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The Wilderness Gathering

No live show next week.

If you’ve never been to the Gathering before and you love nature and the outdoors, then this is the family show for you – The Wilderness Gathering is a unique Bushcraft event, it is the longest running and still the original festival of bushcraft, survival and primitive living skills.

The Gathering has become a social event and brings together families and friends, all those interested in Bushcraft and Wilderness living skills to enjoy a weekend of knowledge sharing in a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere

Live Music

Not only is the Gathering the place you to come to – to learn new skills, brush up on your old ones and meet some of the best bushcraft experts in the country but it has also become, over the past fifteen years, the place you come to – to gather and socialise round the campfire with friends, old and new.

Children’s Bushcraft

The Coyote Clubs were introduced in 2005 and host a comprehensive range of events and activities specifically tailored for children from 5 to 15 year old.

The Masterclass

The Masterclasses were introduced in 2005 and are your opportunity to study your favourite Bushcraft subject in depth with a leading Bushcraft instructors.

Where is it?

Located on a South Wiltshire farm with lakes and 30 acres of old oak woodlands. You get access to woodlands and fields to erect whatever shelter you want.

Add to this great food, local cider, mead, evening entertainment. great people and it’s now over 5 days it has to time to get booked

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OK, this was posted on my friends own FB page, it’s a copy and paste from another’s page.
I, nor my friend, know how true this is but I’ll put it here for intel and hope it’s wrong.
I should add I’ve heard a few things of late which may point the powers that be may be getting ready for something like civil war.

Hi folks, what are your thoughts on this? I’m a trucker and on Wednesday myself and another truck picked up two refrigerated containers each. We took them to an old raf base in Norfolk. Many more of these units are being strategically placed all over the country. They are temporary morgues. I know because I asked. They said they cannot tell me why. They were loaded with empty body bags
. Strange or what ? I said is it in case Brexit it not delivered? Lol.

From Camping Mode to Survival Mode

Your camping gear is the starting point for your survival plan.

History is a magnificent tool for understanding the present but it is also great at foretelling the future.

If there is one thing you can accurately say about history it is that it will repeat. Peace and war, feast and famine, prosperity and depression, all cycle as random eddies in the river of time.

Thus it is prudent to consider that a desperate situation is not only possible but, if we believe history, quite likely.

This realization mandates developing a mentality and a plan that prepares us for the ability to simply surviving.

What happens if your town has five fire engines and your house becomes the sixth fire burning? Unless you are willing to fight the fire you are just plan out of luck.

So self sufficiency is the way we must learn to think in order to survive.

Survival at Home

Perhaps you have seen the movie “Contagion” where a really bad and untreatable virus spreads throughout the world.

Much of what is enacted in the movie is, in fact, how I think governments would handle such a situation.

Schools and businesses would be simply closed and you might even find yourself restricted to your own home.

This would put us at the mercy of government emergency services.

What happens when the governments’ survival resources run out or are stretched beyond the limit of their capabilities?

Desperate people do desperate things.

If conditions deteriorate to this point, we may need to “get out of Dodge”, so to speak.

Head for the hills.

Here is where preppers and survivalists, in fact campers in general have a decided advantage over the standard population.

In a minimal sense we have to configure for survival every time we just go camping. Whether you are setting up for a weekend trip or a two week one you will have had to addressed these basic survival needs:



protection from the elements

Thus all you have to do is add a food and water stash to your basic camping equipment inventory and you have the core of a survival plan put together.

Choose a couple of good spots to locate your survival camp away from built up areas, as these places will most likely be chaotic.

Again, desperate people do desperate things so get away from the masses.

Gather the tribe.

Plan where your family and selected friends will be when things start falling apart.

They can meet you there where you can pool resources and efforts.

The wolf pack mentality is very useful when in the survival mode.

Setup your survival base camp in a familiar out of the way spot near water ( have a purifier) and natural food sources.

Having the means, knowledge and ability to protect yourself and your loved ones maybe essential to your collective survival.

In the mean time:

Consider learning the following skills:

How to identify and prepare natural foods in your area.

How to start a fire without matches.

How to hunt and fish.

How to shoot and defend yourself.

I know it’s ugly to think about but remember what history has taught us about the dark side of human nature.

