capabilities?

Desperate people do desperate things.

If conditions deteriorate to this point, we may need to “get out of Dodge”, so to speak.

Head for the hills.

Here is where preppers and survivalists, in fact campers in general have a decided advantage over the standard population.

In a minimal sense we have to configure for survival every time we just go camping. Whether you are setting up for a weekend trip or a two week one you will have had to addressed these basic survival needs:



protection from the elements

Thus all you have to do is add a food and water stash to your basic camping equipment inventory and you have the core of a survival plan put together.

Choose a couple of good spots to locate your survival camp away from built up areas, as these places will most likely be chaotic.

Again, desperate people do desperate things so get away from the masses.

Gather the tribe.

Plan where your family and selected friends will be when things start falling apart.

They can meet you there where you can pool resources and efforts.

The wolf pack mentality is very useful when in the survival mode.

Setup your survival base camp in a familiar out of the way spot near water ( have a purifier) and natural food sources.

Having the means, knowledge and ability to protect yourself and your loved ones maybe essential to your collective survival.

In the mean time:

Consider learning the following skills:

How to identify and prepare natural foods in your area.

How to start a fire without matches.

How to hunt and fish.

How to shoot and defend yourself.

I know it’s ugly to think about but remember what history has taught us about the dark side of human nature.

Survival Strategies

As a prepper you’re probably into planning. Most likely, you research and study the what is put out by experts. Whether we prepare for incidents small or large, we all ponder what we’d do if something world-as-we-know-it-ending went down.

The trouble is, a lot of the plans that get made are more likely to get you killed than to save you.r And people post these plans online, then new preppers read them and think, “Wow, what a great idea.”

Look I’m not an expert at all, and I do not claim to be king prepper, who knows absolutely everything. I’d just like you to consider the variables if one of these plans happens to be your default strategy.

Bad Strategy #1: “I’ll just hunt and live off the land.”

No, you probably won’t. You might try to hunt, but guess what? Loads of other people have this same idea. Unless you live hundreds of miles from civilization, the population of deer and small game will be quickly decimated in an event that renders the food delivery system inoperable.

Furthermore, hunting is not as easy as simply wandering into the woods, taking aim with a rifle, and popping a wandering buck in the head. Have you ever hunted? Have you done so recently, and by recently I mean within the past year? Have you ever field dressed an animal? Can you hit a moving target? Do you know how to set up snares? Do you know how to butcher and preserve meat? Are you in good enough shape to drag a 200 pound carcass through the woods?

If you can’t say yes to every single question listed here, hunting should probably not be your go-to plan for feeding your family.

Bad Strategy #2: “I’ll go into the woods and live there.”

This is closely related to Bad Strategy #1.

But it’s worse. Living in the wilderness is not going to be a marshmallow roast. First off, there are no marshmallows out there. Just lots of predators and food that has to be killed and skinned before you can eat it.

In this strategy, people like to talk about their proximities to a national forest. “There are thousands of acres, just on the other side of my fence.”

Okay. But when is the last time you went into that forest more than a few miles on foot? Did you spend more than a couple of nights there? Was the weather inclement?

What are your local predators (not including the human variety)? Do you have a camping kit that you can carry in on foot? Will your children and spouse be able to also carry supplies?

Are you planning to build a house with some traps and a Swiss Army knife? What will you eat and drink? Are you adept at foraging in your area? For how long can you actually survive on what you can carry? How are your First Aid skills and what supplies will you have? Can you handle the loneliness? And what about the other, perhaps less than moral, individuals that have the same idea?

Have you ever lit a fire with wet wood? Have you ever camped, outside of a camp ground area? What if it rains? In many climates, getting wet is a death sentence.

Bad Strategy #3: “I’ll bug out on foot for miles through the mountains, even though I don’t regularly exercise.”

If bugging out on foot is one of your plans, I’d like to suggest you pick a clear day, put on a loaded backpack and some hiking boots, and go for a practice hike to your location. Go ahead. I’ll wait here.

This one really bothers me. There is a large contingent of armchair preppers who have this idea. However, they don’t exercise regularly. They look back 20-30 years to their high school or military glory days, when they played football,or had a drill sergeant screaming right behind them as they ran.

Just because you were once very physically fit, that doesn’t mean you are still able to hike up a mountain in bad weather with a 50 pound kit on your back.

This is a classic recipe for a heart attack, by the way. Extreme over-exertion. High-stress situation. High-sodium, easily packable food. Out-of-shape person.

A few miles into the journey, particularly if it includes a steep climb, the person will experience a pounding heart, dizziness, and faintness, as the body tries to shut down to protect itself from the unaccustomed demands. If the physical stress continues, the heart won’t be able to keep up with the demand to pump blood. Game. Over.

