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After serious health issues which meant I could no longer get out into the woods to teach, I began my podcast to keep me in touch with the industry.

Over the last three years I have built up a listenership in 130 countries which is fantastic and I wish to thank each and every listener for your support.

My journey into prepping began in the late 70’s, when I was a North Yorkshire County Council Community Defence Adviser and a member of the Royal Observer Corps, my aim with this site is to show you how you can start preparing for any natural or man-made disaster that may affect you and your family.

I would actually argue that most people are in fact already preppers right now. If you have a first-aid-kit, a spare tyre, an umbrella, spare batteries or bulbs or candels then you are prepared for something happening or something going wrong.

Prepping in the UK is not about having thousands of rounds, multiple weapon systems and an underground bunker, although there is absolutley nothing wrong with that.

Preparing in the UK is about having enough water, food and essential supplies to see you and yours through what you consider to be a period of time you will have to face without system support, in other words being on your own.

Of course everyones circumstances are totally different but the basics remain the same, water, food, plus essentials supplies and equipment, if you are bugging in.

They in real time also remain the same when bugging out but now include shelter, foraging, recon, defence, trapping, hunting, fishing, concealment, navigation and opsec.

But whether bugging-in or bugging-out apart from the obvious I have mentioned, you must consider and address the needs of the elderly, disabled, diet restricted, and special needs family members and all pets as well. OTC medicens and any medications taken, personal hygiene, sanatition, in fact this list is in reality endless.

In the USA, bugging out has a real attraction due to the vast open spaces available, the size and variety of prey animals and the weapon systems they can own.

Here the UK offers very little if any wild open space where you and yours can go and set up home. Yes, ok, you are off to your secret BOL, well good for you.

I hope that you reach it, that nobody got there before you and that nobody attacks you and relieves you of your equipment and supplies.

Some say that the top end of Scotland is the place to go, I would ask why, is it because it is the furthest part of the UK away from major cities and military targets?

As of course that is very true, but how will you get there? And what will you do if the roads are blocked and or the bridges are down.

You must also consider when you will set off, too early I would say is best as you can always come back, but too late and you are dead.

Everytime you go on holiday you bug-out, you take what you will need for the duration of your stay. You even manage to confine your stuff to the weight limit the airline sets. You do this in the knowledge that someone else will be preparing, cooking and serving your food in a shelter that provides heating, lighting, comms, sanitation, washing facilities, somewhere to sleep and even washing up too.

All this means that you need to take less with you for your holiday.

However if you plan to bug-out then you have to consider and plan for all this yourself. So now you will need cooking equipment, cutlery, alternative heating, lighting, sleeping arrangments, shelter and of course, sorry I forgot, clean water and food.

And anyway what makes you think that the locals in and around your BOL will be happy about you and everyone else rocking up and attempting to hunt, trap, fish or steal what they see as their resources?

I have always thought that unless you have a pre planned BOL then bugging-out is a last resort, to be done when there is no other choice.

To me the minute you lock the door behind you you become no different from any refugee.

Bugging-in, on the other hand is I would agrue common sense and the most practicle and safe thing to do. I say this because you already have shelter that if needed can be improved (in the case of nuclear fallout) for example.

You have eating and cooking utensils, bedding, beds, and actual knowledge of your local area. That knowledge must include all water sources, food sources from foraging to trapping, hunting ang fishing to planned raids on damaged buildings post the event.

Perhaps there is a middle ground that you may consider? What about grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings or even friends who would take you in if their location is not affected by the event and is likely to stay that way. Otherwise you will be on the move again.

You may be lucky enough to own a holiday home, but all of the above needs planning for, perhaps you could have an arrangment where you would agree to take them in if the event happened in their location. That way both locations would be stocked and ready.

Whichever choice you make I will provide information and advice to help you make the best of it.

I will also be covering all forms of hunting, trapping, fishing, water purification, heating, lighting, survival, campfire cooking, fire lighting, navigation, knives and other useful tools, shelter building and so much more.

I want you to really enjoy my site and if you have any questions related to prepping and survival please get in touch and I will do my very best to answer them.


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