Thinking of Bugging-out?

I am always thinking about what I would do if I needed to bug out. I am continually re-drawing my bug-out plan as, as you know I plan to bug-in unless ordered or forced to bug-out.

I now live in a semi-rural area but to be honest in a SHTF scenario I’m not so sure I am far
enough away from expected hungry looting hordes.

The following considerations for a bug out location are based on my location and what I am
currently thinking about to make the best decision possible for me and my family. Your circumstances will be a different, but the basics of picking a bug out location stay the same.

Of course, let’s be honest bugging out could potentially be something we all need to do, and picking a good bug out location requires thought and planning.

As you begin you’re planning for a perfect and safe bug out location there are a number of different factors to keep in mind like distance, location, finances, accessibility and many more.

Without the proper planning you could find yourself with a bug out location that is inaccessible during a SHTF situation or a location that is ill equipped to sustain you and your family for any given period of time.

 Knowing how and when to bug out is great, but if you have nowhere to go you might as well stay put.
There is no reason to leave one dangerous situation and then put yourself into
a situation that you are not properly prepared to handle.

This is why we preppers prepare.

This is why survival skills and educating ourselves is just as important as stockpiling food and water, if this stuff runs out, we need to be able to get more, and having a good bug out location could help us do that.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when you are looking for a good bug out
location, and keep in mind, your situation will be different than mine.

Picking a location to bug out to is important for not only security, but self-sufficiency as well.

The way you prepare will be different for bugging out to the mountains than it will be for bugging out to a low land area.

In a mountain area you have more natural resources available and more possibility’s available when it comes to defences, but you also need to have wilderness survival skills, especially because of those now wild and roving packs of ex K9 pets, wild boar and even farm livestock that could possibly also be hungry and thirsty.

These animals could be a great food source, or you could be a great food source for them.

In the low lying areas you will have less cover and concealment so it’s probably a good idea to
get as far away from other people and main roads as you can.

There will be less wildlife in the low lying areas and less trees for building and fire wood, but
one benefit could be that you would have more options when it comes to farming nas long as you have a good water supply.

How Will You Get There?

Getting to your bug out location will be just as important as having one in the first place.

When choosing a location have at least 3 different routes you can take to get there.

Another rule of thumb is to pick a location that is within one tank of fuel, you won’t be able to stop to re-fill if the power is off and you probably wouldn’t want to anyway.

Pick routes that will not lead you through hot spots or danger zones, avoid populated areas.

How Long Do You Plan on Staying?

How long will your location sustain you and your family? Purchasing an empty plot of land and continually building up your resources and defences is a low cost way to take a bug out location that you could survive at for a week or two, to a location that you could survive for many months or indefinitely.

If you plan on staying at your BOL long term, self-defence and self-sufficiency will become
more and more important, your supplies will eventually run out and someone will inevitably cross your path.

Living Off the Land – Survival Skills

Unless you are Lofty Wiseman or old framer bill you are probably not going to be able to live off the land.

Everyone knows the basics of gardening or hunting, but these are skills that take years of practice, you could very well starve because the animals you weren’t able to kill ate all your crops.

Seriously though, you will need skills to supplement your food supply, but you need to have food stored while you develop your skills.

Does the land you plan on bugging out to have the natural resources you need?

What you are able to hunt and grow will need to be a factor when you supply your bug out

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What wildlife lives in this area?

Is the soil fertile enough for gardening?

What crops can I grow?

Is there water nearby for farming?

Will I be able to have livestock?

Is There a Natural Source of Water Nearby?

As usual water is the most important part, without a natural water supply nearby you will
probably find yourself heading off to find water, and putting yourself in danger.

A container or water storage is OK, but at some point you will need a well, river or some other natural water source nearby.

Building some sort of water catchment and water storage is also a good idea to add to your supply.

Weather will play a role in how you prepare also.

In the Scottish Highlands or near me on the North Yorkshire Moors you must take winter into account.

You will need to be able to survive for at least 3 months without any food source other than what you have stored.

Plan for severe weather, floods, blizzards, natural disasters or even man-made disasters which
could really mess with your survival plans.

Make sure and take your local weather into account when you are thinking about a bug out location.