Embarking on an overly ambitious bug-out journey can endanger not only you, but the people making the trek with you. What if you have a heart attack half way up the mountain? What if you have an asthma attack? What if you injure your out-of-shape self? Who is going to help you? If the situation is bad enough that you’re bugging out, you aren’t likely to be airlifted to a hospital for medical care. Will someone put their own safety at risk to hang out with you while you recover?

I’m not trying to talk anyone into staying in a bad situation when bugging out could be the wiser course of action. But if your bug out route is a long distance or over difficult terrain, you need to get out there and start training before you put the lives of everyone in your team or family at risk.

Bad Strategy #4: “I have lots of weapons and tools. I’ve never used them. But I have them.”

Do you have pepper tools that are still in the box? How often do you make it to the shooting range? When’s the last time you actually felled a tree then chopped firewood? When did you do it without a chainsaw?

There are loads of different examples that I could give about tools that just sit there in their boxes, awaiting their moment of glory when it all hits the fan.

For the purposes of Bad Strategy #4, I’m including firearms as a tool. Skill with an axe is not a given. Accurate aim doesn’t stay with you if you don’t practice. Even building a fire is not easy if you’ve only done it once or twice.

Not only is it vital to practice using your tools during good times, when you have back-up options available, but you need to test your tools to be sure that they operate as intended.

I once purchased a water filtration system for use during off-grid situations. It was missing an essential gasket. Without that gasket, it would be totally useless.

Sure, I could have tried to jerry rigged something, but the point of buying all of this stuff is to save having to jerry rig. Because I checked out my tool before I needed it, I was able to send it back and get a replacement.

Bad Strategy #5: “I’ll just run a generator and continue on like nothing ever happened.”

Generators are loud, smelly, and finite.

If you want to bring attention to yourself in the midst of a down-grid scenario, the surest way to do it is to be the only house in the area with lights blazing in every window. Generators are commonly stolen, because they’re impossible to hide, rumbling away beside your house. A person with ill intent would be likely to think that if you have a generator with extra fuel, you might have some other awesome stuff that they’d want too.

Keep in mind, if you do opt to use a generator, that this is not a long-term solution. There’s only so much fuel that anyone can store. Eventually, it’s going to run out, and if your plan was completely dependent on being able to run a generator, what will you do then?

Bad Strategy #6: “I’ll just use my fireplace for cooking and heating.”

If using your fireplace or wood stove is part of your survival plan, how much wood do you have? Is it seasoned and dry? Can you acquire more? Have you actually chopped wood before? Recently? When is the last time you prepared food using your stove or fireplace?

The good news is, you can make this strategy work, as long as you ramp up your wood supply and begin using your fireplace or wood stove on a regular basis to work out the bugs in your plan now.

Bad Strategy #7: “I’m going to bug-in, in the city and scavenge what I need.”

This is a terrible idea on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start.

First of all, when utilities are interrupted, those in large metropolitan areas are left with few options. It’s hard to dig a toilet in the concrete jungle. Remember when New York was hit by Super storm Sandy? People were defecating in the halls of apartment buildings to try and keep their own apartments moderately sanitary. Unfortunately, sewage built up in the pipes and spewed into apartments, filling them with deadly human waste.

Store shelves will quickly be emptied before and after disasters, leaving little to scavenge. If you happen across the wrong place, you’re likely to be shot by a property owner defending his or her goods.

If you wait too long to evacuate, roadways will be blocked, and you can end up being a refugee, with no option but camps. Cities will be populated with desperate people, some of whom were criminals before the disaster struck.

Even those who were friendly neighbours before the disaster can turn on you, because desperation can turn anyone into a criminal in order to feed their families.

Highly populated areas withoutoutdoor space will quickly become death traps in the wake of a disaster.

Its not a CON-Trail


Mentioning the word ‘chemtrails’ on a public bus or Facebook is bound to earn you a few eye rolls from eavesdroppers and sceptical family members.

However, while scepticism – regardless of the source – isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world, it appears that those who believe strongly in the idea that the U.S. government is spraying dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere may have been onto something after all.

The evidence? No, not some YouTube video by a retired NASA janitor. This time, you’ve got an actual official government document from the U.S. admitting to the placement of chemicals in our atmosphere.

To start with, Dr. Norman A Beckman begins by requesting a report on the history of weather modification. Washington, D.C., July 30, 1976.

Dr. Norman A. Beckman, Acting Director, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Dear Dr. Beckman: Weather modification, although a relatively young science, has over the years stimulated great interest within the scientific, commercial, governmental, and agricultural communities.