How warm will your shelter be in the winter?

Will your crops or shelter be damaged by flooding?

Is your shelter strong enough to withstand strong winds?

Do you have supplies to get you through any severe weather?

Protection – Geographic Camouflage

Protection is not just guns and ammo, protection begins at your perimeter.

As I said earlier, mountain areas offer more protection and natural camouflage but require more survival skills, flat lands will require you to be further off the beaten track and have more ingenuity like building underground or other camouflage.

How hidden is your bug out location?

How easily can someone find your location?

How easy would it be for someone take what you have?

How will you defend your location?

We all need shelter to survive and withstand the elements. Shelter is also important for avoiding extreme temperatures that could ruin your stored supplies.

There is more to shelter than just putting a roof on some walls.

There are many options available when it comes to shelter that don’t require you to be an architect or construction worker, here are some examples.

Shipping containers

Underground shelter

Trailer home or mobile home.

A log cabin or even a teepee

This is just a few ideas, but if you use your imagination you can come up with some unique ideas based on your situation, and sometimes the more unique, the less likely people
will see it as “shelter” or “storage”

Population should be a consideration not only for where your bug out location is, but you should also take into account the population along the way to your bug out location.

Always have at least three routes to your location, you never know if one of your routes will be
impassable because of riots, traffic or infrastructure damage.

This is my big choice
I have to a make it, do I go west through? Or do I go further east? I would feel
more comfortable going east towards the coast, but before I choose that I need
to see if there are a few safe routes I can take that don’t lead me through any
populated areas.

Who’s coming?

Who else do you expect at your bug out location in the future?

It’s never a good idea to tell everyone about your plans, but you might have a few family members that you will want to help in the future.

If you are prepping and stockpiling supplies for 5 people, make sure you take into account that if someone else comes into the picture you are going to go through your supplies more quickly.

Having more people with you could potentially help with building, farming and hunting, but it will also require more supplies so it’s always good to have a little extra just in case.

So I suggest you get planning.


Emergency Food in the Boot

In the boot of my car is my 72hr BOB and I have for for some time been thinking of expanding that for say a week and certainly in the case of food.

So I have bought a 40ltr plastic box with a lid and I have filled it with ten year shelf life German tinned sausages already cooked and in tins, five year Bread, some high energy bars, home made trail mixes, ziplock bags of pre mixed Bannock mix, boiled sweets, chewing gum, all day breakfast tins, curries and stews, tea, coffee dried milk, Bovril drinks, and a tin opener. I think that is all.

With water purification covered in my BoB by the Water-to-Go bottle and extra filters and with three different types of tablets, the Putitab, Biox Aqua tabs and a liquid treatment called Purinize I know over kill but the tabs are very light and as it is an addition to my BOB and it is mine I will have what I want in it. You have that choice too.

I think that the car is one of the most important places to store emergency preparedness supplies because you usually are located in the same place as your car.

And, in the event that you are away from home when a disaster strikes, the roads may become unsafe or impossible to drive.

You may be forced to travel great distances and endure extreme weather conditions as you walk to a safe location or to meet up with loved ones.

Keeping emergency supplies in your car can also be a life-saver in the event you have a roadside emergency and become stranded in a remote location.

Emergency Food

Just keeping preserved food in your car is not enough because most shop bought food will not store safely in a car for more than a few months. My food will store safely in my car for a minimum of 5 years, in fact it is actually rated at 10 years. However what ever food you decide upon even shop bought is not a problem if you rotate it which I recommend you do.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

For months I drove down to Southern Italy and back once a week a 3,000 mile round trip. Although the contract was to deliver within 24hrs, my best ever time was 19hrs 30mins.

I can promise you that I do know what not enough sleep feels like and when driving it is bloody scary indeed.

Especially when on a motorway with no junctions available to pull off and rest.

Whith this being a weekly problem I started cat napping, setting my mobile alarm for 10 or 15mins and literally switching off. This is or was enough for me to then be able to carry on for a 100 or so miles.

A worn out look, red eyes, black circles, staring into space, disorientation, headaches, stumbling, uncontrolled shaking, thirst, irrational thinking, problematic problem solving, and Zombie-like appearance and behaviour.

You’re alive, but you have the Zombie look which can definitely have a serious impact on your SHTF event behaviour and performance, so plan for it happening at some point.

You won’t know it, when you got it

According to the most basic definition of sleep deprivation from Wikipedia, “it is the condition of not having enough sleep. A chronic sleep restricted state can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness, and weight loss or gain.

It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function. Sleep deprivation over long periods of time can cause diabetes, effects on the brain, effects on growth, impacts on the healing process, loss of attention and functional memory, over all decline of general abilities, and many other conditions.

It is not a simple condition that can be ignored, especially for preppers and survivalists and others caught up in a survival scenario.

The worst part of having this condition is the fact that once you have it, it may already be too late to recognize you have it. It’s like boiling a frog in water by slowly raising the temperature of the water.

The frog never notices the changes until its dead, and rarely does a person as sleep deprivation creeps up upon them.

All of you died-in-the-wool preppers have long ago debated the pros and cons of either going it alone or with a limited number of close family members or a much bigger, but perhaps still manageable sized group.

Obviously going totally solo is the toughest route, and frankly I personally think the most impractical. Few people if any have all the collective skills and knowledge needed to survive a SHTF by themselves.

In a group Bug-In or Out the “team” can learn to rely on each other.

There is an immediate system of checks and balances for everything from gathering/preparing food, doing security work, area maintenance, health checks, and everything else.

One of the high level advantages to working within a group is that each person can monitor how each other person is doing.

This is critical when it comes to members that are on medications, or have pre-existing conditions. It is particularly helpful for everyone to watch each others behaviour in potential cases of depression, paranoia, fear, shock, and conditions like sleep deprivation.

This group partnership also pays huge dividends when it comes to everyday accidents, minor or serious.

If the onset of any of these is caught early enough, then accommodations among the group can be made to deal with them to a positive conclusion.

In this case its sleep deprivation which if on your own could evolve without much warning, and then it’s too late.

In a group each can easily see signs that the lack of dedicated sleep is impacting a person’s performance and behaviour.

Catnaps, Mini-sleeps, Dozing, and Rim Sleep

Eventually you will sleep. But the primary question is do you want to maintain the control of the how, when, and where or have the lack of sleep inadvertently control you?

The best strategy is to plan for sleep just like any other necessity of maintaining all other daily activities within a Bug-Out or Bug-In set up.

All people sleep at different times and flexible rates with varying intensities. In a normal daily routine many of us work eight hours a day, and sleep eight hours a night. But then these days such a schedule seems far more rare than standard. There are many work/rest schedules for a lot of people that certainly don’t fall within the realm of eight hour set periods.

Lots of people work shift work, odd schedules, weekends, and nights. They find sleep when they can, however poor the quality.

One way or the other we all have some sort or manner of a routine. During a SHTF episode that routine is going to be totally disrupted and often turned completely upside down or inside out.

Many of us will have to relearn how to grab some shut eye any way we can. Some should be better than none.

So, during a SHTF develop as fixed a schedule as you can.

Work toward trading off duties with others so that everybody can find time to sleep. You may not be able to lie down on a bed for several hours.

A good recliner or a soft spot out in the woods can work, too. Its very important the comfort factor must be addressed. Nobody sleeps well on a rock, standing up in a corner, or across the bonnet of a car.

As you prep or a Bug-Out in particular since the comforts of home will no longer be available for the most part, do plan for high quality options in a sleeping bag, portable pad, and some sort of pillow.

Same for a Bug-In make plans to sleep however short lived. Catching a few catnaps or dozing for a short time will help if prolonged sleep is not possible.

Find a soft, quiet place and take full advantage of every opportunity to sleep despite how minor. Otherwise sleep deprivation will creep in and take control over you. Avoid that at all costs.

A Threat We Must Prepare For

I would say that he threat of a NUCLEAR terror attack is at its highest since the Cold War, as ISIS continues to try and obtain materials for a dirty bomb.

ISIS’s efforts to obtain nuclear materials, and continued threats to attack Western capitals have led me to believe that the threat of a dirty bomb style attack is higher than ever.

ISIS has used chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria and militants linked to both the Paris and Brussels attacks had been studying a Belgian nuclear power plant.