Although the Soviets and some U.S. private operators claim some success in suppressing hail by seeding clouds, our understanding of the physical processes that create hail is still weak.

The one major U.S. held experiment increased our understanding of severe storms, but otherwise proved mostly the dimensions of what we do not yet know.

For over 30 years both legislative and executive branches of the Federal Government have been involved in a number of aspects of weather modification.

That last statement alone should have you clicking on google to see the full facts. Share it with your more sceptical friends and see what they have to say

Additional details on Chemtrails vs Contrails is also available online and it appears that Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, Climate-Engineering, Weather Modification, HAARP, & “Chemtrails” Cloud-seeding & rudimentary weather control was a somewhat old technology, back when I was a little kid.

I remember watching the contrails & wondering as the years have gone by, why some of them behaved differently. Genuine contrails, are merely condensation forming behind certain engines at specific altitudes, & dissipate as you watch.

They never lasted very long. There are others though, colloquially referred to as “chemtrails”, which I noticed behaved differently, even under the same weather conditions, long before I knew the different terms they were given.

Rather than dissipating almost as soon as they’re formed, as actual contrails do, these would remain for long periods of time, gradually dispersing into a haze – often blanketing the sky for many hours.

When I’ve watched the end of a contrail, dissipating in real time as the jet flies along, while chaff from another plane is obviously dispersing into a recognizable haze – I can clearly see the difference, and if you are honest so can you.

Preppers Will be Next

My fellow preppers the times are a changing for real. Governments here and in the US are planning to curtail our liberties in the name of freedom and security and that we all know is a total con.

If they were bothered about security then our borders would not be left open to all and sundry to simply walk across.

It they were bothered about freedom then they would not be forcing GM crops on us, stopping us from growing food or from storing water, they would not be planning to take our guns away and they would not be snooping on us at every turn, would they?

I have mentioned on previous shows that it is now illegal in New Zealand and some US states to grow your own food and to sell it or give it away or to store rain water.

I also mentioned that the EU is now planning to make it illegal to store heirloom seeds or grow anything that is not on their list.

Most of these liberties are openly enjoyed by the general public, but my friends they are actually aimed at you the prepper and survivalist to prevent you being able to independently survive.

If a new law is passed here in the UK then anyone who criticises Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an “extremist” under sweeping new powers planned by the Conservatives to combat terrorism.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, unveiled plans last month for so-called Extremism Disruption Orders, which would allow judges to ban people deemed extremists from broadcasting, protesting in certain places or even posting messages on Facebook or Twitter without permission.

Mrs May outlined the proposal in a speech at the Tory party conference in which she spoke about the threat from the so-called Islamic State – also known as Isis and Isis – and the Nigerian Islamist movement Boko Haram.

These new orders would extend to any activities that “justify hatred” against people on the grounds of religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability.

The obvious problem with this is that Leftists and Islamic supremacists constantly advance the false claim that opposition to jihad terror and Islamic supremacism is justifying hatred against people, and the government clearly endorses this view. So this law will be used to curtail any opposition to the advance of Sharia in the UK.

In the US the Government is actively seeking those who criticize government, and arresting them without charging them. They are remanded to mental health institutions where they are given “training” on how to view the world.

Remind you of a little book that George Orwell wrote? It gets worse. Most of the victims of the government’s kidnapping scheme are veterans.

Since the start of Operation Vigilant Eagle, the government has steadily ramped up its campaign to “silence” dissidents, especially those with military backgrounds.

Coupled with the DHS’ dual reports on Right wing and Left wing “Extremism,” which broadly define extremists as individuals and groups “that are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favour of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely,” these tactics have boded ill for anyone seen as opposing the government.

One particularly troubling mental health label being applied to veterans and others who challenge the status quo is “oppositional defiance disorder” (ODD).

The ODD denotes that the person exhibits ‘symptoms’ such as the questioning of authority, the refusal to follow directions, stubbornness, the unwillingness to go along with the crowd, and the practice of disobeying or ignoring orders.

Persons may also receive such a label if they are considered free thinkers, nonconformists, or individuals who are suspicious of large, centralized government…

At one time the accepted protocol among mental health professionals was to reserve the diagnosis of oppositional defiance disorder for children or adolescents who exhibited uncontrollable defiance toward their parents and teachers.”

The case of 26-year-old decorated Marine Brandon Raub—who was targeted because of his Facebook posts, interrogated by government agents about his views on government corruption, arrested with no warning.

Labelled mentally ill for subscribing to so-called “conspiratorial” views about the government, detained against his will in a psych ward for standing by his views, and isolated from his family, friends and attorneys—is a prime example of the government’s war on veterans.

So how many of you admit that you too have had such thoughts about the parasites in our elected houses?