I think it is safe to say it wants to go further by carrying out a nuclear attack in the heart of Europe.

Now i feel that his, combined with poor levels of security at a host of nuclear research centres in the former Soviet Union mean the threat of a possible ‘dirty-bomb’ attack on a Western capital is high.’

It is time that the United States and Russia, in fact all nuclear powers, cooperate on using their technological resources to monitor the illegal transportation of radioactive materials.

It has emerged that Brussels suicide bomber brothers Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui had originally been considering an attack on a nuclear site in Belgium.

In what may have been preparation for an attack, the El Bakraoui brothers had filmed the daily routine of the head of Belgium’s nuclear research and development programme.

It is thought the brothers’ spying operation was possible preparation for a kidnap plot to force him to let them into one of Belgium’s two atomic facilities.

However, it is likely they switched targets to the less well-guarded Zaventem airport and Maelbeek Metro station after authorities became suspicious.

Recently the Kurdish military warned that ISIS are planning on using using chemical weapons in future suicide bombings.

Peshmerga General Akram Mohammed Abdulrahman said that while ISIS has previously used both chemical weapons and suicide bombings separately, they are now looking to combine them.

ISIS’s tactic involves training brainwashed teenage insurgents to carry out suicide bombings using munitions containing harmful chemicals, he told Russian media.

There have been previous reports of ISIS militants using mustard gas in their attacks on civilians in Iraq.

Recently, the militants have been using chemical weapons and suicide bombers, and before it was adults, now – teenagers,’ General Akram Mohammed Abdulrahman told Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

From our intelligence, there is evidence that they are prepared, so to speak, to combine these two tactics and develop a method to supply chemical weapons to suicide bombers to use on the front.

A Lone Wolf Attack

It is very possible, in fact in my opinion inevitable that after the Lee Rigby attack we will see this terror tactic again on the streets of the UK.

It is after all the simplest method of all and most kitchen drawers contain everything needed to make the attack possible.

There has to be a reality in your preps, you must build into them a plan for what you will do should these events affect you and yours, now to me that seems only common sense.

When you enter a building, any building, shopping centre, pub, club, restaurant, cinema, etc. look for the exits, try to judge the distance between you and the one you have selected to use, note anything between you and this exit that may obstruct your exit.

If you are in a group then a good back up plan is to have a pre arranged meeting point away from the location where should an attack occur you can all meet and account for one another.

Make sure that everyone’s mobile number is programmed into all phones. Have a plan to leave the area and return home as well as an alternative should public transport be curtailed.

Perhaps it is time to actually carry your EDC. I say this because many people do have an EDC bag but it is not with them 24/7, so I ask what is the point in having one in the first place.

It is no good to you in the car boot, or in the office or at home when you are not. Perhaps instead of having pristine EDC kit in this never opened EDC bag, you should open it take the kit out play with it, use it, get used to it, then re pack it, just a thought.

Have you got a local bus time table, train times, taxi company numbers, road map, street map, OS map, walking shoes, water filter bottle, high energy bars/rations. cheap disposable poncho, etc. etc.

I also think that having alternative routes is OK but have you driven them, walked them, tested them?

I am not trying to scare anyone, however these attacks are on the cards and we do ourselves no favours by not considering them and asking what it?

Defending your Bug-In Location

There is an old saying your home is your castle, but it should also be a fortress.

Some of these solution will be costly, but what ever you do you will be better off than many others.

When the brown stuff hits the fan and society collapses and you are bugging in, either because you chose to or because for whatever reason you couldn’t make it out of the city to your bug-out location (BOL) you need to ensure that your home and your family are safe.

Naturally, if there is a collapse of society, whether it is financial collapse, natural disaster, pandemic, EMP, or something else, things are going to get bad.

However, the good news is there are things you can do to prepare your home so it is more defensible if looters or desperate people come knocking.


Do not forget the number one rule of prepping itself, never ever tell anyone you are prepared.

Nobody should ever know you have food, water, and supplies stocked up.

I know it’s hard not to brag, but once people know this, yours will be the first door they knock on.

You will have extended family members, neighbours, parents of your kids’ friends, and numerous other people knocking on your door and asking for handouts.

In other words if they don’t know you have it, they won’t ask for it and they won’t go looking for it. If you want to help someone you can choose who you want to help.

Appearances are everything.

You will want to be sure to look as desperate as everyone else. Blend in. Go outside each day like everyone else and talk about how bad things are.

Ask people if they know where to get food or what the government is doing to help. You don’t really care about these things, but if everyone around thinks you care, then you will seem as concerned and desperate as they are and they won’t be wondering why you aren’t looking for help when everyone else is.

Aside from this, you will still need to prepare your home to withstand assaults. Remember, the important thing is to keep people from gaining entry to your home, because once they are inside, you have most likely already lost.

Don’t worry there are many things you can do inside and outside of your home to ensure your home is as defensible as possible.

Exterior Home Defence

Let’s start with making the outside of your home more defensible, because if you do your job right here, there is less of a chance your inside defences will even be tested. When it comes to the outside of your property you want to accomplish a number of things:

Ensure your property is highly visible

Deter people from entering your property

Direct people who are on your property

Create areas cover for yourself


There are a couple of critical ways to improve the visibility on your property. The first of these is to install solar-powered motion-sensor lighting around your property. This will ensure that if anything is out there, they will trip the sensor and it will be very difficult for them to sneak up on you.

The second thing you should do is remove as much ground cover as possible within a radius of 100 meters (110 yd) around your house. In other words, remove bushes and any other ground cover in which someone could easily hide.


Obviously the best way to protect your home is by keeping people from entering your property in the first place.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to erect barriers to keep people out. These barriers can include fencing, a rock wall, ponds, dense brush, and even ponds all around the perimeter of your property.

If people can’t see your house well or it’s difficult to get into your yard, they are less likely to bother.

There are other deterrents you can use. First and foremost is a guard dog, but be sure to put up a sign so you can cover your bases in the legal sense (for pre-SHTF situations).

If a pandemic has occurred, then you can mark your house with a spray painted red X and/or place a couple of biohazard bags outside your house full of old clothes and rubbish etc.

No one will know your display is fake and they would have to be pretty desperate to risk checking out your house. The point is to be creative when considering potential deterrents and take advantage of the situation.

Direct People

If someone does get onto your property, you want to direct them to the areas of your property you want them to go to.

You can do this by constructing pathways lined with gardens that contain thorny plants and bushes. Keep them away from your windows by planting thorny bushes, such as raspberries or roses.

The only direct and easy path should be from the footpath to your front door, somewhere you can easily identify and deal with the person.

Areas of Cover

Another good idea is to ensure you have some areas outside of your house that give you cover. These can be areas of cover that allow you to move about your property unseen, such as from your house to your garage, or allow you to take cover to watch suspicious activity.

You can use strategically placed bushes, boards, or fencing that will conceal you if needed.

Interior Home Defence

There are a number of things you can do inside your home to ensure it is more secure and defensible, which primarily means securing doors and windows.


When it comes to windows, these are the easiest entry points in most houses. For this reason, you need to be sure they are well fortified. The following can be done to ensure your windows are secure:

Ensure windows have a solid lock

Install steel bars to the inside of windows (make sure YOU can open them in case of fire)

Replace the glass with Plexiglas, which is not breakable or put it into the window frame like double glazing.

Have a piece of plywood for each window that will fit securely in place or have sand bags or breeze blocks to cover them (particularly if you don’t have Plexiglas or bars)

Naturally, you don’t want to eliminate your ability to see outside or interfere with your line of sight for strategic areas outside of your property, so be sure to make the appropriate adjustments on any plywood you put into place so you have a good view of your entire property.


Doors are also an easy point of entry into your home. After all, they were designed to let people in. However, you want your doors to keep people out if necessary, which means doing the following:

Install high-quality deadbolts on all doors that access the outside

Make sure your doors are solid steel or solid wood with no windows

All door frames should be steel or doors should be attached to the door frames with steel supports

All hardware used to secure the doors should be at least 3 inches in length

All doors should have a steel bar that can be locked into place on the inside

Defence Items

Aside from preparing your property to keep people out and make it more easily defensible, you should have some self-defence tools and weapons on hand.

Any kind of work tools are good to have in abundance. This includes tools, such as hammers, nails, and crowbars, and materials, such as plywood and timber.