OK we only have ourselves to blame as we voted for them. But they are now becoming a deadly enemy as they trample over our laws and constitutions in a mad race to their NWO.

Successive US governments have continuously chipped away at the provisions of the American Constitution to a point where it in real terms no longer exists.

Here in the UK a former Prime Minister was either black mailed because of his alleged paedophile activities or openly conned the UK into the vile EU government that now passes over 70% of our laws.

Now is the time to practice OPSEC as if they do not know what we’re doing then there is less chance of them being able to disrupt our plans.

If your laws allow you to open carry or to concealed carry, or as it is in the UK carry a non-locking pen knife with a 3″ or less cutting blade then you must exercise this right as if you do not it will be removed that I can say for sure.

Surely now you can see that our elected government is following a pre-planned course of oppression against its very only population and it is therefore now more than ever up to us to secure our own future and the system has no intention of helping us no matter what happens.

My Homemade MRE

I have been looking at the high prices of British Army MRE Ration Packs (About £10+ along with postage!) and I decided to opt for making my own for my bug out bag.


All of these items I bought from my local Asda so these are current prices. I would recommend using a vacuum sealer or Mylar bags with o2 absorbers to make these feasible, otherwise the shelf life I predict is probably not going to be reached due to the nature of some of the items.


Anyway, let’s begin, please note numbers after names are Calories, then price!



8 x Belvita Biscuits 445 £0.76

Coffee Sachet 75 £0.14


Cup a Soup 90 £0.10


Mugshot Pasta 307 £0.68

Lemon + Black pepper tuna tins x 2 340 £1.10


Boost bar 305 £0.25

Kendal mint cake 85g 350 £0.88

Pumpkin seeds 566 £0.55

Strawberry lances 300 £0.33

Coffee sachet 75 £0.14


So this leads to a total cost of £4.93 and a whopping 2853 calories!


I have also got three vacuum sealed bags of peanuts, raisins and chocolate drops which I would also chuck into the bug out bag, these contain a staggering 1750 calories for only £0.99 and will last for ages in the vacuum seal!


I’ll add as well, my MRE weighs about 870g, where as a normal British Army one weighs 1750g and also it’s technically not an MRE as it requires water and minimal heating, but I have both of those in my BOB so nothing to worry about really!


This is a very basic but very tasty MRE option and I am sure as I experiment further that it will develop and become more season friendly with both a range of hot and cold meals.

Pine Needle Tea

I thought that would introduce you to a simple tea that is delicious, healthy and a great immune booster.

For those of you who are new to the world of plants, a safe and simple tea can be made from the common Pine trees that surround us.

Pine Needle Tea has long been a favourite of traditional and indigenous peoples, both for its refreshment and for its medicinal values.

You may not realize that Pine Needle Tea contains 4-5 times the Vitamin C of fresh-squeezed orange juice, and is high in Vitamin A.

It is also an expectorant (thins mucus secretions), decongestant, and can be used as an antiseptic wash when cooled. So not only does it taste good, but it’s good for you!

Each variety of pine has its own flavour to impart, so experiment and see which needles you like best. And feel free to mix and match!

Just remember that while all Pines are evergreens, not all evergreens are Pines! So head out to the local woods or park, positively identify your pine trees, bring back some needles and give this one a try!

Step-by-step Instructions for Making Pine Needle Tea:

Collect a small bundle of green needles, the younger the better. (A small handful will be plenty.)

Remove any of the brown, papery sheaths that may remain at the base of the needles. (They just pull right off.)

Chop the needles into small bits, about ¼ to ½ inch long.

For a Refreshing Tea:

Heat about a cup of water to just before boiling.

Bring water almost to a boil

Pour the hot water over about a tablespoon of the chopped needles.

Allow to steep (preferably covered) for 5-10 minutes, until the majority of needles have settled to the bottom of the cup. Enjoy your delicious tea!

Steeping Tea Allow needles to settle enjoy your refreshing tea!

For a Medicinal Tea:

(This process releases more of the oils & resins that contain the medicinal compounds, and tastes a little like turpentine.)

Bring about a cup of water to a full boil. Add approximately one tablespoon of chopped needles to the boiling water and cover. Allow the needles to boil in the water for 2-3 minutes.

Remove from heat and allow the tea to continue to steep, covered, until it is cool enough to drink. (Most of the needles should sink to the bottom.) Pour the tea into a mug, leaving the needles behind, and enjoy!

Drink this tea several times a day for maximum medicinal effect. (Make it fresh each time.

Enjoy your tea!

With cold & flu season approaching Pine Needle Tea is a gift of health as well as an enjoyable experience.

And since Pine is best used fresh, it’s a perfect excuse to get out & enjoy the change of seasons!

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