You should also have shovels, sand bags, and spray paint.

When it comes to self-defence weapons, there are many you can keep on the premises. Of course, having at least one firearm for each person is a good idea and enough ammunition stored away to use for a long period of time.

The important thing is to ensure you are licensed to own a firearm and that you and anyone else using one have the proper training to use it effectively.

Having proper training is a concept that is critical for any of the self-defence weapons you might choose to use. Choices include:

Crossbow/bow and arrows

UK Legal spray



Hiding Places

Finally, should anyone gain entry into your home and you are unable to stop them, it is wise to have at least one location in your home where you can hide food, water, and supplies so they won’t be found.

It is also wise to have a hiding place for the people in your family so they have a better chance of staying safe if intruders penetrate your defences. If you, your family, and your food and supplies can remain hidden, then you have a chance of coming out of an intruder situation relatively intact.

Do You Know What’s in Your Tap Water?

Water-to-Go filter bottles are not just for preppers and survivors they are for everybody, they make dodgy in holiday destinations safe to drink in fact you can drink from any water scource.

Tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

Here’s a list of just a few of the chemicals:

Liquified chlorine

Fluorosilicic acid

Aluminium sulphate

Calcium hydroxide

Sodium silicofluoride

Don’t forget that once your water leaves the water treatment plant it travels through pipes, some of which may have been underground since Victorian times.

It is almost impossible for the water not to become contaminated by something undesirable.

How many of us still have lead pipes feeding into our houses? You can pretty much guarantee that if your house was built before about 1970 it’s probably still fed by a lead pipe at the very least from the water main in the street to your stop tap, so there’s every chance of heavy metal contamination.

Over 300 different man-made chemicals have now been detected in British tap water.

Water companies only test for around 20 of these chemicals.

These twenty chemicals are all present in varying amounts for example DDT, Simazine, Atrazine, and 3,4 Benz pyrene, (weed killers).

I can go on and on here, a recent study by Brunel University showed levels of benzotriazole and tolytriazole in UK tap water – these chemicals are found in dishwasher tablets and are used to make our cutlery shiny, yet are finding their way into our water supply.

Studies have also revealed that high levels of the female hormone estrogen contaminate water supplies as it returns to our waterways from the millions of women on the contraceptive pill or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and also from contamination from some industrial chemicals.

As estrogen is not filtered out on a large scale anyone drinking water straight from the tap without a water filtration system is in essence consuming small quantities of the estrogen hormone!

One of the biggest issues currently being researched around the estrogen levels in tap water is it’s link to male fertility problems, it is thought the levels of estrogen found in tap water lead to testicular dysgenesis syndrome and fertility issues!

The Environment Agency also recently revealed research showing large quantities of male fish in rivers and waterways are actually changing sex – all because of the high estrogen levels being found in water.

High levels of estrogen in women can lead to fat storage around the bottom and thighs too!

Next up comes fluoride.

Fluoride is added to around 10% of the UK’s water supply, its purpose is to help prevent dental decay, however the problem with adding fluoride to water in my opinion greatly out way the benefits .

The thyroid gland is particularly affected by fluoride exposure because its store of iodine is depleted.

Lack of iodine depresses the thyroid’s metabolic and immune functions by shuting down production of thyroxine, the thyroid prohormone that controls metabolism resulting in hypothyroidism and lowered immunity.

The resulting hypothyroidism causes weight gain, cold intolerance, dry and prematurely aged skin, depression, constipation, hair loss, memory loss, irritability, increased cholesterol levels, heart disease and loss of libido. Pretty scary stuff yeah?

Isn’t it any wonder the fluoridation of water is banned in all other European countries? …just saying!

And finally…

Research by Birmingham University showed that the “chlorination” process that tap water goes through to kill germs and dangerous bacteria could be a problem for pregnant women.

Researchers found that chemicals formed during chlorination called trihalomethanes, or THM for short were found to affect pregnant women more and cause a higher incidence of three birth defects (hole-in-the-heart defect, cleft palate) very scary stuff!

All of the above reasons are the reasons why I drink from my Water-to-Go Filter Bottle rather than tap water! Plus it also removes any odours too.

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